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  1. mtlg

    Live bait Port Hacking

    I've had the same dilemma for a while inside the hacking, but here's whats been working for me: I usually have luck around clearer water wharves. I dont fish straight under under the wharf, as that usually means disturbing someone fishing and lots of pickers (yakkas are usually the last ones to go for the baits). Instead, go a few meters away (10-30) while trying to be nearby to structure, burley up , give it a couple of minutes and you should see the yakkas show up.
  2. mtlg

    How to catch Kings in port hacking?

    Thanks! I'll make sure to try try the unweighted bait. I do have a fish finder (still learning a bit), but haven't been able to find them arches yet. I guess I'll continue to try finding some squid on the area. Any extra advice is welcomed
  3. mtlg

    How to catch Kings in port hacking?

    Will try! I haven't seen them chase my bait, I usually bait fish (live or dead) out of sight and hardly ever try some artificial lures, but I have seen them swimming close by to spots I like fishing. Of course when this happens I never have a rod ready to go.
  4. Hi Raiders, as per title I'm looking for some advice in catching kingfish in the Port Hacking. I have read a lot of content here when it comes to the hacking (thanks for all the sharing!), been fishing it consistently through the seasons, tried numerous different things, but still no success. I only have a small dinghy, so I prefer sticking to inside the hacking and only venture into Bate Bay on calm days. My usual spots are inside the hacking around drop-offs of about 15-20 m of water usually with some structure nearby where the tide currents are not exceedingly strong. I've had 0 luck catching squid in the hacking, but I tried live baiting with yakkas numerous times with surface rigs and deep rigs (5 m or so from the bottom). I dont have a downrigger for trolling, so I mostly sit on a spot, check the depth, burley hard and wait . I've also tried floating pieces of bait down the burley trail without much luck. I normally do catch fish, but mostly not what I intend to and too often undersized fish. So anyway... I'm looking for advice on bait, techniques, fishing spots (what to look for), gear, tides, weather or anything I can improve or try differently really. All help is appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the replies. Yes JonD, I also have the yellow and noticed no discoloration, that's what got me thinking... Thanks for the info PST, I know what I have to do now. Cheers
  6. mtlg

    Currarong/jervis kings

    Hi Phil, I don't have much experience on the area yet, but I have been to the Tubes a couple of times recently and saw some kings around. Just check the wind is favorable and be persistent and they may come around. To get there you need to drive to Point Perpendicular lighthouse and take the walking track down (1 km walk I think). Some info about the spot can be found at Good luck!
  7. Hi lads, I would like to know if anyone has experienced heavy discoloration with the Power Pro Depth Hunter braid on the first few uses, all feedback is welcome. The reason follows below... I recently purchased a new reel and had the shop to spool some power pro depth hunter braid to go with it. In my last fishing journey (second time using the line) I noticed heavy discoloration of the line: the fresh part of the line would deposit lots of color in my hands just by running the line through my hands smoothly, and any line that went into the water was very faded. I haven't used the depth hunter before, only the standard yellow power pro, which has hardly had any discoloration. On the other hand, I have also tried other cheap braid which discolored in a similar fashion to above... which got me thinking... have I just been scammed or does the depth hunter suffer from heavy initial discoloration? Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of the line as I left the reel down the coast... but any feedback you guys have on the power pro depth hunter would be great as I would be keen on going back to the shop and getting what I paid for in the first place (if they did me wrong of course). Cheers
  8. mtlg

    What have I missed out on?!

    I like the humor! And no, I did not catch Australia, I was anchored to a buoy and it actually took a fair bit of line multiple times. Not saying that this never happened though... Thank you for the replies
  9. Hi Raiders, Before anything else, it's my first time posting here, but thank you all for all the great content in this forum, it has been helping out a lot in my fishing learning! But now to the business... Today I lost something big and I'm puzzled as to what I missed out on. I was hoping someone could shed some light and maybe give advice as to what I should do in the future if in a similar situation. I put some lines out at Pittwater today around a marina, and to my surprise I hooked onto something strong! From the moment it took my bait it was taking line from reel (the drag was set to very low), once I increased the drag the line taking diminished a little only for a sudden burst of speed. As suddenly as it started it stopped moving, but the fish wasn't gone, I was simply unable to reel it in. The line was about 30-50m away from me at a depth close to 15m (felt as if it was at the bottom). I spent a good 10 minutes trying to reel it in, but it felt like it only moved when it wanted to (taking more line out), not when I attempted to lift the rod! With the frustration and inexperience, I slowly started to increase the drag while attempting to get it to move, until eventually my line just snapped. Sad day! Anyway... I was using a 20lb braid with a 30lb leader on a 10kg rod. I don't have much experience in fishing in saltwater, but if I had to guess I'd say I hooked a stingray (I also coincidentally saw a huge one flying under my boat while durring my "battle"). Any ideas as to what it could have been and what I could have done differently? Should I be using heavier gear for fishing at Pittwater? Cheers, Marcelo