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  1. Some of my mates had the exhaust burn through the manifold and did a fair bit of damage just after warranty ran out.
  2. browncrab

    Fresh Squid?

    Quality squid can be a little difficult to catch yourself this time of the year. Usually numbers and sizes are better towards end of January.
  3. A kingy's lure preference depends on whether it feels like having a go or not. 😂
  4. There is plenty of big camping fishing stores at airlie beach so dont worry to much about bringing spare tackle.
  5. If there is a lot of surface activity cast out pillies weightless. Also not a good idea to fish brown rock at night.
  6. Google shimano revolution stickbait pe 4-8 or daiwa saltist hyper pe8 rod. These are 2 piece and in your budget. Check out dinga if they have them in stock.
  7. Save your penny's and get yourself a cheap gt rod around $300 to $400. ie revolution gt special, saltist pe 6-8. Hold on tight and have fun.
  8. I launch my 23ft sharkcat solo by pushing it off the trailer with a rope attached then walking around to the jetty to tie it off.
  9. Gosa 10k with the drag locked down. 80lb braid. 80lb fluoro leader. 7 foot to 9 foot rod rated 24kg or pe5. Fresh caught squid for bait. Stickbaits for lures. Plastics work sometimes. Hold on and good luck.
  10. Intreseting move for BRP. Isn't there a sales ban on new 2 stroke engines gonna be implemented in Australia in July?
  11. Catch a bonito or salmon or trevally and strip a fillet then send it out under a float.
  12. I have used this exact method for testing nearly every knot known. Uni knot has never failed for me personally. For joining braid to mono fg has never broke on me but has slipped due to my incompetence. Nearly every other knot i have tested the knot will break before the line does.
  13. Try kurnell steps ledge. Cast out fresh squid strips under float.
  14. As a self proclaimed number 1 d@#khead magnet i have learnt a great technique to deal with these people using my gift to annoy people. All i do is stand inappropriately close next to the perpetrator and start talking their ear off. I ask about their family, what they had for dinner and even what colour their undies are. Always ends up with that wtf look on their face then they tend to move on and stay away. If they don't move far enough i follow them till they get the message that if they are going to fish near me they have to put up with me.
  15. Daiwa 962 far too long for popping ( i own one). Shimano maikuro 722 10kg-24kg more suitable for around $ 100.