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  1. I am adding some more items to my NMEA network but do not have the room to add on the new backbone at the end of the existing one so if I fit it next to the existing back bone how can I join the 2 together is there a cable with the 2 different fittings at either end that will allow this?
  2. Bloggsy

    Auto pilot

    I am considering fitting an Auto Pilot to my Barcrusher 670 I am using a Lowrance HDS Gen3 for navigation purposes. My questions are which kit would suit best as far as I can see there are 2 units available LOWRANCE Outboard AutoPilot Hydraulic Pack or the more expensive SIMRAD LOWRANCE DrivePilot Hydraulic Pack has anyone had experience with these units Also as I already have a Garmin GPS antenna connected t the NMEA system do you use both antennas or only one and if s which one. Thanks
  3. Thank you guys I will pass that info on
  4. Mate caught this at 4 mile reef Bermagui can anyone please identify this fish with distinctive red fins. Thanks
  5. Brilliant thanks rickmarlin62 you have assisted me yet again. I can only assume that this is a modification in the later reels and it's very annoying when you think that you have the schematics to fall back on but you cannot find what you are looking for. And yes the orientation of the spring washers is duly noted, good pick up. I can now happily assemble my reel. Cheers Bloggsy
  6. Hi I need some assistance after stripping down my Tanacom 1000 and ordering bearings & O rings it was a a couple of months before I got back to reassemble. I have forgotten where one washer goes. It was sitting on the bench next to the Drag collar A but I cant find this washer listed in the schematics or any on line tutorial. I have attached photos where I believe it may go but would appreciate some help as to whether I am right or not. The washer is 11.9mm o.d. x 8.13mm i.d. x .96mm thick and it fits over the drive shaft nicely and into the recess of the Drag collar. I have included the s
  7. Thanks guys for the confirmation
  8. Caught at bermagui 12 mile reef identification required please
  9. I am wanting to fit self centering keel rollers to my trailer. I have been told by some people that you only need to fit one roller and that is the roller that the keel first contacts other wise the rollers will be fighting against each other. Others say that you should replace all rollers with the self centering ones. My trailer has 14 keel rollers. Has anyone had experience that they can pass on.
  10. Identification on these two would be appreciated. Caught south coast NSW
  11. Bloggsy

    HDS Carbon

    Hi JonD do you find yourself using the down scan more than the regular sonar now with the Fish Reveal or are you running a split screen between the two?
  12. Bloggsy

    HDS Carbon

    I have always had Lowrance gear and this is the first time that I have ever had an issue. All I can say is that my experience with Navico has been excellent. I posted off my faulty unit on Monday 26/3/18 with their emailed paperwork and received an email Thursday 5/4/18 to say that they were sending me a replacement unit which arrived by courier the following afternoon. This was of course over the Easter period.The new unit is working faultlessly and now reds the SD card it is all installed and updated with the new fish reveal ready to go so I am very happy
  13. Bloggsy

    HDS Carbon

    I did up date my Carbon via wi-fi but the other problem is that the unit wont load my Navonics because it wont read the micro sd card. So as per Smashers suggestion I contacted Lowrance who were extremely helpful and after the technician guided me through some tests and resets over the phone with no success it was concluded that my unit has a faulty card reader. So the unit was posted off to Navico on Monday for assessment and repair or replacement. I will let you know the outcome.
  14. Bloggsy

    HDS Carbon

    I am trying to update my HDS Carbon to the latest software but unlike my Gen3 when I install the micro SD card there is no memory card left/right come up on the file menu screen. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?
  15. Bloggsy

    Total scan

    I have just installed a HDS carbon on my boat with a Total scan transducer as this plugs into the black socket marked structure and there is no transducer to plug in to the blue socket does this mean that there is no need to go in to the installation menu and select which type of transducer is installed?
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