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  1. Hi Rebel, Thanks for the spot suggestion. I hope to give it a try. Haven't done proper beach fishing before. Looking forward to getting in to it. Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot guys for all the awesome tips. But I really wish I could go out on a session with any of you experienced guys. Cheers
  3. Hi Frank, Thanks a lot for taking the time to post such an informative reply. I will certainly like to do the reconnaissance before the outing. I have got my beach outfit. Now just waiting to get out soon. Cheers
  4. Hi Raiders, I would appreciate if someone could take me along a beach fishing session. I have done estuary fishing, a bit of rock fishing and mostly break wall based fishing for the last 6 years. Haven't done much beach fishing. Following are my information: Name: Tan Location: Parramatta Fishing technique: Beach fishing on bait Availability: Weekends typically Preferred location: Northern beaches, Dee why, La Perouse Gear: I have got a 12 ft rod spooled with 20lb braid for beach. Hoping to hear from someone. Cheers