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  1. browncrab

    Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    Use a really big sinker on the bottom of the sabiki. It helps prevent tangles unless you get a full stringer of slimmies. ?
  3. browncrab

    Lures to replace whitebait

    40 gram metal
  4. browncrab

    Some kind of Cod? "Purple Cod"

    Whoops didn't read the details ?
  5. browncrab

    Some kind of Cod? "Purple Cod"

    Rankin cod
  6. browncrab

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    I went on a charter with a mate up to qld and he managed to lose his leader on a big one. He wasn't feeling to good as the humidity and the swaying got to him so i tied his rig for him. Double uni knot 100lb braid to 200lb leader and uni knot to the solid ring for jigging. He managed to hook up to a 3m+ shark fought it over an hour and the leader wore through eventually. Double uni fully intact, leader totally destroyed. Never had a double uni fail. I always do 5 turns with fluoro/mono and 8 turns with braid.
  7. browncrab

    Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    I worked in seafood for 10 years and ate just about everything raw. I still continue to catch and eat loads of bonnies raw straight out of the water and im still ok... sort of. ?
  8. browncrab

    Wobble Roller Advice sought

    Nice rig congratulations. ???
  9. browncrab

    Boat set up.

    Like a boss. Hahaha?
  10. browncrab

    Savage 480 Osprey

    Plug the bungs in and fill it with water. If the owner doesn't let you do it walk away. A mate bought a cheap tinny and did this test after he forked out the cash. Cost him extra $2000 to fill the holes in his new watering can.
  11. browncrab

    Wiper vandals and found a tender

    Crows sometimes pull off the wiper blades. I've seen them do it as it happened to me. It literally is like they have been sliced off. This was happening in my workplace carpark and the solution was to wrap the wipers in a towel.
  12. browncrab

    Boat Collars, Junk boats, and Broaching

    I second this. I have a viking that i picked up quite cheap and regularly do solo trips out to the shelf. Can take u for a spin if u want.
  13. browncrab

    Is there a trend to "under power" boats these days?

    I thought that boats aren't necessarily rated for hp of the outboard but more to do with the weight of the engine. The older boats are rated for 2 strokes so when upgrading to a 4 stroke they have to put on lower hp engine because 4 strokes are heavier than 2 strokes.
  14. browncrab

    Triple donut..WTF

    Winter fishing in the harbour is best done on the rising tide as the warmer ocean water pushes in. Use bread burley and peeled pieces of banana prawns under a float. When the fish start hooking up switch to lures if u like. Tight lines.
  15. browncrab

    Fibreglass or aluminium

    I took my 17 foot seafarer viking out a couple months ago in 2.4m swell to 12 mile. I passed three 7 meter aluminium boats on the way. One was a plate boat. I do go hard but would always recommend fiberglass if you are going to be fishing outside most of the time.