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  1. Nice one Dave, persistence is paying off! Where are the rod holders????
  2. The thing about tailor is they'll smash the bait and disappear before you get a chance to pick the rod up. So if you're not holding onto the rod and have a really light drag setting in the holder, you're going to miss most fish. I like JonD's approach and use the same 2 hook rig as he does. I set a decent amount of drag, say around 3kg, sit back and let the fish hook itself. You just need to make sure your rod holder isn't going to fall over. Not everyone agrees with this approach but it works for me and I like chilling out in a chair and not holding the rod.
  3. Thanks, yes I remember Scratchie's report very well. Epic! I hope to have the boat well and truly finished by then. Give me a month and I should be good to go. Apart from the local spots I'll have Crowdy Head an hour to the south, and South West Rocks an hour to the north, and countless rivers and creeks to explore. All close enough for a day trip. I also love my freshwater fishing so there's going to be a lot of exploring to do.
  4. That’s great, I’ll be in touch at some stage. Can’t wait to start exploring the area!
  5. Hi all I’m moving to Wauchope at the end of next month. Keen fisho, don’t know anybody up there and just thought I’d shout out here to see if we have any Raiders in the area. Cheers Tim
  6. I've wondered about this issue too. Is it possible to mount it right on the keel? I'd be very worried about hitting it on something but curious if it can be done that way.
  7. This is such a cool little boat Dave. If you do go 25kn it’s going to be a rush!
  8. TK01

    Saving GPS marks

    Awesome, thanks Plethora! That's exactly the kind of thing what I was hoping to find.
  9. TK01

    Saving GPS marks

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the replies. The old unit is the HDS Gen 2 also. It's not so much the transferring marks between toys that I want to achieve, it's the ability to mess around with them on the computer rather than standing in the boat to do it. The old "EasyGPS" program that I used for a now ancient sounder was great for this. Especially for those times when you're heading to a new place and you have 20 GPS marks that you want to enter into your unit before you go. It's so much quicker if you can do it on a keyboard. I found EasyGPS online but couldn't get it t
  10. TK01

    Saving GPS marks

    Thanks guys, I know the SD card way to do it but was hoping to find out if there’s a software program that you can manage them on your computer rather than the unit. Doesn’t sound like it..
  11. TK01

    Saving GPS marks

    Current is lowrance HDS and the replacement will most likely be a Garmin.
  12. TK01

    Saving GPS marks

    Hi all Im selling my boat and want to back up all the GPS marks before it goes so I can copy them across to a new unit in the new boat. Is there a software program that makes this easy? I used to use a program called easygps years ago but it seems to have disappeared. It was great because you could enter marks in via your computer then transfer over to the GPS unit. Heaps quicker than doing them on the unit itself. Or do I just buy an SD card and save them onto that? I’m not the most tech savvy guy, sorry if this is a dumb question. Cheers
  13. Hi Frank I might be interested. The SS ones are ridiculously expensive so I've never bothered with it. Moving to the mid north coast soon though and will probably have more need for them up there for mackerel. If you have a design in mind and a ballpark price I would be keen to see what you come up with. I think 4" would be more than enough for my needs. Cheers Tim
  14. Had one on my outboard for about 4 years now, trouble free boating and a million times better than the old cable steering. You won't be disappointed.
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