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  1. Out last Tuesday before the rain chasing kings because I've had no luck on the snapper. So what happens I catch a snapper! Caught on my version of a poor mans down rigger, running barrel sinker to swivel 90cm trace. Just off a reef straight out from manly 35mtrs deep using live yellow tail water temp 21 degrees. Did get some rats at Long Reef also. Not in Scratchies league but made me smile.
  2. Not my ara but good luck crew can be hard to find
  3. Nice haul the wrasse eat well.
  4. Well done lovely report makes me want to go fishing.
  5. Nice report, Most of Sydneys catchment drains through there ( Hawksbury) still draining I reckon. However Im going fishing tomorrow Thursday out of port jackson water looked good today
  6. Wow guess there is some warm water pushing down the coast good effort and yet another good haul of reds.
  7. Thats fishing at least you got out I was expecting three days of rain so made other plans
  8. Yes I can call them by the right name now but they still eat well lol
  9. I have a dry boat but guests can bring what ever they want.
  10. I havent been there but a guy I work with also works the shark nets and said bait fish at all beaches from herring to mackerel and all getting smashed.
  11. Im no expert but you are on the right track. Cant catch them from your lounge room. There is a lot of information here on that spot just do a search.
  12. Thanks Bob I have a few good recipes that these fish are perfect for.
  13. Thanks mate now I know
  14. The black and white boat in the rose bay pick is mine I did not see a burgundy canvas.
  15. Thanks for the ID how do you tell the difference?
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