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    Hi all Anyone got feedback on the SU7172 rod blank got one coming and thinking will be ok for jewfish and tailor beach fishing , how does it compare to the ZSU4160 blank ad well that I have seen . Any feedback would be appreciated . Thanks
  2. Hi all getting a rod made up to suit a threadline reel instead of my usual alveys , mainly fishing 20lb for pigs around the mid north coast , i looked at a wilson live fibre zmt7144 has anyone used one of these blanks for this style of fishing . Have had a few mt7144 over the years (Snyder or Pacific comp) but the live fibre seemed a bit faster taper and gutsier any feed back welcome cheers
  3. AGB


    thanks Rick what weight could it handle i was hoping to use as a beach jew rod casting beach worms and slim strip baits , also handle a gar or pilly . cheers
  4. Hi all found this blank for a really good price and wondering if anyone has used it before , will get made up to suit an alvey seems fairly stiff and with a tip that can handle a bit of weight . i think 7-10kg would probably suit best . Any feedback appreciated cheers
  5. Thanks Chris not sure have both so if i get to look at one will try both on it and see how it balances cheers
  6. Hi all thinking about getting a Wilson Mulloway to suit an alvey reel just wondering if anyone has used them much , am familiar with the fsu4120 & fsu5120 but this rod seems a bit heavier again any feed back appreciated thanks
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