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  1. TK01

    Squid again

    I have been doing a bit of the same down my way lately Rick, successfully, but not nearly as successful as you! Might be to do with location, but I'm keen to know how you go about targeting them to see if I can replicate your success.
  2. TK01

    Brissie waters arvo session

    Nice one Luke, I'm yet to catch a legal snapper in brisbane waters. A few people keep telling me they're easy to come by, but I beg to differ. Caught plenty of just undersize ones but no legals yet. In my defence I don't target them, I just get plenty as bycatch.
  3. TK01

    Crowdy Heads

    What a great trip. I would totally eat those spotties too! They're good eating, just cut the blood line out.
  4. TK01

    No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    Wow they sure are fat! Great work
  5. TK01

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    Looks good. I like how it sits away from the transom a bit too. Mine is flush against the transom and has resulted in some well smashed knuckles over the years.
  6. TK01

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    I don't think it would be an issue. If water can't get in from the outside then it can't get in can it? I've never used aluminium bolts so can't comment on that. My berley bucket is mounted with SS bolts and there's no corrosion around them. I've got SS fittings all through my boat and used sikaflex and also got some nylon washers to sit between the SS washer and hull just to be extra cautious. Disclaimer: I do have a bit of corrosion in my boat but it's not around these fittings so I reckon it's a pretty safe choice.
  7. TK01

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    How about longer bolts so you can get through that brace? I think that would be better than self tappers.
  8. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    Last one. This is a 1-2kg spin stick that I built very quickly for a trout trip years ago. Caught some trout on it then got back home and caught an 87cm jewie on it, yew! Very cheap stick that has now caught dozens of fish and still going strong. I got the blank for free off a mate and spent probably $10-$15 on components (mudhole bargains). By far my cheapest and fastest build but one of my favourites. (oh it's the one in the middle).
  9. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    An attempt at a fish pattern.
  10. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    My first ever rod built for Shirley Bassy
  11. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    Couple of spin rods for the kids
  12. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    And here’s my first and only attempt at a tiger wrap
  13. TK01

    Show us your custom built rods

    This one is my first and only attempt at weaving
  14. TK01

    Broughton Island 9/3/18

    How about I just send the decky out to get the boat?
  15. TK01

    Broughton Island 9/3/18

    Thanks Ron that’s a great tip, much appreciated. Another good setup I’ve seen is to have a bungee cord attached to the anchor so it pulls boat out from the beach and when you want to jump in you can pull the boat in using a rope secured on shore. Let it go and the bungee cord pulls it back out safely away from shore. I just find I sleep a lot better when the boat is secured to a mooring rather than an anchor. But yeah then there’s that other issue of getting eaten when I swim out to get the boat. If my boat was bigger I’d take the yak with me.