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  1. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    You can really see the benefit of the Reload, having the best of both worlds. Speed plus the tackle pod.
  2. For those that fish the George River. This warning just popped up in my FB newsfeed from the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District GEORGES RIVER - Health warning for Ross River Fever virus. The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District has issued yet another warning for residents that live near the Georges River area after the Ross River virus was again detected last week. According to the public health unit, the Ross River virus was detected on three occasions last week during trapping of the saltmarsh mosquito, 'Aedes vigilax', around the Illawong and Picnic Point area of the Georges River. The continuance of very high tides may promote further breeding of the saltmarsh mosquito which has been breeding in high numbers around the Georges River since similar tides at the end of December. “Barmah Forest virus and Ross River virus are spread by mosquitoes that feed on infected animals. Symptoms may include tiredness, rash, fever, and sore and swollen joints. While these symptoms usually subside after several days, some people may experience symptoms for weeks, or even months,” said District's Public Health Director, Professor Mark Ferson. “Members of the public should see their local doctor if they experience these symptoms. The infection is diagnosed by a blood test and a second blood test taken two weeks after the first may be needed to confirm the diagnosis,'' he ended. The public health unit is continuing to monitor notified cases of Ross River and Barmah Forest virus infection. Steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes include, • Avoid being outside, unprotected, when mosquitoes are common at dawn and dusk. When outside, cover up as much as possible with light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing and covered footwear. • Apply mosquito repellent regularly to exposed areas (as directed on the container). Repellents containing Diethyl Toluamide (DEET) or Picaridin are best. • Don’t use repellents on the skin of children under the age of three months. Instead use physical barriers such as netting on prams, cots and play areas for babies. • Eradicate mosquito breeding sites around the home, such as containers that hold water. • Use flyscreens on windows and doors of houses and keep them in good order. • When camping, use flyscreens, or sleep under mosquito nets.
  3. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    So far only estuaries, but that's no indication of its ability. I'm my opinion I would lose my nerve before the GT showed any sort of limitations. I can reach everything easily , it had lots of storage and at 3.6m it's easy to transport. If I had the money I would have gone for the Reload however just due to speed.
  4. JJAfelice

    Upgrade time

    I'll sell you my month old profish GT, and I'll upgrade to a reload. ?
  5. JJAfelice

    Kayak Krew Meet

    Great write-up . If family commitments didn't exist, I would have been right there with you.
  6. JJAfelice

    Tin Can Bay Queensland

    I have some relatives who live there and have been fishing a few times with Them on our visits. We tossed HB's into the deep channels off the esplanade at low tide, just a walk over the sand flats from where he lives. Lots of good flatties and easy access.
  7. JJAfelice

    Recommend a car to transport a kayak?

    Did you look at the Rhino Universal Side Loader, might have saved you abit of cash.
  8. JJAfelice

    Recommend a car to transport a kayak?

    I have to load two 3.6m yaks onto the top of a land cruiser, I use a rhino rack universal side loader . Makes it a lot easier and I don't have to ask my wife for help.
  9. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    Thanks, only had the chance to take them out once so far, but you could see the quality in the ride.
  10. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    It was a good day today
  11. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    I took the plunge and purchased a GT and an espri on Saturday, won't get them till early Jan but looking forward to being a mobile fisherman and no longer stuck on the shore.
  12. JJAfelice

    Viking profish GT and espri

    Hi i did a quick search, but couldn't find any historical info so was curious if any one has any experience with either of these yaks. Possibly you own one or have done some research into them. im looking at getting a GT for myself and an espri for my wife. Any feed back would be appreciated jason
  13. JJAfelice

    Fishing with 4 kids under 10

    It's never easy with young kids, they just don't seem to have the patience any more, and even with them catching fish i have to hope all of them catch and not just one or two of them. We were up at bobbin head a few weeks ago for lunch , lots of nice spots around the marina it's a shame it takes 1.5 hours to get there. Closer to home I have to try bundeena sand flats on a low tide. Some nippers and then try to keep clear of the boating traffic. Jason
  14. JJAfelice

    Fishing with 4 kids under 10

    Around the shark nets? Haven't been there in a while. Was also thinking about picnic point reserve or even wallys wharf, can't remember how big that is however haven't been there in over 25 years
  15. JJAfelice

    Fishing with 4 kids under 10

    Thanks for welcome, so my biggest issue trying to fish now is finding somewhere I can spread out my kids and wife so they can't get their fair patch of clean water and not get snagged up every cast. Swallow rock reserve has been done and was successful , I tried warumbul reserve but a lot of snags for the kids last weekend , any other suggestions? jason