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    Tom Ugly's bridge

    It's best to fish in heavy rain and make sure to buy the bait from Mac's Bait Bar! I fished in those conditions and I caught 20 legal size tailor in matter of an hour! It was the most intense hour OF MY LIFE! Should have used them as jewie bait though. I used a normal size rod with Fresh Hawkesbury Prawns. They work a treat on the Hurstville side!!! Cheers, AMBERJACK!!! FISH ON! NOTE: I was fishing in the Winter season when a MASSIVE 50 pound jewie jumped out of the water!!! That inspired me to keep on fishing there. Hopefully I would get a Jewie one day...

    Poddy Mullet as surf bait

    If you want a livie, go for it! But personally I believe that strips are much more convenient.

    Poddy Mullet as surf bait

    Strip it up, and use it as jewie bait! If you are using it a few days after, make sure to salt it! Cheers, amberjack

    Fishing comps Sydney Check this website out and see if you can find any comps for Sydney! Be careful because you do have to pay some money for the tournament. Cheers, amberjack Fish On!

    Jewfish Tactics

    Here are some tips. Use salted tailor, salmon, or mullet strips ONLY on the beach, use fresh ones anywhere else. Fish for mulloway only when there is a tide. Heavy rain is ESSENTIAL for catching a big jewie. The worse the weather the better. Just don't fish in a thunderstorm, though! Lightning may strike your rod! For real and intense jewie action, try fishing off the rocks with a 12-foot rod. Middle Head is the way to go, also Parramatta river, Georges river, and the Sydney's Northern Beaches have plenty of mulloway too! Octopus hooks are a common option, but it could easily hook'em in the gut or gills! For the safety of the fish, use circle hooks as they normally get stuck in the mouth. It doesn't really matter what weight your line is, to me, it's all about the bait, and the most important to me, the hook. Quote: "It doesn't really matter if your line is bad, your rod is cheap and your reel is worn out, all you need is a good hook and fresh bait, and let everything do the rest." SIDENOTE: LEAVE THE TALK TO THE PROS, THIS IS JUST MY BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF MULLOWAY FISHING. Cheers, amberjack FISH ON!

    Looking for first shark Just... watch out if your living around the area. Sharks can die from exhaustion so it's best not to fight them. Just look for better alternatives, like mulloway or kingie fishing. It's better for the shark and the lives of the people there. Like I always know... your life is more than the fish, even if it's a 1000 lb tuna, if you are stuck in stormy weather and you are about to die, just drop your rod and go! It's something to regret, but a fishraider would NEVER, EVER, give his life to a fish. Cheers, amberjack Fish On! MESSAGE: ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET!

    Best moon phase for fishing?

    Here's a little secret: a couple of days the moon is very close to the Earth (supermoon) and the moon is 30% brighter than usual I believe, and causes a strong tide too. Just avoid all the photographers on the beach, wet a line, and watch the magic happen! Cheers, amberjack.

    New beach fisher heading to The Entrance soon

    If you are fishing around The Entrance, watch out, there are a few sightings of sharks in the area! Anyways, make sure to use live beach worms and a 12-foot surf rod because you gotta cast far to reel in those mutant bream! Cheers, amberjack. Fish On!

    What do you like about fishraider?

    Nice one there, Luke! Cheers, amberjack

    Sydney Kingies

    Try cuttlefish, it's sure to land you a good Kingy! Cheers, amberjack

    What do you like about fishraider?

    Fishraider is an anglers home, May fishermen never be alone, When you give tips to all of us , We get enough fish to fill a car, We fish forever and ever we fish, Our wish is always to fill the dish, We always see the hooked fish comin', Hopefully we'll get some Marlin, Fishraider contains everything, That a fisherman could ever dream. Thanks, by amberjack Fish On!

    How is Bradley Head/Clifton Garden fishing?

    Bradley's Head: I went fishing there after no luck with Clifton Gardens. There weren't many people there but they were all using HUGE 12 foot rods. Even though they were using long rods, they only caught bream (probably because they used chicken as bait), I cast out a line repeatedly until night and couldn't get a bite but it is sure nice to feel a nibble ! Clifton Gardens: Disastrous. Too many people fishing so I ended up near the swimming pool side . I didn't catch anything, not even a nibble! Anyways good luck fishing! amberjack out!

    How long will bait stay fresh?

    I have learnt this the hard way by leaving frozen squid down at the back on a hot day! Couldn't catch anything, not even a nibble! Cheers, amberjack

    Sydney Land Based Spot For Mulloway

    Thanks Guys, hopefully I'll hook onto a jewie soon! Cheers, amberjack