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  1. Avox


    Hi guys Looking at spending 2 days in Terrigal next week. Got a heavy spin setup, light spin setup, and 9 weight fly setup with me. Keen on casting some lures (not bait as don't have the gear with me) land based. Have a car so will be mobile. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to try, what with and times of day/tides? Thanks in advance. Kieran
  2. Avox

    Saltwater fly fishing Sydney.

    Thanks Jdanger. Are there any fishing shops that you know of in the Bondi area which would be able to advise on where to give things a go?
  3. Avox

    Sydney Kingies

    Sounds good - I'm in Sydney next week for a few days and plan to give some of the ledges a go... Fingers crossed!
  4. Avox

    Sydney Kingies

    Do these Kingies not take lures often? Is live bait far superior?
  5. Hi guys I've got a few days in Sydney next week and have got my 9 weight fly gear with me. Would love to have a go at some flathead or anything else that can be tempted by fly. Am not from the country so not sure what to expect so any advice on patterns to use, where to have a go and what tide state/time of day would be really appreciated. I will be based in Bondi. Cheers Kieran
  6. Avox

    Blue mountains fly fishing

    Thanks HenryR - very useful!
  7. Avox

    Blue mountains fly fishing

    Thanks Royce - will send you a pm.
  8. If they are there then wouldn't be too hard at all I reckon... What are the numbers of fish on these points like? In mid November...?
  9. That would be a very nasty surprise....! Thanks!
  10. Saboo thanks for the suggestion... I have been looking at Jervis bay with interest but I concluded that I will there too early on in the season... Or am I wrong? Not anticipating catching a Marlin so if there's other big pelagics around then I'd defo be keen to give Jervis bay a go... Let me know what you think. Is there somewhere I could camp/stay down that way? Cheers Kieran
  11. Thanks Mauricio. Sounds like a good option. Who/where would be best to get the local information on the ledges there?
  12. Thanks for this - will be prepared.
  13. Cheers - have sent you a PM.
  14. Hi Nick Thanks for that - currently in China so YouTube is blocked... Frustrating! Have caught flatheads on fly before so will give them a go... Once I'm out of China I will check the video out. Kieran