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  1. Depending on what line class your using mate. Plenty of jigs in tackle stores. 40 - 80 grams. I was running 30 lb braid with heavier leader fishing depths 100m plus from the shore Good luck cossie
  2. No not pig rock stayed in the cave during a few all nighters chasing the bream. i remember the lake firing for blackies. I don’t know why but I found the logs at Rosa a bit hairier than the ropes at the mattens. In terms of dodgy spots yellow rock has always ranked No.1 for me. cossie
  3. Wazza fished it myself early 90’s. Had some overnights there and often wondered how I would get back up the ropes in the morning. I remember the overhang well. The fisho who took me down there used to virtually run down the ropes. Extremely agile. He also stopped going there after being witness to a fatality. I myself never introduced anyone new to the spot. The goat track itself was hairy enough. Cossie
  4. Wazza not sure if you have seen this might bring back some memories even though lot earlier than 70’s cossie
  5. hi steeevo Take some jigs. The Med still holds fish.Shorejigging is very popular and successful there. spent a year in Greece shorejigging.plenty of stuff on YouTube for both countries.very similar waters Amberjack.,tuna barracouta drop a jig off your yacht near the shoreline goodluck Cossie
  6. cossie

    Abu 10000CL

    Thanks guys much appreciated!
  7. cossie

    Abu 10000CL

    Hi Jewhunter/Rick Thanks for replies. Have an option in 9000CL also. I assume similar to 10000? thanks Cossie
  8. Hi wondering if any raiders have used an Abu 10000? just looking for info re casting large slab baits for Jew,shark etc have no troubles with casting 7000 models. Thinking of using it with a custom FSU 5120 How does sizing compare to a 7000 series Thanks
  9. Funny how those loops end up in a solid knot. never quite worked that out. cheers
  10. Magic point is accessible from continuing along base of cliffs. There was a plank at bight of large gutter when I used to fish it no need for ropes cossie
  11. Magic or mistral point. i am assuming Maroubra?
  12. Bombo rocks near the quarry big Bonnies if they are there. Pillies under a float will do the job look for old rod holders. You will need long rods and heavy gear to haul them out. park at cliff drive and walk out to headland.Watch the swell! cheers
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