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  1. Bloggsy

    Brake calipers

    Here is the follow up to my caliper issue. I contacted Easytow and told them that I was not happy with their response but never received a reply. So I again contacted Deemaxx in the USA and as a result Chuck Deegear the owner arranged for four complete replacement calipers to be sent from their Australian distributer ECTBS in NSW for $50 each which I was more than happy with. It appears that a few calipers did slip through with mild steel pistons instead of stainless steel.
  2. Bloggsy

    Brake calipers

    Trailer was built November 2017 Quote for replacement kits $282.50 for the four
  3. Bloggsy

    Brake calipers

    You think that one is bad have a look at this one. And here is the reply that I got from Easytow: Back in the day Stainless Deemax calipers were made without stainless steel pistons, the latest current model does however come with them and I would be able to supply you 4 and look after you on price. Attached is a quote for them. I got a reply from Deemaxx in the USA and they were very concerned so I will post the follow up.
  4. Bloggsy

    Brake calipers

    Time to replace brake pads on my Easytow alloy trailer which is fitted with hydraulic brakes they are Deemaxx calipers which are stainless steel and the pads are stainless steel backed but the pistons appear to be only mild steel. My question is why would they fit stainless steel calipers with mild steel pistons? Has anyone had experience with these calipers? I have sent an email to Easytow and await their reply as to whether this is right and if replacement stainless steel pistons are available as well as a seal kit.
  5. NSW Waterways run free courses on maintaining and servicing PFD (well prior to Covid) So this is always handy to keep in mind. Here is the checklist that I use when I service my jackets and I carry a laminated copy in the boat for each PFD PFd1 service certificate.pdf
  6. Bloggsy

    Flushing muffs

    Tried out the new muffs, whilst not a perfect seal the cups are soft rubber and do seal better than my other ones. You always have loss of water through the prop and other vents in the leg any way so as long as you have a reasonable stream from the tell tale I believe that is enough. The frame is only just long enough to fit my 175 Suzuki so that is something to watch out for. They were bought from Hunt's Marine.
  7. Bloggsy

    Flushing muffs

    I have ordered a set of muffs that have a stainless frame and the cups are made from rubber not plastic. There is only one inlet but if they seal o/k I can't see that being a problem and we don't have very high water pressure here any way and the sealing is the biggest issue. I will post when they arrive and I have had a chance to use them.
  8. Bloggsy

    Flushing muffs

    I am trying to find the best possible outboard flushing muffs. I do flush my outboard in a container but then I flush with salt away through the muffs, but I am yet to find any that seal really good. Can any one recommend a brand that they have found suitable. They are for a DF175 Suzuki, I would like bigger and softer rubbers if possible.
  9. Thank you guys for another helpful ID
  10. Caught at 12 Mile Reef Bermagui has thick black stripe on top rear. ID and edibility appreciated. Thank You
  11. You know how it is you never have the right size washer that you need when repairing reels.So is there a kit available that has an assortment of flat and shim washers and I mean very small sizes as a lot of the bigger ones you can make from shim material.
  12. Bloggsy

    C-Map Reveal

    Has anyone got the C-Map Reveal sd card installed on their sounder I am particulay interested in the Bermagui Narooma area and was wondering does it show detail for Montague Island as well as the 4, 6 & 12 mile reefs? Does it show all of the area listed or just select parts?
  13. Has any one been using the Kabura sliding jigs? Looks like these are the new must have jig from Japan and are popular in New Zealand. Would like to know if they work any better or just another gimmick to catch fisher people. Check them out on YouTube.
  14. You could also go down the path of using vinegar. Do a google search there are lots of sites in regard to using this method.
  15. I have always flushed my motor in a cut down bin and was very surprised how much build up there was in the water jacket when replacing the anodes at the 200 hrs service. So now I flush in the bin and then use saltaway via the ear muffs so will be interested next time I change the anodes.
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