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  1. thanks ALOT gents!!! I THINK WE'VE CAUGHT About 8-9 of them within the space of 1 1/2hrs! Some big thumpers too. Definitely keeping some for the fryer next time on a side note, if they're flaky, then i reckon they'd go mad on some thai curry spices too..so WATCH THIS SPACE! haha
  2. Hi All, Just got back from a house boating weekend at Hawkesbury. Apart from the usual Bream & Flatties, we've caught quite a number of shovelnose sharks too, the biggest being just over 1.2m!! Some fat ones too. Since we weren't sure whether they're edible, all has been released. so the question is, are they edible?
  3. valid point! Nevertheless, i reckon them prawns & squid from the local fish shop should be much better than the frozen servo ones eh
  4. What about some school prawns and pillys/tellowtail bought from say..Flemington fish markets? They are less than $10/KG & looks fresh enough? worth the try or a waste of time & $$?
  5. Thanks alot for the replies guys! Given I'll be on a houseboat, I am not sure whether I'd allowed/it'd be wise to anchor under the railway bridge (due to the boat traffic) and from the memory Juno is a no go zone for the hired boats? I am taking the light gear. 6kg setups with 10kg lead & the heaviest will be the 10kg set up with a 15kg leader. And a very light rod for some squiding but thats a long shot i reckon! Haha
  6. Thanks Wellzy! I did searched the cr@p outta the forum for Hawkesbury threads! But need more "on point" feedback!
  7. G'day raiders... I'm a long time member but embarrassingly I haven't been fishing for last 2+ years due to work & family commitments..where did the time go! finally i have managed to free up a weekend to take the family out on the river...don't own a boat anymore therefore hiring a houseboat from the Brooklyn marina, 1st week of December. Now the million dollar question, "hows Hawkesbury fishing these days?" Its been at least a good 3 years since I've last fished Hawkesbury with my own boat and back then the fishing was quiet slow. Has this been improved? Given that we'll be on a houseboat, I do understand that there's limitations to where i can take it. Any tips (no, not after your secret spots! ) where I could cast a line & hopefully catch something to write home..or fishraider, about? Any advise is highly appreciated!
  8. Thank you very much for your replies, gentlemen! Just one more small question...... ..If i were to target the Silvers with worms (i have FAT ones in my vege patch!), how should i "present" them? with a small sinker or a floated? ..
  9. Hello Fellow Raiders! Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas & a great new year! We are planning to spend the Aussie day long weekend camping at Cudgegong Waters Park , near the Windermere dam. I will be taking my light rods & planning to wet a line while we are there.. Now, I have no idea how to go about catching them yellow bellies & silver perch (let alont the ellusive murray cods!) provided i have done NO freshwater fishing before ( I know, thats pretty bad form, but then again, being busy with a day job as well as a business on the side doesnt help my fishing appetite either ) So, how should i go about fishing these water? what baits/lures should i use? what works best bait or lures? any particular times (morning, arvo, night etc...), floating Vs Sinkers? Any advice is highly appriciated and I'll PROMISE to put together a report IF I catch something worth sharing! ( i know, Ive been slack writing reports lately!)
  10. Thanks for your help guys.. Finally found a place in Nelson Bay/Shoal bay Nice little B&B and walking distance to the local wharves (for abit of fishing, of course!) and other stuff like whale/doplhin watching cruises! Excited and looking forward to it!
  11. HAHAHAHA...Bangkok would've been awsome if we've had a few more days off and afew more $$$$ in the pocket! hahaha ..somewhere in NSW would be good!!
  12. Hi Raiders! Thought of a little family outing on the long weekend and decided we should look for a farm stay sort of a place given my son's love for the animals..and yep, you guessed it right, ALL BOOKED OUT! .. I know its a long shot, but thought of asking you guys of any good place to spend the weekend with a 3 1/2yr old and missus? Farm stay sorta place would be a bonus but as far as there are some activities to keep the little fella occupied, that'll do us! Any tips appriciated Thank you!
  13. HAHAHA..thanks for the flattering comment guys! I think im the obese version of KW! Me and Seth might go fishing again this weekend! same place same plan!
  14. Maaaaaate!!! this is GOLD.. totally made my day!!! I am going to print & file this, if we ever have a daughter! oh, and I already am working on getting the gun license for "pest/vermin control"