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  1. blaxland

    Squidding in the rain

    Glad you got on any hintss as to where?
  2. blaxland

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Mate If I were to tow my boat up for a two or three day stay mid week where would you recommend I stay something cheap and close to the ramp ( thinking nelson bay area)
  3. blaxland

    Pre-work fish

    Mate thats just like ducking down to the shops you are very fortunate
  4. blaxland

    Squidding in the rain

    I had a go last Wednesday no squid for me but the drift was very fast did manage to find some decent taylor in watsons bay taking 10gm halcos,. Fogot my jacket and by the time I got home I was pretty wet. However glad to be fishing Friday weather looks good I would try around Lady Jane or bottle and glass with the ese wind
  5. blaxland


    Just wondering if there are any thoughts on making raiders a facebook group. I currently am on facebook flatehead fisher, all things fishing sydney, barcrusher owners and a few more, but raiders has the quality intel just needs daily input.
  6. blaxland

    Hawkesbury Kingfish

    Hi mate kings are a bit hit and miss as they swim alot I have seen fly fishers catch them around long nose point but no luck myself. Plenty vids on youtube showing kings around the moored boats. But hopefully another raider can give us a leg up.
  7. blaxland


    Hi Jake, I use pilchard tails and have caught a large variety of fish plus the rest makes excellent burly. You can fish them unweighted or with a sinker in many different rigs, unweighted covers the whole water column plus in a retrieve they can act like a lure. Key is to learn how to present them and tie a half hitch for security. SNAPPER ADDICTED MEMBER 0 947 posts Location:Maroubra NSW Report post Posted April 17, 2007 Stylo - the best way to rig the tail half of a cut pilchard is as follows: 1. push the point of the hook through the flesh just in front of the tail (i.e. where the flesh just begins on the body of the pillie) 2. pull the whole hook through the pillie so that the tail half is 'threaded' on the line just at the point where the tail meets the body. 3. stick the point of the hook into the cut made by the knife (when slicing the pillie in half) and pull the line tight. 4. tie a half-hitch around the tail and tighten to secure the bait. Using this method I find that pillie talis stay on the hook better than the heads.
  8. blaxland

    The easy way to remove old line from your spool

    I use the same brand drill to remove line and so far just throw it out but I also use a screwdriver through a 1000m spool of line held by the drill to respool I have calico garden gloves that I use to maintain tension and I work at that B hardware store.
  9. blaxland

    Fishing with alternative baits

    I have used meat in the past my experience is when the bite is not on it leaches pretty quick losing all colour and flavor but from the other posts seems you can add more. I am a big fan of pilchards but that's because they suit the way I fish and what I target, next would be lures from sabiki for bait fish to halco metals, platics and hardbodies like rapala. all have produced for me.
  10. blaxland


    Hi tomorrow 23/8/18 looks good for fishing Im chasing snapper at long reef anybody can tell me where the area called jurassics is I have heard 40mtrs but thats all will try the wall first light southerly should be ideal? to drift with out really knowing
  11. blaxland

    Lock out

    I have joined the stop the lock out group if only to give them numbers I hope they do a good job but here is what you can do Have Your Say Your comments are sought on the 25 sites comprising the park proposal, the management changes proposed at each site, and/or the benefits and costs to your activities, community or industry. You can have your say by completing the online submission form by 27 September 2018. The information you provide will inform the final marine park proposal to be considered by the NSW Government later in 2018. Existing management rules remain in place, and none of the proposals will be implemented until the NSW Government announces the outcome.
  12. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Probley not my mate was late and then we went to the artificial off south head for some livies
  13. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Good haul there where is Rosa wide is it out from Diamond Bay? cheers
  14. blaxland

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Hey Jim I was out there friday a bit further north got my mate a feed of bluespots and on the way back through the heads about 11:30 saw some bird activity threw a 10gm halco I had already rigged and got a small king fun way to finish the day. cheers Bill