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  1. A hair dryer and gentle heat might help, they can get stuck real good at times.
  2. Yeah, the old Seagull, don't remember the Chrysler on it, but that's just how things are, we used to sell those horrible Volvo outboards too, gees they were sad......
  3. I was working part time in the industry then, selling Seafarers and Johnson outboards, so I kind of had to know what was what. Ron Calcutt did a bit of filming down here for his old TV series "A fisherman's world" really nice guy, most was fishing out of an old Swiftcraft and a Dehaviland Offshore (we used to sell them too) good times back them, life was so easy (so was fishing) even having an old paper sounder was a big deal, GPS was not even heard of, mobile phones were a thing of science fiction, if you couldn't remember to line up some house with a tree or something you were lost......
  4. Got a couple of decent ones drifting around with a packet of frozen servo Prawns while waiting for the crab traps the other day.
  5. The very early flared bow models were kind of low sided, called the "Seaman" and later the "Seaman MK2" but most didn't have bow rails, or side decks, then the higher sided Fishabout models hit the scene and were an instant success, the CC Fishraider was very popular, my mate had one for years, we fished everywhere in it, from the Banks to the Snowy Mountains, he converted it to a tiller steer, then sold it about 8-10 years ago.
  6. Can't recall the exact dates but I seem to remember them moving to QLD around 1970 too, my father was friends with the owner at the time and he used to fish with us from time to time in Jervis Bay, I think his name was Bill? Does it have side decks/gunnels? The bow rail is very Fishabout looking, like the old centre console 4.5 Fishraider?
  7. I have caught plenty on the flats near the "blue hole" in front of the caravan park, had lots of success "trolling" Nippers, that is walking around at high tide with a Nipper well behind you., but I have caught lots on tiny brown plastics
  8. noelm

    Boat ID

    Take a side on photo, with the cross seat at the back, it indicates an early model.
  9. All those options have something going for them! Is that an old "Seaman" or the later "Fishabout" style? It's a bit hard to tell, getting it right way up will be a trick, unless you can get a few people to help flip it over.
  10. Yep, picture not working, you can never have too many projects....just about to start my cat trailer, depending if I can scrounge up some steel cheap whether I build another one or refurbish the old one. Once I get the boat off I will see which way I will go.
  11. I have fished for Bream casting from a boat into washes, and have never noticed a difference between motor on or off, on short drift structure, leave the motor on, on longer drifts, I turn it off.
  12. Nothing quite getting an angry one when Flathead fishing, somehow they can "stand up" like a coiled spring and with mouth open ready to bite anything close, they are scary critters, that's for sure.
  13. Lots of Tuna caught from shore, but not many easy to get to locations, probably the easiest would be Kiama Lighthouse point, but that not common. Snapper are also available off the rocks, but, once again, anywhere easy will be a lucky day.
  14. Yep, not a hard job, make sure you get decent ply, seal it well, and use proper marine carpet, not the cheaper stuff from the big name stores. If going checker plate, you will need more supports welded in, and if the boats painted, then repainting will need to be factored in as well.
  15. Eels and Hairtail are very different, but as mentioned, picture doesn't work, can't see it.
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