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  1. In that area the fish move quickly so you might be lucky ( pelagic ) otherwise a few resident blackfish, flathead and very spooky bream plus early morning whiting can be found in the area.
  2. Last weekend where I was it was like a cyclone (Saturday) northern beaches area.
  3. Have not done it but I believe you should go now I was at yamba on a surfing trip years ago (xmas holidays) watched a bloke fishing for tailor of the rocks catch a decent spanish only to lose it to a wave surge at his feet. Totally gutted we watched the fight for what seemed like 30 mins.
  4. The myth that flatheads change sex is untrue. However the females do grow larger than the males. So the larger models are more likely to be female and therefore good breeding stock. Make a decision you are within the law to keep a big one.
  5. I was in a tackle shop today and spotted pre rigged soft plastics with worm hooks with no exposed point. As to spiking I just use a club but have been told that straight into the slurry is just as good and more humane apparently freezing to death dosen't hurt.
  6. I was going to fly the yellow flag when fishing so fellow raiders would know I was one. But its just a yellow flag. Some way to Identify my/our boats as raiders would be good.
  7. Just a laugh last time we met at PS the intrepid who went flew yellow flags so we knew who was part of the group. I have just learnt that flying a yellow flag means freshly arrived to the country and have not yet passed customs please board and check. No wonder the marine rescue guy at the pontoon asked what all the flags were about lol..
  8. Squid arrow or calamari are excellent live baits as is cuttlefish. I fish from a boat but watch the guys on the stones seems most like use lures chasing pelagic . Im sure if u put live squid out something would take it. Off Sydney this time of year could be pickers to marlin.
  9. I prefer to launch at about dawn, but it is more about the time of day I like to start and finish. I know some serious snapper fishermen who are on their marks at 3, 4 or 5 am. As to tailor probably the most aggressive fish I have encountered and if in the area will strike at any time of day.
  10. Try a fishing charter very informative and will probably catch a fish. Next best option a mate who fishes willing to show you the ropes. Then a fishing club. or visa versa. Remember you are going to hook a live animal (fish) catch and release or kill?
  11. Should be easy to knock over a few rats if you can get the boat out Merry Christmas
  12. I have a couple of 4000 reels the spec only gives how much line e.g. 10lb Mono 200yrd capacity but I think 8lb is the max drag that reel will produce. I have 12lb braid on one and 6lb on the other I use them as all rounders everything from squid to flathead and even sabiki rigs pulling in three fish at a time.. Paired with an ugly stick and a 4-7kg carbon. I change it around now and then.
  13. Looks good to me with the mono would be good to hang a live bait out and should land most estuary fish. I personally would put 12 Lb braid on it.
  14. Bit late but the camp and boat and fishing shop at Belrose have them now just came from the shop.