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  1. Brainfish

    Narrabeen lake

    Good luck guys , hope you have great success. Love to see some photos.👍
  2. Brainfish

    VHF radio suggestions

    I have bern using a handheld vhf for years offshore. Easy peasy.
  3. Brainfish

    That time of year again Snapper

    Fished coffs inshore up near split solitary thismorning . Alas no snapper. I did hook and land a hefty longtail which kept me busy for 15 mins so the day wasnt a total loss.☺
  4. Brainfish

    That time of year again Snapper

    Well done matey. Ive never caught a snapper. So tomorrow im going out and not coming home till i get one.
  5. Brainfish

    Macleay flathead

    Terrible place . No fish there. Best to go elsewhere ?
  6. Brainfish

    Flatty on hardbody in the shallows

    Nice one. Theres a few around atm.
  7. Brainfish

    Members Boats.

    Quintrex 420 Busta .Yamaha 40 fourstroke. .mmmmmmmm
  8. Brainfish

    Coffs harbour

    Fished the Kalang river on Saturday for 1 measly undersized bream .couldnt get a fresh mullet or nippers so had to use servo pillies and sp's. Mabye it was the full moon ? Have never had much luck in that river over the years though. Wil try south west rocks next outing.
  9. Brainfish

    First fishing boat

    A 14 footer with a 30 on the back will do almost anything using a bit of commonsense. Light to tow and push around , skinny water deep water , no worries. Heaps on the market . Ive got a quintrex busta 420 ( my second , shouldnt have sold the first one) Best boat ever ! Go a four stroke if you can .quite and not smelly.
  10. Brainfish

    Wooden boats

    Wooden boats smell nice ?
  11. Brainfish

    Fuel lines

    Thanks Rick.
  12. Brainfish

    Fuel lines

    Hi Raiders Im going to move my 25 lt fuel tank forward so it sits just aft of the front thwart . (Shes a bit stern heavy at slow speeds.) Can anyone see a problem with having to extend the fuel line by 2 metres more.?? Cheers all.
  13. Brainfish

    Members Boats.

    Nice.! A serious boat indeed.?
  14. Brainfish

    New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Alloy ' Alloy ' Alloy .its the future and the answer .
  15. Brainfish

    Lowrance hook 7

    Thanks everyone. Have gone to manual settings and all went well today. I also realised that i had downscan frequency set on 455 khz not 800 khz although not sure if that would cause my problem. Bonus today was catching 8 nice bream . Nup. Really shallow readings. I just read somewhere that i should take it off the auto sensitivity setting so will try that next time im out.