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  1. yep it happens but back at the same servo two days later took exactly what the Suzuki gauge said I had used.
  2. Finally cracked the secret to the aussie salmon schools off north head sydney. Squidgy 2" paddle tails on 1/16 jig. I only had two but hooked up first cast both times. First fish I lost to an old knot which I noticed but didnt change. Quick retie FG and said lure on again all of a sudden massive run Im thinking hooked a hoodlum, then 20 mtr from the boat a seal pops up with my fish in his mouth some days are like that. (not to mention the servo pump said 27ltrs when I knew only 18 would fit.)
  3. I generally just pick a spot and put time in if land based but i have not fished west of the coathanger.
  4. I did the same thing years ago with the family went a fair way up stream to a public buoy near wisemans ferry got decent bream early next morning. It would be good if you can take a tinnie to fish from and use the houseboat as a base.
  5. The season is october to jan so should be good to go just check local rules for traps etc.
  6. Well thats fishing was out Thursday off both Dee Why Head land and North head big bust ups by the speed of travel I guess some sort of Tuna by the size of the backs I guess 4+ kilos. casting halco twisties. In hind sight wish I put a stick bait or a live slimy in the fray. But time was short moving very quick and boat shy.
  7. Excellent bag thanks for the report will have a go at circle hooks.
  8. A lot of it is shallow if you want to wade try near the creek mouths of the Wakehurst parkway. Very good blackfishing in the channel next to the cravan park but you alo have to wade or have a small dingy.
  9. people under 18 years of age do not need a rec fish licence
  10. Mate Sydney is very populated and lots of fishos so no real secret spots all the beaches have fish and almost anywhere in the harbour. Just join the other anglers you are bound to see. Under the coat hanger produces but I have not fished there good luck.
  11. fish swim and there are seasons, tides, moon phases and barometric pressure .
  12. Never fished the area but gin clear is always hard in the shallows.
  13. Well done pity about the anchor. I normally tie a few patanoster rigs at home with dropper loops and put the hooks on as I need them.
  14. Good job what rig were you using? and so lucky to have that at your doorstep