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  1. DaveBM

    Quick session on Macmasters Beach

    I'll join you in trying to evangelise Kawai. Give it an extra i at the end and means cuteness in Japanese too! As for cat salmon - cats really do dig them hey... But so do I, so mine can get in line until I've got a surplus. Mornay with a good strong cheddar in the white sauce is excellent, if they're bled and you remove the dark meat down the middle of the fillet.
  2. DaveBM

    New WA specie

    Looks like a cross between a catfish and a flathead. I hereby dub it cathead.
  3. DaveBM

    The No Hairtail Report

    To be fair, no-fish reports don't usually make very interesting reading. If you want more, I can certainly supply them! 6-boat, 12-angler no-fish reports are a tad more newsworthy though. That sounds like a pretty crappy night.
  4. DaveBM

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Nice work (fishing and cooking) Sounds like a recipe for tarator, but with water instead of yoghurt.
  5. DaveBM

    Crowdy Heads Reds

    I believe there are at least two different outings being described.
  6. DaveBM

    Blackies around in good numbers

    Don't know the area, but Ive been smoked by big sea mullet on weed. Still, they tend to seek structure or jump, so maybe not helpful.
  7. DaveBM

    Lake Illawarra whiting

    Thanks! I'll keep you posted with any successes/abject failures too!
  8. DaveBM

    Lake Illawarra whiting

    Until Sunday, I'd only ever caught one keeper bream. This was a big improvement. Pretty new to the area... what would your best landbased tips be around Wollongong?
  9. DaveBM

    Lake Illawarra whiting

    Sorry, no pics, but I got 5 nice whiting in about half an hour yesterday, at the start of the runout tide on the sand banks east of the bridge from the northern shore. Was using pipis from a for-humans seafood shop (about $3 for a double handful!). Fished the last of the rising tide for no result, and was starting to think of home when suddenly every cast was bites ahoy. Largest went 38cm, which was a bit of a struggle with the ultra-light gear - krappy Kmart rod with a 2500 and 2kg line. Eating notes: I've always liked really fresh sand whiting (I'm from WA, so the almost totally white ones) as sashimi. But when I did that with the smallest of these yellowfins for entree, it was a little too al dente for my wife's taste. I could see what she meant, it was kinda chewy, but the 3yo daughter wolfed it down so good signs there. Obviously the panko crumbed fillets from the rest were superb, so no big drama.
  10. DaveBM

    Parra River Mullet

    In my experience mullet basically don't eat anything that moves. Unless it's yellow eye mullet, which will take a tiny lure occasionally. For the rest, even huge ones, completely burying a tiny hook in bread or dough is all that's ever worked for me. But this was mostly in the clean water of the Swan River estuary in Perth, so maybe not applicable here. Those guys get up to 60-70cm and are a frickin' handful to land.
  11. DaveBM

    Monday fish

    ¿Porque no los dos?
  12. DaveBM

    Terrigal trags

  13. DaveBM

    Brisbane Water Flatties

    I was (mostly) just joshing too. I'm a huge fan of quick and humane killing - I could go on for ages about my brand of fishing ethics, but would probably bore some and enrage others. And breach the forum rules. But the diameter of those holes suggests a cylindrical punch, not just a spike. Like a smaller scale, sharper version of an apple corer. Is that what you're using? Great idea if so, cos I'm always on the lookout for ways to maximise the chances of a quick and relatively painless death.
  14. DaveBM

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Pretty sure you can catch them in any manner that doesn't involve piercing the shell. Snorkeling with a pair of welding gloves on and just picking them up was my favourite as a kiddie.
  15. DaveBM

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Any pointers here? I usually fish the north side of the channel, seaward of the bridge. Either the jetties or the rockwall or the sand flats/channel further east. Yet to try in the lake itself.