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  1. bobfish

    Metal Slice & Lead Slug Lures

    Hey mate, if you don't have success with the singles try crushing the barbs on your trebles. I use this when spinning up bait- you retain the high hook up rate without the damage to the fish...
  2. bobfish

    My First Yellowfin And Biggest Dollie

    Nice yella finnn there mate, would have screamed I bet
  3. bobfish

    Northern Beaches Spinning

    Not much happening up this way at the moment mate, everyday is different but we seem to have hit a slow patch for the past few weeks
  4. bobfish

    Yellowfin In Port Hacking

    Ive heard of a couple taken off north head landbased a few years ago, pretty unusual though
  5. bobfish

    Quick Session At Avoca Today At Arvo

    Sounds like you need to buy a gaff to me......
  6. bobfish

    My First Time Spinning Ever (at Maroubra)

    Nice work hooklineandsinker, spinning is a very addictive style of fishing, and with a bit of work can become very effective also. If you want to mix it up a bit, get some Slash Baits, small knife jigs and some skipping poppers to add some arrows to your quiver. Cheers, Bobfish
  7. bobfish

    Northern Beaches

    Bonito are as thick as thieves at the moment, great sport on the bream gear. They are taking any metals around the 40gm mark
  8. bobfish

    Bobfish(26), Birthday

    Thanks mate, I had a great day. Climbing down a cliff on ropes to a deserted ocean ledge in the dark is my idea of a good birthday
  9. bobfish

    Gulp Sp Colours

    Pumkinseed, Watermelon Pearl and Pumkinseed..... and Pumkinseed
  10. Just to add a bit of variety, my setup for land based kings runs as follows. I run a short plaited double in 24kg main line to a 4 turn cats paw in 5m or so of 80lb twisted leader. This is connected by a three turn uni knot to a ball bearing swivel to which I tie my 100lb leader. Its seems a bit over-done but the double/cats paw connection makes for a smooth passage through the guides when under strain and the twisted leader gives me a heap of control when the fish gets in close. You can really lock it up and go to town
  11. bobfish

    Ultimate Chinamen Leatherjacket Rig

    Geeze. Wish I could walk on water!
  12. bobfish


    I just started frothing at the mouth...... gimme gimme gimme!
  13. bobfish

    Had It With Gulp!

    I recommend taking a teaspoon of cement so you can harden up a bit
  14. Thats the first thing I thought of, I reckon ol' col from moretan island would have a heart attack before he dragged that up the beach tho
  15. bobfish

    Best Ocean Current Sites?