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  1. Both I use floating stickbaits and poppers if the wind and swell permit, otherwise will fall back to sinking stickbaits. Its also important to change your lures to see what works on the day, and a sinking lure allows you to work the deeper parts if you allow it to sink.
  2. Does anyone know why on stickbaits (out of the box) the split rings for attaching the hooks are larger than the tow point split ring? Sometimes it seems like the larger split rings used for attaching hooks are overkill as a smaller split ring would be sufficient to handle drag pressure and provide enough room for the hooks to move.
  3. There was this time when I was fishing with 5 other strangers shoulder to shoulder on a small rock ledge. I was fishing 15lb mono straight through, pea sinker running straight to hook, everybody else was using heavy rocket sinkers and heavy trace. I ended up catching the most fish, large bream, samsonfish and 3 kings around 60cm, there was just 1 other guy who managed to catch a grouper and the other 4 caught nothing. So yes, I would say going lighter definitely helps.
  4. nah it was new, seemed a bit weird to me how even on the Abu website they didn't list it.
  5. Hey guys, I bought a an Abu Garcia spin reel from a tackle shop last year which was labeled as "Abu Garcia Orra s60" however upon searching reel schematics (when i had to do maintenance), it seems like the reel size doesn't exist... I have even emailed Abu Garcia and they said i must be mistaken as "Orra" doesn't come in size 60. Furthermore, I have seen an online store sell "s60" as well... Attached are the pictures, reel is a little scratched but you can still make out the "s60" on it. Cheers!
  6. Looks like a grouper, they're a member of the wrasse family. Normally get them when fishing the rocks.
  7. Hi guys, just cought this fish. What is it and can we eat it? Keeping it in the rock pool atm.
  8. Hey guys, anyone know what this is? Some kind of trigger fish? Photo is a little blurry though. Cheers
  9. haha thanks for the replies guys. it was raining that day, hence the radiation suit sting as in, getting spiked? or as in venom?
  10. Hi guys, I caught a whole heap of these fish off the rocks at long reef on the weekend and because I wasn't sure what they were, I ended up throwing them back in. Do any of you guys know what it is? Is it a rockfish of some sort? If so, do they have venomous spines? and are they edible? Cheers
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