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  1. tanglefish

    anchoring in deep water over reefs

    Leather gloves for pulling up the anchor rope. Also look at getting an anchor retrieval buoy.
  2. tanglefish

    Stocking mullet in a dam

    This is out of the box thinking. Genius really. Who would not love a steady supply of quality live baits. Thanks for the tip.
  3. tanglefish

    A Message for the new Premier

    http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/closures/location-closures How stupid are these idiots. Lets close the fisheries with the least amount of fishermen. Every major river on the East coast has restrictions except the Hawksbury. Stupid
  4. tanglefish

    A Message for the new Premier

    I really can't see the downside in banning all commerial fishing in Pittwater and the Hawksbury. Send her a message.
  5. tanglefish

    A Message for the new Premier

    If you feel the same way, try this link. https://www.nsw.gov.au/contact-us/contact-the-premier/
  6. A policy that would create massive approval across Sydney is an examination of the commercial fishing regulations for Pittwater and the Hawksbury River. Currently commercial fishing is allowed and the methods employed by these fishermen is drag netting or Trawling. This technique results in killing everything in the net. So all bycatch is killed, and the end result is an unproductive fishery. A Recreational fishery in the middle of Sydney would be a far more productive use of the resource. The economic benefits would be far reaching, from boating services to fishing tackle. Not to mention all the happy Sydneysiders. This could be a ground breaking policy. Regards