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  1. blaxland

    Sydney FAD firing

    TBH I didn't check but has been around 22 of late and was warm to the touch when rinsing my hands.
  2. blaxland

    Sydney FAD firing

    As the conditions looked ideal with little wind and low swell decided hit the sydney fad arrived a about 7:30 Trolled past with a plug skirt hooked up first pass. My first dollie. Drifted past again the area was alive with bright blue fish. Hook up virtually every cast using stickbait. Kept two at 65cm all done by 8:30
  3. blaxland

    Mosman Area/Middle Harbour

    Thanks for the map top intel I know a few squid spots in north harbour where they have followed a weightless pillie tail will target them there.
  4. There are guides that can show you how to target fish, worth the money years of experience in a few hours. Otherwise join a club or just keep trying but remember if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results, while persistence is necessary its only good once you have confidence in the method.
  5. blaxland

    Mosman Area/Middle Harbour

    there is a line from old mans hat to the point at washaway beach you cannot legally catch squid north of that line its an old not often enforced rule. Middle head and every thing south is fine.
  6. blaxland

    Mosman Area/Middle Harbour

    Sounds like north head but you have to be a mountain goat to get there and its very dangerous could try middle head lots of spots there
  7. blaxland

    Quiet day on the harbour?

    Friday no luck with chasing live baits at the sydney artificial but saw a few rats landed jigging there. Went to the fad and further for nill but Im a novice in that area. Came back in 20 Mtrs of water close for a pan size snapper put back but kept some nice flatties which seem to be abundant .
  8. blaxland

    Mixed Bag off Sydney

    Looks like roseville wish they would upgrade the facilities I know its a national park but its used by a lot of fishos
  9. blaxland


    Great boat I have a 535C yours has a steeper dead rise mine goes well yours is off shore weapon
  10. blaxland


    Heard of a good snapper spot 3k off long reef called oshannessys anybody have the marks for this?
  11. blaxland

    Learning more about fishing

    I can not guess your expertise but I started with a hand line cork or coke bottle with small hook no sinker and dough made from white bread catching mullet at Tunks park. First thing is how to tie a hook knots called half blood and uni are easy to learn and research. If you are beyond this stage its open slather there was a post here where some members bought $20 dollar outfits and had a fishing comp landing very good fish so I guess experience is key and takes time to achieve. I am 62 just bought my second boat (been boat fishing for 2, years so spent heaps best money was spent on a charter. Just keep trying.
  12. blaxland

    A Question on the 'Squid Strike'

    For me a squid "strike" feels at first exactly like a snag but it gives then pulses sometimes even takes line. Rod tip high and keep winding. I have lost squid by trying to strike when I get hit have had the jig come back with a little bit of squid mantle in it still squirming.
  13. blaxland

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    can you send me these charts I had them once but lost them now I think I will be able to use them
  14. blaxland

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    I use the one on the left both at anchor and drifting but 95% on the drift. I got it because I didnt want to clamp anything to the rail. Works great and can move it around to the different rod holders in the boat would not use it trolling.
  15. blaxland

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    I was out last thursday and after loosing a fully loaded 3 hook sabiki to old braid went baitless. For a change I used a single hook paternoster rig with a worm hook and various plastics 5" shads and sqidgy curly tails and paddle tail minnows. On the other rod standard jug head with same plastics. The fist rig left in the rod holder out fished the other rig 5 to 1 to my surprise even got 6" flatheads on 5" lures lol annoying. But I am going to try that again! Kept a few 45cm models for dinner. I am also going to try heavier jigheads and maybe a Californian worm hook rig with a running sinker.