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  1. Thanks for a great write up just at the right time. I am going out tomorrow morning for a solo snapper bash. I am launching from Brooklyn and was planning on heading to Longreef but after reading this I think I'll keep myself further north. Cheers.
  2. Squid Inc

    Boat ramp

    Hi JimC, Could you go in a different direction and look at an electric winch? It may be easier than constructing a ramp?
  3. Could be some monster bass lurking up there then?
  4. Has there ever been any stocking of bass in there?
  5. I use loop knots on my spin reels and swivels on my alveys to help reduce line twist. Learn to tie your own loop knots, it's super easy and I find the ready made rigs come with too heaver line especialy for whiting.
  6. Parenting done right! Great work vara.
  7. I'm ok till I have to tie a knot or somehing, then once I start feeling it, I can' shake it till I'm back on flat water.
  8. Thanks guys, going to give Kwells a go. I didn't hear about an overdose.
  9. Hi, after remembering I needed to stock up on Travacalm, I have struggled to find it anywhere. One pharmacy said that they have been out of stock for 2 months. Anyone know the reason for the shortage? I have enough for 1 more trip out and if I don' do any good, I'm going to start sampling other brands.
  10. I find it is a good idea to loose the d shackle before you put the boat on the ramp as not to be stuck trying to undo it with an audience.
  11. Sounds like it was a fun arvo. Great report.
  12. Thanks for the great advice, I got a lot more and greater detail than I expected. I am thinking of doing a no stress, day time run to get an idea of fuel burn and time required to get their and back and if there is no boats out their, maybe a few pratice drifts. Is it worth trolling any lures on the way back in? Thanks.
  13. Hi Raiders, With the news that the fads have been deployed around Sydney and I now have a boat capable of getting me to and from their in one piece, I'm after some general advice about fishing techniques for mahi mahi and more importantly, some tips about etiquette when fishing the fad. Thanks. Winston.
  14. Great work and great report. Two of my favorite things, catching and pizza.
  15. Hi Shannon, You can get squid at Apple tree bay. Cheers.