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  1. Hi william, Kingfish like stricture and live baits, To be honest sydney is so crowded that you only need to look for other boats I can recognize most off the charters from 100 meters lol. Down rigging is a popular method AS mentioned before trolling can work. Good luck its not easy its fishing. Maby a gun raider will take you out. Im no gun
  2. They look good might get pelagic s as well
  3. Fantastic report makes want to beach fish. I think fresh Taylor are underrated I like to age them for a day in the fridge not frezza
  4. I took the family up there a long time ago we overnight at public buoys got good bream early morning but cant remember the exact spot but was the public pink buoys.
  5. As explained in another fishing chat .NSW Toll Relief - For those interested this is limited to 8 (eight) Tolls per month. Example: If you live in N.W. Sydney and want to use the Botany Ramp you go through M2, Lane Cove Tunnel, and on return Eastern Distributor, Lane Cove Tunnel and M2, so single trip has used 5 of those tolls, limiting you to ONE fishing trip per month before being ripped off. After 8 tolls you will be charged the same as a B-Double. This was confirmed to me by Transport NSW.
  6. Great feed there Green eyes Calamari are better eating than the Kingies I reckon. What does a 30g squid jig look like? or more importantly where can I get one Cheers
  7. Ive only been there a few times west heat in front of what look like pill boxes is good for yakkas will need reef anchor or spot lock . Not sure on the squid
  8. I have used live bait hooks which have thicker caliber material but now I use the same I think 0/4 black magic or similar I use for most rigs. As to depth trial and error is the way to go. You need to get he bait where the fish are.
  9. Keep trying I have its a bit hit and miss in some places and time traps in the water matters
  10. Seems to me your on the right track, If I use snelled hooks I put the top hook through the nose and the other somewhere further back above the centre line. but I fish out of a boat and may drift or poormans down rigger under a float may present better pinned near the dorsal as it swim arround one hook should do . As for fishing the water column under a float you are targeting pelagics like kingfish, bonito and tailor, weighted to the bottom or close you are targeting Flathead, flounder, jew maybe snapper morwong etc. Circle hoooks are better if you catch and release.
  11. Personally I would not fish there. Because the Botanical gardens have both historical significance and appeal for both tourist and Locals. I am a fisherman, plenty places to fish not in the gardens.
  12. School holidays end today next week will be better at least you got out
  13. Good report, re the hooks number 4 size will catch kings and other fish works for me. Dont know about sounders
  14. Good report Bob managed a few myself Friday 2/10/20 at my new secret spot off south head lol only kept 2 1 tiger 1 blue spot both in the 40 odd cm range plenty undersized went back ( around 40 cm is my keep limit if you have to measure its to small) agree fresh yakka baits are the gun but the humble pillie even from the servo is still my goto Having said that Im now putting more importance on bait fishing.
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