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  1. Hi Kingiechaser, Great foto Those are the razor/bamboo clam to die for. Do we have them in NSW? Saw some at Syd Hays Market's fish mkt some years back, but imported from Scotland!!! Those in lake Macquaurie are the long triangular type. Just a small scallop like muscle inside. Cheers
  2. Hi KingieChaser, Thanks for the offer mate. Reset the Trail setting, somehow the thick blue line has disappeared 👏. Thanks
  3. rickmarlin62, thanks for the info. joshGTV, thanks for the alert yes, read an article about that. Last recommendation was to eat only small quantity of fish, crab and shellfish at one seating n about once a month. Rickmarlin62 is correct that the polluters are shut down but the damage was done and would assume it will takes another decade or 2 to get the silt cleaned. Will report once got a chance to get up there Cheers.
  4. Hi JohnD and Plumb. Thanks for the reply, will try to do as suggested and report back. Kingie Chaser, thanks for the manual link. Fiddle with some setting but still can get rid of the thick blue line. Last week I adjust the tracking line to other color but to no avail. Will try as suggested by JohnD and Plumb. Hope it works. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi Frank S, I spelled it correctly Lowrange, where did you see Low Range?
  6. Thanks John R. Will make my way up there once this Covid thing calms down more. Will post here if I am lucky to catch some. Hopefully not too long from now. Cheers
  7. Langie Chase, thanks for the link mate. Will read the manual n try to reset. Will post result later. Cheese.
  8. Any Fisho out in Lake Macquarie n catch/collected razor fish/clams before? Can share experience? Heard it's becoming a 'pest' in the lake n hazard to wader n swimmers. Legal to catch them? What tools? Using under water viewer? In lake fringe or deeper water? Thanks.
  9. Not much support from Lowrange. Have problem with Chart setting, a thick blue line appear on my trail each time I go out fishing. Not just a simple thin line for trail but a much thicker blue line (like a thick marker in dark blue)follows the 'triangle' icon of the boat. Anyone has the same problem? Advise ,Please share. Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. Since I am giving my new engine a Run-in I will drop a couple of traps next week and will report back. Cheers
  11. Hi fishos, Just got my boat and thinking of some crabbing around middle harbour. Any pointers? I heard that some blue swimmers are available around Bantry bay but is there any mud crab? or any Mangrove at all around that area? Appreciate any advice. Thanks
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