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  1. Agreed. I have no trouble catching bait, it was just very noticeable this time that I would only get yakkas from the bait I was marking on the sounder, and I had to cast over the slimies when they came up to get into them. We got a heap of yakkas and maybe 1 or 2 slimies jigging straight up and down, but casting over the schools when they came up got us full strings of slimies.
  2. Hi Fergo I'm new to the area and by no means an expert on marlin or where to chase them. I am actually hoping to get my first marlin this season and have had a few days out trying to no avail... yet! You seem a few steps ahead of me with how to go about it. With regards to slimies, there's a bait ground in close about a mile or so north of the river mouth. I got slimies there last week. It took a bit of time but I found that jigging straight up and down was useless as I only found yakkas that way. The slimies were popping up on the surface occasionally and a bait jig cast into the sc
  3. Epic! I'm still itching to get my first marlin. I was trying to do that yesterday in the same areas you went by the sound of it. Eventually got distracted by the kings and all thoughts of marlin went out the window. Everybody around me is telling me the marlin are going off and I've seen a couple caught near me but I'm yet to get any interest from them.
  4. Today was the first day that my busy schedule and the weather both allowed me to get out on the water for a proper day out fishing. Thankfully the fish played their part and I have finally managed to land some quality fish on my boat, hopefully the first of many great days out from my new home port. 3 fish landed on livebait. Also hooked one on a jig that busted me off. Kings were 95cm to 113cm. I’m the guy holding the smaller fish with the big smile.
  5. Wow, how things have changed in the past 3 years! There have been many captures of kings including a lot of big 1m+ ones in the last couple of years. Pretty much everybody who fishes the waterway regularly has seen or caught them now.
  6. Yeah it was very low when we were there last November. Almost no flow and we had to drag kayaks between pools, it was a lot of work when you do a 5km run downstream and drag a kayak for probably 3km of that. So different this year. It was actually flooded the week before we arrived and was on the way down. Only section I had to portage the whole weekend was about 20metres downstream to avoid a rapid that went under low hanging trees. Much more enjoyable.
  7. Nice one! I would love to get one over 50!
  8. Thanks guys Yes Fil we were in the Willawarrin area. There were a few taken on surface in the low light hours although I don't think they were hitting them with great enthusiasm at this stage. Small divers around 50mm, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits were all very effective.
  9. Just got home from a few days west of Kempsey fishing with a few good mates and my brothers. The weather was great and the river was fishing well. Such a beautiful part of the world I almost forgot about the fishing at times and just admired the scenery. I did however manage to land 47 bass including my new PB wild bass @ 48.5cm. A few minutes after landing it I caught a 46cm fish! There were heaps of fish in the 40-45cm range too. We’ve been making annual trips to the Macleay for the last 10 years or so. I had been a little worried this time what the fishing would be like as there wa
  10. Nice one Dave, persistence is paying off! Where are the rod holders????
  11. The thing about tailor is they'll smash the bait and disappear before you get a chance to pick the rod up. So if you're not holding onto the rod and have a really light drag setting in the holder, you're going to miss most fish. I like JonD's approach and use the same 2 hook rig as he does. I set a decent amount of drag, say around 3kg, sit back and let the fish hook itself. You just need to make sure your rod holder isn't going to fall over. Not everyone agrees with this approach but it works for me and I like chilling out in a chair and not holding the rod.
  12. Thanks, yes I remember Scratchie's report very well. Epic! I hope to have the boat well and truly finished by then. Give me a month and I should be good to go. Apart from the local spots I'll have Crowdy Head an hour to the south, and South West Rocks an hour to the north, and countless rivers and creeks to explore. All close enough for a day trip. I also love my freshwater fishing so there's going to be a lot of exploring to do.
  13. That’s great, I’ll be in touch at some stage. Can’t wait to start exploring the area!
  14. Hi all I’m moving to Wauchope at the end of next month. Keen fisho, don’t know anybody up there and just thought I’d shout out here to see if we have any Raiders in the area. Cheers Tim
  15. I've wondered about this issue too. Is it possible to mount it right on the keel? I'd be very worried about hitting it on something but curious if it can be done that way.
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