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  1. I buy 1000 mtr spools of dyneema colour change braid starting at $85 for 6lb I normally use a drill and a golf tee to unspool and throw away never thought of reversing the line but you have reminded me that I need to respool most of my reels Thank you! To re spool I put the 1000 meter on a screw driver in the drill and use a calico garden glove to apply tension on my left hand as I wind on.
  2. blaxland

    Friday 15th Feb 2019 - Sydney

    LOL me either (62 this year) but sounds like an easy to store solution just need to jerry rig a roof on my cuddy
  3. blaxland

    Friday 15th Feb 2019 - Sydney

    Awesome I will have to try something similar do you use a swag?
  4. blaxland

    Dual electric outboards
  5. blaxland

    More squid

    Well if its that easy have entree and main lol
  6. blaxland

    Middle Harbour fishing

    Im off to get some nuclear chickens thanka for the info and grats on your kingie
  7. blaxland

    Squid again

    And no ink? how do you do it
  8. blaxland

    DIY breaking strain tester

    Hi my 2 cents worth 1. Drag set to much less than line rating 2. litre of water = 1 kilo of weight so if testing knots try lifting that many litres I dont know what the "factory tolerance" is for knot tying or line manufacturing but it has to be at least 3% either way.
  9. blaxland

    Any suggestions? First time boat owner

    Dont let rivers or lake lull you into a false sense of security alpine waters can be freezing and large lakes can get rough. I would try a small hire boat first somewhere there is plenty of help around in the form of other boaters . A poly craft could be a good beginner boat as it will take a beating. Everybody under 12 must wear a life jacket in an open boat at all times.
  10. to many depending on the situation always have a soft plastic ready to go if I meet a bust up. Recently Al Mc Glashin rated halco rooster popper as the best surface lure in sydney harbour or near by he would know.
  11. blaxland

    Port Hacking Night fish 30/12/18

    Agree with yowie
  12. blaxland

    Joining braid lines.

    I have used a double uni with success in a pinch when I cutout a wind knot but only to keep fishing I dont join braid as a rule.
  13. blaxland

    Fishing at Mosman beach

    Last couple of weeks rat kings have been aggressive Mosman to north harbour eating anything this will not always be the case also bonito and salmon have been around and tailor. Just keep trying but also try for bait squid, yellow tail and slimy mackerel while your bait soaks or even throw a few plastics or other lures. But the most important thing is having a go cant catch fish from your lounge room. Tight lines
  14. blaxland

    Is the www killing it for "oldies"?

    Experience is gold I recently took a work mate out fishing who had just got his diploma and will be a chiropractor. On the way out he was telling me about the research he had done and his confidence in catching fish. But he couldnt tie a paternoster and was disappointed that his lure didnt work in a bust up (kings and salmon on the surface) He did eventually get some fish in the boat. Fishing with experienced fishos is the best wish I could do it more
  15. blaxland

    The Early Morning King

    Did they buy them from the Heuon Pens