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  1. blaxland

    What's your preferred lure type??

    Love lure fishing 2.5 squid jig, 10gm Halco chrome twisty, and minnow or jerk shad in plastics at the moment but I find I have binges on all sorts of lure and have success love trolling rapala with the metal bibs also.
  2. blaxland

    Weekend Kings - hacking -

    Not a hacking or squiding expert but in sydney harbour I chuck out a jig just about everywhere I stop and Im surprised at the places that I get them outside the reconised squid grounds. Sand and weed seem to be key but not essential just a matter of belief last wednesday spent 3 hrs on a known squid ground for 4 squid too much effort to be used for bait we ate the lor lol
  3. blaxland

    Muddies in the Hawkesbury

  4. blaxland

    Flathead at brisban waters

    Took a trip to brisbane waters last friday as the wind was expected and I hadnt been before put the boat in at accuna bay. Must say the entrance channel from broken bay (box head) was a surprise runs close to the shoreline and narrow, once inside did not have to go far to find good fishing spots. got a good flathead drifting down a channel towards some oyster leases caught on 5" shad in pearl and some undersize taylor on the way back out. Was safety checked by the local water police who told me summers coming be prepared to be checked often so make sure all your safety gear is there especially if going to open waters. Cheers Bill
  5. blaxland

    Roseville bridge

    Also I will be launching from there about 5:30 am Wednesday, if your there say g'day im in 535c barcrusher.
  6. blaxland

    Roseville bridge

    Should be able to catch some bream in that area, I have in the past if you are land based fish inland from the bridge or in a boat around the pylons of the pipe bridge. The odd jew gets up there sometimes and early morning I have seen kings busting up not far from the boat ramp at this time of year. I would take plastics and bread.
  7. blaxland


    Was out there today bit lumpy for my liking but anyway a charter was there chasing kings so I moved on got a just legal snap first drop put it back and no more for the 2 hours I put up with the rock and roll funny just read that sergeant baker are good eating I have thrown so many back will keep the next 40cm model I get LOL
  8. blaxland


    Not sure if I will find it but going to give that area a go tomorrow also of freshie headland but I will be drifting
  9. blaxland

    Cracking day in Broken Bay

    I normally fish out of sydney was thinking of giving broken bay and reefs ago permit for bayview boat ramp is now $173 pa or $40 a visit, free from accuna bay but no place to buy anything. Do you think a non local can catch fish up there?
  10. blaxland

    North Reef Newcastle

    how far or what depth?
  11. blaxland

    Trolling for Kings

    Just a $2 pink squid with a sinker and hooks added got this rat 2 years ago still swimming I think
  12. blaxland

    Trolling for Kings

    The theory behind qantas colours is from behind the wobbling lure looks like it has flared gills the sign of a stressed fish so the sneaky fisho told me
  13. blaxland

    Trolling for Kings

    I use the same size and troll between 3 and 6 knots some days swell and wind will vary the boat speed at constant rpm so I aim for about 4 knots or 6 clam days as long as i can see the action on the rod tip.
  14. blaxland

    Trolling for Kings

    I have only caught rats on the troll I use rapala hard bodies with the metal bib qantas colours and mackeral pattern. Who knows with king fish. One fly fishing charter uses stick baits with out hooks to bring fish towards his boat so the fly casters can have a go.
  15. blaxland

    This Saturday... (3/11/18)

    What reefs are you talking about