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  1. blaxland

    Gulps V Z man, mixing scents??

    Off to the tackle shop again for me
  2. blaxland

    Central QLD Just WOW

    Like a dream come true
  3. blaxland

    Brisbane waters mixed bag 15th sep

    Excellent how did you cook the salmon?
  4. blaxland

    Snapper Off sydney

    The theory is the fish swim up the trail even at anchor the trail can cover a long area. I rarely anchor because the sarca is too epensive to lose and fishing solo out of a cuddy cabin makes it a little harder to do. We may have been successful with out the burly but we were successful with it.
  5. blaxland

    Snapper Off sydney

    Hello Raiders, Had another go at the snapper today with better results, had Paul from The Sneaky Fisho with and he had some good intel. After getting some liveies we headed to long reef 30M depth sounded a ball of something and started our drift. We tried various lures baits and rigs then paul comes up tight using tweed packet cuttlefish on a small running sinker to the hook, bail arm open down the burly trail. Naturally I changed to the same setup and lost a solid fish after a brief fight . Did manage to get a panie on plastics using the method scratchy explained at the last meet good day all round. FYI had a report of large salmon schools near the harbour bridge today.
  6. blaxland

    Where to get good kind of cheaper boats?

    Mate I would join a fishing club networking is the key. Bargains can be had on the net but connect with people of like mind.Having said that Im not in one because I work weekends
  7. blaxland

    Collecting oysters as bait - legality & safety

    If you get oyster shell in a cut its hard to remove and can infect had plenty as a kid with no serious injury. Was it safer 50 odd years ago who knows.
  8. blaxland

    Flatheads off sydney

    Close to legal but I did not measure just a pic and back in.
  9. blaxland

    Flatheads off sydney

    Last wednesday was out chasing snapper off Long reef no luck but remembered a bloke saying a good flattie drift off narrabeen drove about halfway up near some wrecks I think (show as +++ on my chart?) in 35mtrs got fish every drop paternosta with bait all keepers took three home. On the way out slimeys in abundance just off south head. On the way back some king fun at seaforth took a live bait 3 mtrs from the boat
  10. blaxland

    Launch retrieve in the dark

    Thinking of getting serious about snapper but most pundits say an hour before or after Dawn/sunset. I dont have flood lights on the boat and was thinking of getting magnetic torches to stick on the pylon where I launch I always go solo and like to get close to the pontoon any advice?
  11. blaxland

    Winter kingfish in middle harbour

    Nice job that wreck has been holding some boats lately
  12. blaxland

    Winter Fatty

    Well worth the effort and thanks for the tip on soft vibes.
  13. blaxland

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Nice catch and good eating. I dont mind a bit of snap from fresh calamari there not chewy. As to rules they are for the lowest common denominator guess thats city life.
  14. blaxland

    Port Stephens Live Report

    I need a good deckee your welcome anytime
  15. blaxland

    Port Stephens Live Report

    Well done Scratchie in tough conditions thanks for organizing a memorable day. See you at the diggers