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  1. blaxland

    Launch retrieve in the dark

    Thinking of getting serious about snapper but most pundits say an hour before or after Dawn/sunset. I dont have flood lights on the boat and was thinking of getting magnetic torches to stick on the pylon where I launch I always go solo and like to get close to the pontoon any advice?
  2. blaxland

    Winter kingfish in middle harbour

    Nice job that wreck has been holding some boats lately
  3. blaxland

    Winter Fatty

    Well worth the effort and thanks for the tip on soft vibes.
  4. blaxland

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Nice catch and good eating. I dont mind a bit of snap from fresh calamari there not chewy. As to rules they are for the lowest common denominator guess thats city life.
  5. blaxland

    Port Stephens Live Report

    I need a good deckee your welcome anytime
  6. blaxland

    Port Stephens Live Report

    Well done Scratchie in tough conditions thanks for organizing a memorable day. See you at the diggers
  7. blaxland

    Sydney Harbour meander

    Nice report just out of interest what do you get at the colours when its firing
  8. blaxland

    Sydney kings

    It used to be an Abby but now its the international school of business
  9. blaxland

    Squids for reds

    Are you stocking up so we can get some off you? By the way looks like Im fishing solo if anybody needs a ride 5 mtr cuddy
  10. blaxland

    Sydney DPI Reefs

    Only fished the one off Sydney and only for bait but have seen some king fish caught there on micro jigs and bait. But the reef is small so can be a bit of a traffic jam at times.
  11. blaxland

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    Just my 2 cents worth batteries degrade with use and are costly to replace imagine your mincoda with enough juice to drive a 6mtr glass boat at 30 knots. There is Hydrogen technology which would be ideal for boats but it wont be developed because there is no ongoing profit from consumables (fuel or power storage)
  12. blaxland

    Thursday fishing from Sydney

    Very nice Im heading out Wednesday as conditions look good can I ask what depth of water were you near the spot called the whale?
  13. blaxland

    Wanda/Greenhills dog leash free area issues

    I see that maturity and common sense are no longer the ruling faction
  14. blaxland

    Stocking up for winter reds

    would you recommend any body going to the june island bash catch and freeze a few squid?
  15. blaxland

    Nice Northern Beaches Red

    Good job hope I can find that reef and get me a red; I will use the same rig.