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  1. noelm

    Help please !!!

    There is hundreds of places to fish at Windang where the current is not an issue, and lots of places will get you onto fish if you do some work catching bait beforehand, or use lures.
  2. Cobia are pretty common down this way, they are caught around Bass Point every year, usually smaller ones around 5kg, but certainly caught reasonably regularly.
  3. Seen lots of odd bods during my fishing years, including a Sail Fish at the Banks off Nowra, I have personally caught Cobia, Spangled Emperor, and Spotty Mackeral off Bass Point and a positively identified Coral Trout off the small bommie on the north side of Rabbit Island at Port Kembla.
  4. So many memories of the "good old days" surfing trips in cars that were lucky to make it around the block, let alone a long trip, things seemed so much safer and easier back then, not too sure it was safer, but we all survived, so it must have been, no mobile phones, internet or other technology to bother you. My mate and I did a trip from Wollongong to north of Cairns in a EJ Holden Ute, we got a broken windscreen near a place called Sarina in QLD and being young and silly, instead of just driving slowly, we stopped and I hitched into Rockhampton to buy a second hand windscreen from the wreckers, I found one and started hitching back to the car, a guy on a motor bike picked me up, and I had to hold the windscreen on the back, and hang on at the same time, anything over about 30mph, it was like a plane wing and near flew me off the bike! we fitted the screen ourself on the side on the road and continued on our way, next to no money, no real plans, but, we made it to Cooktown, turned around and came back, seems kind of silly now, but at the time, it was an adventure.
  5. There's not a lot to them, as long as it's not bent out of shape, which is pretty common, then simply pull it to bits and see what's broken.
  6. A long thin bait will generally out fish a "blob" (cutlet) almost every time
  7. noelm

    Help please !!!

    Why not fish during the day and have a proper "night out" somewhere? night fishing is not particularly productive. Hundreds of places to fish at Windang regardless of the wind, like everywhere, just choose a spot that puts the wind behind you, or sheltered.
  8. noelm

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Either boat will be OK, hard to compare one brand to another, best to look at standard features that suit you, then can you add or delete certain things, is the price similar, lots of things, there is a dozen boats in that size and configuration to check out, look at as many as you can, and keep an open mind.
  9. noelm

    Burrill lake

    Love catching Whiting, they are still pretty slow around here, nice catch.
  10. Lots of theories on this, but, in the end, just do what feels right for you, not what some "expert" tells you is technically right.
  11. noelm


    If the "lies" are pointed towards the shallow water, like a flat, the Flathead will be sitting there waiting for small fish and stuff to move off the flat as the tide drops, it would be good to fish from a kayak and cast up onto the flat and retrieve back into the deeper water! don't be fooled by the size of the marks, a quite small Flathead makes a fairly big mark, because they kind of "shake" to bury in and to leave and the mark is a lot bigger than the actual fish.
  12. I like that dried Cod you can buy at a proper delicatessen, tastes great, looks pretty strange, but after a good soak in water it's nice, I have salt dried some fish to make a kind of jerky, tasted terrible.
  13. Need to be a bit more specific, like what sort of boat glass or aluminium, , new or previously painted, going to spray or brush?
  14. Helps if you have old trailer rego papers, lots of stuff on there that will save you time, like existing numbers, brand and weight etc
  15. There's plenty of smaller ones right at the boat ramp, a bit of burley almost anywhere in the harbour will attract some.