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  1. Shallow enough that I had to trim the motor up a fair bit to stop it plowing through the sand. Around 0.5m, still doable, just with care. I should have looked at the tide chart a bit closer.... The creek is well marked and you will not have any issues in the dark. Sunrise is 6:30ish at the minute. The first couple of hundred metres is all you need to worry about with the markers as the rest is between the moored vessels. Pretty hard to muck it up. Watch the shallow ground out front of the entrance, it is well marked as well and is not visible once the tide covers it (all rock).
  2. I have just come back from a 3 day trip to JB. Woolamia ramp was fine for my 6m Tomahawk, I cannot see you having any issues there. The 4 knot run out is a draw back, and try to avoid a low tide return to the entrance as it is very shallow at low tide. I would not and do not use any other ramp at JB these days. I have used Murray's but it was a fair while ago, so bow to any more recent knowledge of its condition. I hope it helps, and enjoy your trip. Regards Geoff.
  3. I have had the same issue. Used a hot glue gun, quick and easy, and have had no issues since. Bonus of it sets almost immediately and has some flex. Regards
  4. Got a little tired of wet feet and saw this type of ladder in use on a lot of american trailers. Launching and retrieving on my own a lot (drive on, drive off) I figured why not have a crack at making a ladder to get on and off the bow at the ramp without needing the climbing skills of a circus acrobat. The formosa is very high in the bow and it overshadows the regular step points. This is what I came up with and it works very well for me. The only drawback is I need to stow the anchor before driving on. Thought I would share in case the idea was of use to anyone else. Regards to All
  5. Thanks for the tip, off to the shed.
  6. Marine Rescue Shoalhaven, based down from the big 4 park at Culburra. Mine is SA 2961.
  7. I have coordinates of S36 15 125 E150 12 846 for "the Foulhouse", I am hoping it is the one you are looking for. Have not fished there myself (I do the shoalhaven more than anything) , but it is from one of the many old publications I have for marks all over the place. Hope it helps
  8. Came up a treat...... Very nice.
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