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  1. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply, you are not wrong about Jervis bay it is great fishing there! Hope to see you out on the water one day mate
  2. Hi all, thanks for your reply's! It is unfortunate that so many of us seem to be having issues with Quintrex, I remember when buying my Quintrex it was a choice between their boat and other branded boats sold here but made in China for much cheaper, I went with Quintrex thinking that buying from the Australian made and well known company would provide a much better boat and service if anything went wrong, how wrong was I! I have spoken with Quintrex about my boat and its shortcomings, according to them these offshore boats are designed to be able take on some water with no issue, I have approximately an inch of water with only three people on there, heaps of videos on this, I would have thought no water would come in for a boat designed to hold 8 people fishing! Further to the shortcomings, I urge all Quintrex owners to test their boat measurements as Quintrex gives two measurement sizes, hull length and overall length, my boat being 22cm shorter on the hull length, what a joke! They justified this by extending the bowsprit to make it out as if the length is right. I am quite disappointed with Quintrex, wish I never bought one If someone else has bought a Quintrex 650 or 690 in 2014 I am very keen to compare my one to yours and see if I have a case to take to them
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first forum post ever so I am new to this, my names Nick and I split my fishing between Sydney and Jervis Bay, love it! Having some major issues with my boat though and just want to reach out and see if I am the only one or not, I brought a Quintrex 690 Trident in 2014 and have had nothing but trouble since day one, paint bubbling on the top of boat, water coming in through scuppers, the bottom of hull filling up with water, warped on the side of the boat, and it is shorter than it should be by 22cm! Anybody owned one? Had similar problems? I want to compare my boat to someone else to get an indication of any difference or chat to someone who might be having the same problems, not having much luck with Quintrex Cheers, Nick