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  1. browncrab

    BRP (Evinrude) acquires 80% ownership of Telwater (Quintrex)

    Intreseting move for BRP. Isn't there a sales ban on new 2 stroke engines gonna be implemented in Australia in July?
  2. browncrab

    Kingfish Bait

    Catch a bonito or salmon or trevally and strip a fillet then send it out under a float.
  3. browncrab

    DIY breaking strain tester

    I have used this exact method for testing nearly every knot known. Uni knot has never failed for me personally. For joining braid to mono fg has never broke on me but has slipped due to my incompetence. Nearly every other knot i have tested the knot will break before the line does.
  4. browncrab

    molineux point landbased?

    Try kurnell steps ledge. Cast out fresh squid strips under float.
  5. browncrab

    Dangerous casting practice

    As a self proclaimed number 1 d@#khead magnet i have learnt a great technique to deal with these people using my gift to annoy people. All i do is stand inappropriately close next to the perpetrator and start talking their ear off. I ask about their family, what they had for dinner and even what colour their undies are. Always ends up with that wtf look on their face then they tend to move on and stay away. If they don't move far enough i follow them till they get the message that if they are going to fish near me they have to put up with me.
  6. browncrab

    Popping Rod for the stones

    Daiwa 962 far too long for popping ( i own one). Shimano maikuro 722 10kg-24kg more suitable for around $ 100.
  7. browncrab

    PNG fishing

    PNG is a volatile place to live. Stick with fishing guides and u cant go wrong.
  8. browncrab

    PNG fishing

    I grew up in png. Check out madang. The resorts there usually have fishing guides varying from panga style boats to luxury flybridge game boats.
  9. browncrab

    Sounder help for a newbie

    How is the transducer fitted to the boat?
  10. browncrab

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    Throttle Position Sensor
  11. browncrab

    Great deal on big(ish) reels

    I don't think we are allowed to comment on specific brands on this forum anymore without reprimand. Friends of mine have bought with their hard earned money those type of reels and have had catastrophic failures whilst they were on a fish of a lifetime. I personally stick with Japanese branded gear, you don't have to spend big bucks because the quality control is on another level compared to chinese reels. That said i don't take care of my gear very well yet have not had any gear failure yet. So to put it in black n white don't waste your money and spend a little extra to get quality backing. Or buy it and prove me wrong up to you. ?
  12. browncrab

    Outsie fishing

    You and the missus could spend a day at the boat ramp on a Saturday or Sunday watching boaters launching and retrieving. You will see some do it the right way, wrong way, easyway and hard way. You could ask the boaters questions and in sure they should happily be helpful. Get to know the local boat ramp and its users.
  13. browncrab

    Great deal on big(ish) reels

    You get what you pay for.
  14. browncrab

    Stripeys etc

    I've trolled past tailing marlin so close to shore you could throw a rock at them.
  15. browncrab

    Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    Use a really big sinker on the bottom of the sabiki. It helps prevent tangles unless you get a full stringer of slimmies. ?