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  1. You know how it is you never have the right size washer that you need when repairing reels.So is there a kit available that has an assortment of flat and shim washers and I mean very small sizes as a lot of the bigger ones you can make from shim material.
  2. Bloggsy

    C-Map Reveal

    Has anyone got the C-Map Reveal sd card installed on their sounder I am particulay interested in the Bermagui Narooma area and was wondering does it show detail for Montague Island as well as the 4, 6 & 12 mile reefs? Does it show all of the area listed or just select parts?
  3. Has any one been using the Kabura sliding jigs? Looks like these are the new must have jig from Japan and are popular in New Zealand. Would like to know if they work any better or just another gimmick to catch fisher people. Check them out on YouTube.
  4. You could also go down the path of using vinegar. Do a google search there are lots of sites in regard to using this method.
  5. I have always flushed my motor in a cut down bin and was very surprised how much build up there was in the water jacket when replacing the anodes at the 200 hrs service. So now I flush in the bin and then use saltaway via the ear muffs so will be interested next time I change the anodes.
  6. Bloggsy

    Paying GST

    There is warranty but it would have to be back to Japan so that is a risk that you take and I don't know what the Australian suppliers would do. Because the ones I bought are JDM I take the risk, I now have 6 JDM electric reels and I guess that I am fortunate to be able to service my own reels the oldest reel is 6 years and other than replace bearings or "o" rings I have never had any other issues. But I service all of my reels every 12 months.
  7. Bloggsy

    Paying GST

    Package turned up today 7 days from Japan and here I am I have been waiting 15 days for something to be delivered from Sydney (go figure) I purchased 2 Shimano electric reels from Asian Portal Fishing and saved $1,000.00 compared to buying them in Australia. I do try to support local suppliers when possible but this was too good to pass up. As far as my original question about customs and GST the parcel arrived at my door free postage with no request for further payment.
  8. Bloggsy

    Paying GST

    Thank you that seems to make sense with what I have been able to find out I will post a follow up when I receive my items.
  9. Bloggsy

    Paying GST

    I have purchased some fishing gear from Japan and they do not include the GST which I was aware of but I just want to know how I go about paying the GST when the goods arrive. Do I pay at the Post office before the goods are released? Or do I receive some sort of notice from customs etc?
  10. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the Electric Shimano 3000 XP and the Shimano 16 plays 3000 reels please.
  11. Lowrance tells me that C-Map Contour Plus is only available for the USA pre loaded Australia only gets the C-Map Enhanced pre loaded so I have managed to pick up a new C-Map Max N + from an online seller so I will see how that goes.
  12. Bloggsy

    Salt Away

    I have just been converted to using Salt-Away for flushing my outboard and washing boat and trailer. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked on removing the build up on my trailer which is aluminium.My question is when you fill up the mixer to wash the boat the mixer bowl obviously gets diluted as you are using it at so at what stage do you stop washing, drain the bowl and refill with fresh solution? Because eventually the bowl is only water.
  13. I can't seem to make much headway on this matter I was hoping that others could tell me what they are using. Looks like the C-Map Reveal may not cover the area that I want so maybe my choices are Navionics Platinum or one of the C-Map cards. What is every one using at the moment
  14. I am going to update my mapping card from my current 10 year old Navionics Gold to either the C-Map Reveal or the Navionics Platinum Plus I am particularly interested in fishing around the Bermagui, Narooma, Tathra areas. Can anyone make a recommendation on which would likely be the better choice? I like the sea bed contours of the C-Map but wondering if this is detailed in the areas I would be fishing.
  15. A mate of mine has a Yamaha 70 hp four stroke and wants to be able to display engine and fuel data on his HDS Live. There is no nmea 2000 backbone fitted to the boat but he does have 2 Yamaha CY8 Multi Function gauges. So my question is what is required to connect the Yamaha to a nmea backbone is there a loom to go from the back of the gauges or direct from the engine? I understand that a nmea backbone will also have to be fitted and are you able to keep the existing Yamaha gauges as well.
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