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  1. Thanks guys Yeah I’ve fished congwong. Had some success with flathead, bream and whiting. I enjoy fishing there but yes, swimmers can be a problem I had a feeling La Perouse point was more a squid area and certainly does look snaggy. I wonder if certain rigs would do better there because it’s so snaggy Fufu
  2. Hi All Wondering if anyone has had any luck chasing squid and kingfish or anything else really from the picture below. I’ve walked the area before and look like there’s a lot of kelp and sea grass Not after any secret spots or anything like that, just want to know if the area fishes well? P.s I know Bare Island can fish well but gets busy sometimes Cheers Fufu
  3. Fufu

    Squid Help/Advice

    Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely give that a shot and see how I go Fufu
  4. Hey guys Just after some help/advice Lately i’ve been fishing the piers early morning for squid with no such luck Usually start about 5am to about 7-8am with a 7ft 5 timber wolf paired with a Daiwa Aird 2500 and 20lb main line with 10lb leader Most guys there use a paternoster rig with jigs being 1.5-2.5g and a small sinker. They use a double hip or one big lash. I stick to a double hop and let it sink before repeating. It’s about 10mtrs deep. They make it look easy but I can’t seem to land anything. In the end I switched to a standard set because my paternoster rig started twisting Any advice here would be much appreciated guys. I would love to catch a few and put a few out for some kingfish as there has been some good catches on live squid FYI I have considered using a skewer jig but I thought it’s a little deep Fufu
  5. Could anyone recommend an app or device? Sounds like some great bit of information to take advantage of Fufu
  6. Fufu

    Is it just me?

    Well being algae it should hopefully die off soon and allow things to return to normal Fufu
  7. Fufu

    Is it just me?

    First spot was Drummoyne and second spot was Clifton gardens I spoke to my local tackle store and he is confident it’s sea grass that has “sprung” for spring. I guess the next question is will stay a while or die off. Really frustrating at times. Fufu
  8. Fufu

    Is it just me?

    Hey guys Just a quick question. My last two fishing trips have resulted in no fish. I’m find there’s a lot of seaweed at the moment. Almost hair like. I’ve been fishing land based with a size 4 sinker and size 4 long shank mostly for nippers. Normally im ok and catch a few here and there but the last two trips have been shocking. Every time I wind in to check on the bait the seems to be a massive ball of seaweed around the sinker and bait. In the end I had to resort to float fishing. Is anyone else having this issue? Fufu
  9. Why wouldn’t you use oyster sauce? Heard it does ok Fufu
  10. I grew up in Croydon Park so I know the area very well. It seems the most common cut of meat is skirt steak. It’s been recommended the most. The only thing that seems to differ is what mixes to have with it. Being daylight I guess you would need a trace that long and I’m pretty sure I would set up like this I do appreciate the response and I’d love to hear more Fufu
  11. Wow I never thought ever of using a syringe. It’s a bit tedious but I can definitely see the benefits of it. I wonder if oyster sauce would be just as effective as tuna oil? Id like to see how I go with steak as an alternative to chicken Fufu
  12. ? my missus said the same thing. At least either way I’ll come home with a feed Fufu
  13. Hi All Wondering if anyone has tried using meat/steak as an alternative for bait? I was thinking of cutting the meat (possibly back straps) into thin strips to mimic a worm. I also wanted to marinate it with soy sauce/tuna oil, Parmesan cheese and maybe garlic I have tried the above with chicken and have had some success but I wanted to try it with meat and see if anyone out there has had any luck targeting the bread and butter species? Fufu
  14. Fufu

    Dyed bait

    I tried the dyed beach/blood worms over the weekend. I was actually very surprised when I went into the tackle store and saw them. I didn’t know what to think but I tried them anyway. I was very surprised with the success I had, particularly with whiting Fufu