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  1. Thanks Zoran. It is an enertia, my mistake. Old boat had a vengeance
  2. Not sure exactly where the ventilation plate is at cruise, I'll check that out. It's been a bit of a muck around getting this sorted out and I've already dropped the motor on the advice of the designer of the hull. I'm not sure it was the right thing to do but he's the expert so I went along with it. He was very confident that the previous prop was the problem as it was a 4 blade 19" pitch (can't remember diameter but it was also large). I'm now running a 17" pitch 14.5" diameter vengeance prop. I'll probably lift it back up this weekend and see if I can grab a 16" with same diamet
  3. When I say WOT I just mean full throttle. Max RPM at WOT is only about 5500rpm so I think it can drop an inch or 2. I notice it has a lot more trouble maintaining rpm when cruising at sea. So a smaller prop would hopefully give me a little more torque to fix that (I think). Regarding too much trim, I need to trim all the way in to stop the porpoising, which then means the steering becomes a lot heavier than it should be and top speed would be much lower than if I didn't need to do that. Things just aren't quite in balance I feel and something needs to change. The problem with lifting
  4. Thanks mate, the boat is going well. It was pretty sloppy conditions on 3 of the 4 days. It handles the conditions well, but as with any open boat you get the occasional spray in the face in windy conditions. It's actually the handling in calm conditions that I have a small problem with. It wants to porpoise at high speed. I can stop the porpoising but too much trim is required and I'd like to improve this. Not much I can do in terms of moving weight forward as I've already done a lot in that regard. I rarely go to WOT so it's not really affecting me but still I feel it's just not right
  5. 4 days of fishing, Not a lot to show for it unfortunately. We caught countless Mack tuna and lost just as many other fish to sharks and pulled hooks. Finally my mate Andy got our only spotty for the trip today on our last drift before heading home. Scratchie, my mates longtail was not landed. He had it circling just below us and the hook pulled. yesterday we found some big kings that absolutely owned us. Managed to get one boatside which I estimate to be 15-20kg before it woke up and dived 30m on heavy drag to the bottom and reefed Andy. Hooked a couple of others that we didn’t see
  6. Up here for a few days to explore and hopefully catch a few fish. Never fished Coffs before so I’ve been really looking forward to this trip. Pretty sloppy conditions today but we managed a few fish including the ever present mack tuna, a few keeper snapper and my first ever longtail. My mate also hooked one on his snapper plastics rod which kept him busy for a while. We struggled to find livebait today. Will try again tomorrow.
  7. Great report scratchie. Your reports leave me scratching my head. I seem to do a lot of the same things you do but rarely get the results you do. You certainly inspire me to keep trying.
  8. TK01

    Deep Cycle Batteries

    Ended up burning the extra cash and getting expensive ones purely because I’m going fishing Friday- Sunday this weekend and don’t want to take a break to fight the Saturday morning Aldi enthusiasts.🤣
  9. TK01

    Deep Cycle Batteries

    Yeah but it will keep it going for a full 3 days fishing without needing a charge so well worth it IMO.
  10. TK01

    Deep Cycle Batteries

    Thanks guys, I think it’s worth a go, but agree that getting in before the rest of the crowd will be the hard part. Xerotao it’s a 24V motor
  11. Hey guys I discovered yesterday that I need 2 new 100AH batteries for my motorguide. Just by pure coincidence I saw today that Aldi has 100AH 12v batteries for sale this weekend for $199 each! Whaaat??? Could it be fate? How did they know? I don't mind the odd Aldi special buy but these things are about half the price of others so I'm wondering is it worth the punt or should I just pay the extra. Any experience with these? Cheers
  12. Agreed. I have no trouble catching bait, it was just very noticeable this time that I would only get yakkas from the bait I was marking on the sounder, and I had to cast over the slimies when they came up to get into them. We got a heap of yakkas and maybe 1 or 2 slimies jigging straight up and down, but casting over the schools when they came up got us full strings of slimies.
  13. Hi Fergo I'm new to the area and by no means an expert on marlin or where to chase them. I am actually hoping to get my first marlin this season and have had a few days out trying to no avail... yet! You seem a few steps ahead of me with how to go about it. With regards to slimies, there's a bait ground in close about a mile or so north of the river mouth. I got slimies there last week. It took a bit of time but I found that jigging straight up and down was useless as I only found yakkas that way. The slimies were popping up on the surface occasionally and a bait jig cast into the sc
  14. Epic! I'm still itching to get my first marlin. I was trying to do that yesterday in the same areas you went by the sound of it. Eventually got distracted by the kings and all thoughts of marlin went out the window. Everybody around me is telling me the marlin are going off and I've seen a couple caught near me but I'm yet to get any interest from them.
  15. Today was the first day that my busy schedule and the weather both allowed me to get out on the water for a proper day out fishing. Thankfully the fish played their part and I have finally managed to land some quality fish on my boat, hopefully the first of many great days out from my new home port. 3 fish landed on livebait. Also hooked one on a jig that busted me off. Kings were 95cm to 113cm. I’m the guy holding the smaller fish with the big smile.
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