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  1. Had one on my outboard for about 4 years now, trouble free boating and a million times better than the old cable steering. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Nice going guys. The boat traffic has been a real turn off for me but the fish are still biting surprisingly well. I fished Woy Woy bay a few days ago and the flathead bite was non existent, which I put down to all the ski boats. Whiting and bream were not deterred though. Smart move to get out there super early, well done.
  3. Oh they are so irritating! They get together in gangs and hoon around Brisbane Waters. They've ruined a very popular local surf break at little box because it's too dangerous for surfers to be out there amongst them jumping over the back of waves without a care in the world. They're loud and stupid and think they're cool but they're just idiots. My brother bought one last year and I still can't look him in the eye...
  4. TK01

    wooli advice

    Yeah we are certainly aware of the bar, thanks Scratchie. We have plenty of experience with beach launches so I dare say that Minnie will be our preference for any conditions that are less than ideal for the bar.
  5. TK01

    wooli advice

    Thanks a lot Rick I found some gps marks for the area you shared in another thread, so thanks for that too.
  6. TK01

    wooli advice

    Sorry to raise the dead with this very old thread, but it's just too good to leave alone. I'm heading to Wooli in just over 2 weeks for a 4 day fishing trip. There are some really good pointers here that I know were meant for Scratchie, but I really appreciate them too Can I ask what fish I might expect early November at Wooli? I'm assuming it's probably a bit early in the season to be hoping for spaniards and wahoo? How's the beach fish at this time of year?
  7. That's awesome, We've been thinking about a sea change to QLD ( probably somewhere around Noosa) for quite a while but haven't had the balls to take the plunge yet. How's it gone for you and yours? Has it been what you expected?
  8. I have been doing a bit of the same down my way lately Rick, successfully, but not nearly as successful as you! Might be to do with location, but I'm keen to know how you go about targeting them to see if I can replicate your success.
  9. Nice one Luke, I'm yet to catch a legal snapper in brisbane waters. A few people keep telling me they're easy to come by, but I beg to differ. Caught plenty of just undersize ones but no legals yet. In my defence I don't target them, I just get plenty as bycatch.
  10. TK01

    Crowdy Heads

    What a great trip. I would totally eat those spotties too! They're good eating, just cut the blood line out.
  11. Wow they sure are fat! Great work
  12. Looks good. I like how it sits away from the transom a bit too. Mine is flush against the transom and has resulted in some well smashed knuckles over the years.
  13. I don't think it would be an issue. If water can't get in from the outside then it can't get in can it? I've never used aluminium bolts so can't comment on that. My berley bucket is mounted with SS bolts and there's no corrosion around them. I've got SS fittings all through my boat and used sikaflex and also got some nylon washers to sit between the SS washer and hull just to be extra cautious. Disclaimer: I do have a bit of corrosion in my boat but it's not around these fittings so I reckon it's a pretty safe choice.
  14. How about longer bolts so you can get through that brace? I think that would be better than self tappers.
  15. Last one. This is a 1-2kg spin stick that I built very quickly for a trout trip years ago. Caught some trout on it then got back home and caught an 87cm jewie on it, yew! Very cheap stick that has now caught dozens of fish and still going strong. I got the blank for free off a mate and spent probably $10-$15 on components (mudhole bargains). By far my cheapest and fastest build but one of my favourites. (oh it's the one in the middle).