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  1. Well at least you got fish good to see. How did you break the seat? A bit of covid weight happening?
  2. lol I dont think its mine bob was a few years back
  3. I wonder I have lost an anchor believed reefed in the past perhaps I should of come back later.
  4. In my best spots sometimes come up empty. Good on you for trying to educate the novice True never wear waders anywhere near surf rocks included.
  5. In my area there is weed around most of the drains into the harbour. Go for a rockhop an see what is around cabbage and cungiwoi (cant spell it) are also top baits. And I have recently heard of weed flies working.
  6. They're all fishraiders just some dont know it say hello just in case
  7. T Trying to keep it unobtrusive the clip is rated to 56 lb the leader and main 30 lb anyway Im going with the surgeons knot (Palomar) as it gives a double strand at contact.
  8. Hello raiders Im wondering what knot you use to tie on clips (no swivel) I was using uni but on a few snags busted of at the clip. With 30lb leader the diameter of the wire in the clip I am using is smaller than the diameter of the black magic leader. Does it cut through? confidence is everything so let me know.
  9. Its a very populated area the problem is sharing with board riders, walkers and tourists. There is a well known guide for land based fishing in the area worth a charter if you are buying property based on fishing I would go with his recommendations I think Alex Belissimo is his name
  10. Every chance I think I will just go anyway
  11. blaxland


    Agree any reef you find snapper but hard to target have got them in 60mtrs chasing flathead
  12. In my book it counts not many times I dont catch something
  13. Im guessing blackfish? good job follow your gut feel often works