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  1. blaxland

    Squid near The Rocks

    Nothing tastier than fresh southern calamari by the way the link to the pic is broken
  2. blaxland

    Salted bait?

    I have found that tying a pillie tail makes it pretty secure put hook all the way through the tail end then hook through the meaty bit lay the hook along the spine and tie a half hitch around the tail.
  3. blaxland

    How much anchor rope

    Think Ill drift around abit till I get used to being out there
  4. blaxland

    How much anchor rope

    Thanks will get a sea anchor
  5. blaxland

    How much anchor rope

    Hi Raiders, I have recently upgraded to a 5Mtr+ boat with the ambition of fishing a bit further out but mostly inshore. I see a lot of spots are deep and was wondering what length of anchor rope the experienced fishos use and if you would tie two together or purchase a continues length. I am happy to drift but would also like to float a bait down the trail. Cheers Billy
  6. blaxland

    Sydney Winter Sun

    I lot of blokes here also call them glassies but normally to describe what the fish are feeding on in the wild
  7. blaxland

    Lake Jindabyne

    Good job on the trout, and did I see salmon? I just got my first barcrusher 535c and look forward to expanding my horizens.
  8. blaxland

    Sydney Winter Sun

    Nice report where do you get galssies or is it whitebait?
  9. blaxland

    Overhead outfit advice

    Hi Raiders, Contemplating getting an overhead combo to chase larger fish was wondering if you would load mono or braid? Looking at something like the penn GT330 as its just in my budget.
  10. blaxland

    coal and candle creek

    sometimes to many changes is the porblem there are no right answers its fishing
  11. blaxland


    Thats one fine pig
  12. blaxland

    The Fridge, Chinaman's Beach

    As already stated it is a general area there used to be a small mark on the bottom where rumor has it a fridge was dropped overboard in front of the brown house but it has all but eroded away area is best in summer other places close by that I have heard of but not fished are the cammeray wreck in quakers hat bay or Balmoral Island where the sand meets the weed.
  13. blaxland

    Macmasters beach session

    Good job you must be close to only go for an hour if so what a luxury
  14. blaxland

    Live bait

    Seen plenty of yakkas caught around west head, Ive caught squid along the northside of barenjoey
  15. blaxland

    Port Hacking

    Nothing better than crisp day to clear the cobwebs and some nice squid as well