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  1. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Probley not my mate was late and then we went to the artificial off south head for some livies
  2. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Good haul there where is Rosa wide is it out from Diamond Bay? cheers
  3. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Hey Jim I was out there friday a bit further north got my mate a feed of bluespots and on the way back through the heads about 11:30 saw some bird activity threw a 10gm halco I had already rigged and got a small king fun way to finish the day. cheers Bill
  4. blaxland

    Blue Spot Flathead

    I was inspired by your post went today a bit windy but thats why I bought a barcrusher fished in 22 mtrs off the northan beaches got fish every drop within 1 minute. Had a sea anchor and using pillies took 4 home for dinner 41 38cm to 41cm. released the same and dropped a few back at the ramp by 11 am. Nice to have a change of luck.
  5. blaxland

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Good job was abit or lure doing the damage?
  6. blaxland the top or the bottom

    All good info for me thanks raiders will need to get a reef pick and tie on some rope my boat came with 50m . The guy I was fishing near thursday had had his anchor deployed off the starboard rail midship is this the way to go?
  7. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    Yeah went out early seemed a bit rough back inside for some calamari at obelisk conditions improved went to the colours for a few drifts one other boat there on anchor but no keepers for me still good to be out will keep trying sure my learning curve is a j
  8. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    I have heard the reports but Im happy to take baby steps and get the boat setup how I like it as well I hope to be out this thursday
  9. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    Yes Thursday looks good
  10. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    I will try there this week weather permitting
  11. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    Nothing solid all throw backs this time
  12. blaxland

    Friday 1st July 2018

    Good to meet the fragmiester today and get some quality intel I should of followed him to the colours as Im having woolies chook for dinner lol. Apart from meting another raider the highlight for me was getting livies (slimy mackerel) on sabiki rigs just outside Southhead and at the artificial. I now know I can catch bait just have to keep trying for some quality keepers. Cheers Bill
  13. blaxland

    Reefs close to Syd Harbour

    Im with you loco new to inshore fishing, This fridayI plan to put a few recorded marks into my GPS and try them but any tips as to rigs / live baiting and target species would be great. Im going to try for livies at the artificial reef of south head then pick a reef off queenscliff and maby the wall at longie. Snapper, Flathead, Kingfish in that order are my targets. I normally launch from roseville my boat is a 535c barcrusher if you see me come and say hello
  14. blaxland

    Squid near The Rocks

    Nothing tastier than fresh southern calamari by the way the link to the pic is broken
  15. blaxland

    Salted bait?

    I have found that tying a pillie tail makes it pretty secure put hook all the way through the tail end then hook through the meaty bit lay the hook along the spine and tie a half hitch around the tail.