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    Beginner Shark Fishing Advive

    Rickmarlin62 thanks for that mate. I didn't consider getting tangled up in rope and losing a fish.
  2. Having fished for the majority of my life, I'm only just discovering the fun of boat & LB game fishing. I'm interested in doing some shark fishing off the beach this summer. I'm aiming to target small-medium Sharks around 6ft, with a TLD50 50lb mono. I've gathered a few questions I can't really find answers to, and hoping some experienced fishermen can help. Will 150lb momoi mono leader do the job? Do you prefer solid wire or stranded flexible cable? I plan to kayak my baits out. What's the best anchoring option, running weight or a break-away system? I was thinking of anchoring a crab float in the area I want to fish and have a burley bag hanging off it. Then coming off the crab float - a bit of line tied to a ballon which is looped on to the leader (breakaway) so the bait is suspended and away from crabs. Roller or runner? Thimbles on the wear points or Flemished eyes? I appreciated the help - Thomas.