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  1. Thanks Gordo I’m fishing out from port Macquarie. Mostly been fishing in about 20m depths and drifting over reefs that are holding bait. There’s no doubt it’s a bit easier up here though
  2. I’m at port Macquarie. I’ve caught jew and trag in that spot before and it’s pretty common here. It’s definitely a jew. When I landed it I was more focused on its stomach hanging out of its mouth and thinking about how it looked like a giant tongue, and didn’t really pay attention to what the rest of the fish looked like 🤣
  3. Thanks, I lost a bit of gear to them but they weren’t too full on thankfully
  4. I think that trag is actually a jew, isn't it. Oops! Oh well, still over the legal size so no harm done
  5. I went out this morning for a sneaky mid week jig and got myself a 77cm kingy, 72cm trag and a leathery on the slow jigs. Slightly choppy conditions but not too bad. It’s been a while since I did any jigging as I’ve been more interested in chasing snapper on plastics, so it was good fun to do something different today. I’m no expert on this form of fishing but it always seems to produce fish for me. I think it’s a very effective way of catching all sorts of funny looking things off the bottom, but occasionally I get rewarded with something more appealing like today (not talking about the leatherjacket).
  6. Not as many fish around today but I got another beauty! Had a couple of other guys with me today, they got a couple of good ones too but no pics on my phone.
  7. Nice one! Glad I could provide some inspiration. I’m inspired to go again this weekend now🤣
  8. Yeah I feel for you guys. Most of my family are in lockdown too and it's no laughing matter for so many people. Feeling very fortunate to still have my freedom up here and will enjoy it while we still have it!
  9. Yeah pretty much, I just cast out to the side and stick the rod in the holder. I imagine the lure was probably sitting about 2/3 of the way down to the bottom but I honestly don't pay much attention to it. Rodney Rod Holder has bagged me quite a few snapper this year.
  10. Hi all Had a great start to the day today chasing snapper on soft plastics. Really nice conditions this morning that only got calmer during my short 2.5 hour session. I went to a spot that I have visited a couple of times before with no luck but today there was a bit more action on the sounder. I was drifting over an area about 20m deep casting ahead of my drift and also had a second line out with a plastic just sitting in the rod holder. 5 minutes into my first drift I came up tight on my PB snapper of 75cm! Stoked with that, even though the rod holder gets the credit for getting the bite🤣. On my second drift I got lucky again with a 58cm model, again credit goes to the rod holder. While I had him on the deck getting my phone out for a pic the other rod went off and I fought the fish for a little while but the hook pulled. I can't remember now if it was the same drift, or the next drift, but finally I managed to hook a fish with the rod in my hand and landed a 70cm snapper which also would have been a PB if I hadn't already caught the 75cm fish earlier. I think my old PB was 65cm. I had a couple more hookups that didn't stick and landed some red rock cod before deciding it was time to go home. Off the water by 8.45. Boat is clean, fish filleted and I'm now looking forward to a game of soccer this afternoon. A win will top the day off nicely 🙂 The bigger fish came in on my little 2500 freams with a 3-7kg spin rod 1/4 oz jighead and a blue/white 5" bait junky. The other 2 fish were on slightly heavier gear with a certate 3012 and 1/4 oz jighead, and a 6.5" powerbait nemesis in bloodworm. A bit more effort into this report than usual as I know a lot of you guys are stuck in lockdown at the moment and could use the distraction. I hope you enjoy this little report, I certainly enjoyed gathering the content! Tim
  11. I reckon there’s something wrong with mine then. It’s in the bilge area too but still loud. It works fine though
  12. You guys using the Shurflo pumps, how is the noise? I've got an 800gph one for my slimey tubes and it is ridiculously loud to the point I hate using it.
  13. That's a nice snapper. Interesting about your leader. I was using 16lb last week and mates are telling me I'm going way too light. I'm just trying to get the bite! With the conditions so calm and only fishing in 10-15m of water I felt like I needed to go light and it certainly worked but I did lose a few. Do you think you lose many fish because of your leader and what's the biggest you've caught on that?
  14. I agree Matt. My mate is a bit of a know it all and tells me everything I do is wrong so I don’t take much notice of him these days!
  15. No dropped lures. I was using 16lb leader to try to get more bites. Probably should have bumped things up a bit. I ran out of good jig heads after a while and used a lighter gauge one, which got straightened. I also had 2 bust offs where the uni knot came back intact but the line had broken where it went through the eye of the hook. Don’t think I’ve seen that happen before. I was using 6/0 TT headlock jig heads, a mate has suggested that I switch to the nitro ones but I find that they are only good for gulps. The softer z man’s etc always get pulled down. Open to suggestions thanks
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