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  1. Just to add, the steering, motor mounts and transom get pounded when boating, bungee straps and stuff like that will do nothing, but it does make you feel good.
  2. Pretty common, it's usually just a slight "creep" in a seal, you could block it to stop it moving, or, turn the motor to one side when trailering.
  3. I fish the lake quite a bit during summer, Flathead are quite plentiful then, lures, I find smaller dull brownish to be best, if I'm land based (usually have a grandkid or two in tow) I just circle that island on the SW side, always get a couple, then go under the bridge past the Kiosk (good spot to pump Nippers) and start casting from there right to the entrance and always get a few, plus the odd bonus Whiting.
  4. Yep, especially Flathead, keep at it, not too sure where you fished from your description. Don't be too particular with a million different lures, Flathead are not fussy eaters, action and location will catch them.
  5. Yep, good advice there....you learn that real quick! Just to give you a start, try the island on the south west side, walk over the little wooden bridge and cast the entire shoreline, back to where you started, during the warmer months you will get quite a few. Then go to the south east side, start at the road bridge and work your way towards the entrance, you can spend all day doing that side, I find it best on a run out tide, but it's not critical.
  6. As per my usual reply, go for Flathead first, they are the easiest to find, walk the shore line around the southern side of Windang bridge, you will find plenty of drop offs and structure to fish. Make sure your lure is on the bottom, use the rod to "hop" the lure along the bottom. Don't expect a fish every cast, be patient and "work" an area before moving on, be mobile, a small landing net can be a bonus (but not essential) extra lures in a small container in your pocket is all you need, don't fish heavy line, go out and have fun.
  7. No, not saying the Spinfisher is the same, meant is the sizing the same between an 850 and a 950 except for the spool, like a Spinfisher.
  8. Not too sure you want the bow into the wind for drift fishing, for safety yes, but not fishing.
  9. I guess the size is the same as the Spinfisher, as in, the 950 is the same as the 850 except for the spool?
  10. You will need to try different tie off points to get a proper sideways drift, you might even need a bridal kind of setup (2 ropes) they work better if a fair way away, too close and your lines get caught in them.
  11. THe carbs are easy to do, but, they need to be done properly, just spraying stuff or washing them is not good enough, they need every passage (not just the jets) cleaned. Buy genuine kits rather than cheap after market, resetting them again is not that hard. The big issue is making sure the butterflies are fully close at idle, just a tiny bit open will cause drama, as will a blocked idle circuit in the carb/s, all gaskets and O rings need to be replaced, float bowls checked for flatness (not warped)
  12. Decarb is probably not going to fix anything, it's idling way too fast, it needs a proper carb clean and everything set as it should be.
  13. Just to kind of wander off a bit and add something about certain spots, I have a "secret" small spot in just over 60m of water, I have fished it for more than 20 years, and very few Snapper caught there on bait, but, metal jigs are the gun method, why?? beats me, but bait fishing will get you small Nannies and maybe a Mowie or two.
  14. I find the current direction dictates where you fish, rather than the fish not being there (if you get what I mean) for me, most big fish tend to be "loners" (or a pair) as distinct from warmer water schooling fish, there's a few spots I fish (and have done for decades) that never produce big Snapper (bigger than 5kg) but you will catch plenty of legal ones, other places have few smaller, but now and then, a big one or two, mainly during the colder months, my biggest (12.2kg) was from just such a spot. All this of course is just touching on anchored bait fishing, drifting and lures is another topic altogether.
  15. Snapper are bit of a funny fish, big seas will see them right in close, eating crabs and other odds and ends washed off the rocks, very early morning (pre dawn) can see them in quite shallow, as the sun breaks, they move deeper. Best consistent catches will be during the warmer months, anchored on the edge of reef and sand/rubble, in about 20-25m of water, moderate current needing about a pea sized sinker to get down and a little burley, (pieces of what you are using for bait), this should see you catch a decent feed of medium sized fish, with maybe the odd bigger one thrown in.
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