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  1. Hi All, can you please help me identify this fish? I guessed Nannygai. it was caught and released in about 20 metres of water in Moreton Bay. Cheers Joel
  2. Hi All, i am brand new to Moreton Bay Area having just moved to Wynnum. Being bayside I have bought my first boat. I am keen to get some local knowledge of how to fish the bay and where to go to target particular species. Im set to go, got the boat, few different types of rods, snapper and bream rods. Crab traps. Very excited!! if anyone would like to come out fishing and show me the ropes so to speak. Boat is a Cruise craft bow rider with a simple fish finder, got the navionics app too cheers Joel
  3. Thought i would add a few comments even though it is an old thread. Just finished a quick 2 hour session at Darook Park, wading the sand flats with a red spotted popper, and caught 1/2 doz whiting with 3 keepers over 27 cm. tide was rolling out at the time, very sunny, so not the best conditions. Joel
  4. Joel2230

    Fishing ban for Cronulla

    Where is the link or photo. ? I only fish in the areas you have mentioned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Joel2230

    Where can I buy live Bloodworms near Cronulla?

    cheers lungfai76. Figured as much but thanks for confirming. Fishing is such a 'black art'. I'm loving all the theories and tradition. This is a great forum. Slash blog. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Joel2230

    Where can I buy live Bloodworms near Cronulla?

    Thanks hobite I've not heard of the red tube before. What's that do? We ended up grabbing frozen beach works from taren point. Got lucky on a couple of Bream. I'm a new fisherman. But my whole family is getting stuck in its great. Keeps them off the iPads etc.
  7. Taking the kids fishing for sand whiting and was wondering Where can I buy live Bloodworms near Cronulla?