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  1. Ledge

    Insane Yellowfin session

    Whatever it weighs it’s a nice fish and they all go hard for their size regardless! I have caught them up to 35kg and they were great fighting fish on a popping rod and spinning reel with 15kg drag!! Hardest fight of my life. Any heavier and I would have had to tap out. Very envious that you have the boat to get out there. Top session, well done!
  2. Ledge

    Fishing at Mosman beach

    Use long pvc pipes. 1m is good. Get a rubber mallet from Bunnings and hit them in deep. Your rod will snap before the pipe pulls out of the sand.
  3. Ledge

    Sunday 7/10

    What lures you using? Maybe I need to try the HBs for bream... have only used big xraps for pelagics
  4. Ledge

    Another fishless day

    Well I’m sure it’s small consolation but it motivates me to know that even YOU have fishless days JonD! Always enjoy your reports and photos. Ledge
  5. Ledge

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Nice one! Have read a few of your posts now and you definitely know how to catch snapper. How do you cook them?
  6. Ledge

    Brisbane Water Mulloway

    Congrats on a great catch! Do you mind explaining what size jigheads you use and how you work the plastic? I bought a bunch of swimmerz in 4” and 6” recently but can’t get the fish to hit it. Have had plenty of follows all the way to the boat but no decent strikes.
  7. Ledge

    Black Head

    Have heard stories of good fish taken there. Fished it twice myself for donuts. Can only access in low tide unless you like swimming. Like a lot of places down that way, it gets absolutely packed with fishos in summer... good luck
  8. Ledge

    Weipa Lures Advice

    Good stuff, thanks. We’re on the houseboat with tenders. 10 of us so it’s going to be tight!
  9. Ledge

    Weipa Lures Advice

    Awesome. Thanks for the tips. What size metals do you recommend?
  10. Ledge

    Weipa Lures Advice

    OK raiders. I need your collective knowledge to stock up before a trip to Weipa next month. We’ll be doing all sorts of fishing from boats... rivers, reefs and out wider. Lots of casting around pylons and under bridges and markers etc. I need to stock up on lures for the trip. And especially good value lures (that work) since I expect we’ll be losing a fair few. I know plastics are a good option due to their value, but I know next to nothing about plastics... no idea what brand, type, jig size etc.. Any experts that can point me in the right direction? I’m experienced in metals, hardbodies and poppers but does anyone know what works best in Weipa? And what sizes? I’ll be taking 3 spinning combos... 80lb, 50lb and 20lb. Thanks team!
  11. Ledge

    Not what we planned for

    That is awesome. I love how you can only fit half the fish in the frame!
  12. Ledge

    Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    Wasn’t shown how to detect parasites unfortunately- that would have been a good question if I’d thought of it! I have heard that if the flesh is milky then it’s no good.. I also saw yellow swiggly lines through a bonito that I caught a couple of months ago and didn’t eat it as I figured it was some sort of parasite.. so my uneducated opinion is that you can often tell if it has parasites just by the way it looks. I’m sure others can tell you more educated information though! I was taught correct iki jime technique to humanely dispatch the fish and make sure the meat stays undamaged... something I’d tried before but never been able to do properly- turns out you need the right tool, a knife won’t do the job properly/consistently.
  13. Ledge

    Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    Thanks all, for your replies. Don’t think chef was confusing bonito for tailor as I brought him my own bonito, kingfish and trevally from a recent session so he could show me how to prepare them. But he may be confusing our bonito for a Japanese variant? Anyway, very encouraging to hear that you all eat bonito no problems! I will keep doing so!! Personal preference Scratchy, but I prefer sashimi bonito to kingfish! And to just about anything else we can catch here from the rocks. Can’t beat marinated, char-grilled kingfish though! ps. Interesting to note that the chef was super excited about the silver trevally. Says it’s very prized as sashimi in Japan. Thanks Raiders as always for the quality input. Ledge
  14. Ledge

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    I find fluoro knots tighten down a bit more than mono when under stress. Not slip, more tighten down that bit more when first put under load. When I first swapped to fluoro I had the same issues so I started leaving just slightly longer tag ends and haven’t had the problem since.
  15. Hi Raiders. Great xmas present this year in the form of a sushi lesson from Japanese master. Learnt heaps of great things but one thing left me very confused: He said that he doesn’t sashimi bonito as it is from the ‘bluefish family’ and has too high a risk of being dangerous to eat, even 1 day after it has been caught. Funny thing is he was happy to sashimi kingfish that was caught 5 days ago. My preferred way to eat bonito is sashimi and have done it a few times now with no issues. What are your thoughts? Do you eat sashimi bonito? Have you ever had issues? Do you take any particular precautions like freezing before you eat it? Ledge