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  1. It doesn't matter how many years you have been using higher than recommenced octane in your Hilux, an outboard is kind of somewhat different, let me explain. On this particular carbureted outboard, the timing is manual advance, you move the throttle, the timing advances whether you like it or not (a car does not work this way) using the incorrect octane can induce long term failure, just like when your motor is over propped, you advance the throttle and timing (they are mechanically connected) but the over loaded motor (too big a prop, or wrong octane) has the timing set way advanced for the motors current RPM, firing way too early, continued use like this will create detonation, the piston is coming up, the advanced timing fires the fuel charge, trying to send the piston backwards while still on its upstroke, extreme heat can/will/does melt pistons, that's why it's essential your motor can achieve max recommended RPM, don't fool yourself into thinking a bigger prop will lower your cruise RPM, because you are doing damage to your motor. Cars, and EFI engines are a different kettle of fish. But that said, use what you like, it's your engine, but wasting dollars and abusing your motor doesn't seem like a big hit to me.
  2. There is no advantage in using high octane fuel (indeed there is a tiny disadvantage) most oils are OK, but it's best to find an easy to get brand and stay with it, don't mix oils together.
  3. I reckon things like the high jump should be that you just land on the ground (like the ancient Olympics) not a padded mattress thing, no secret swim suits, just a pair of speedos (except for ladies on course) I don't know, maybe it's just me........
  4. noelm

    Swapping seats

    There is lots of off the shelf stainless frames made, but of course you have to adapt to suit your boat, (Reelaxn is one brand) best option (though more expensive) is to get something custom made to your exact dimensions, that way it fits nice and you can have it made to suit your esky. Another alternative in seat boxes that incorporate an esky/ice box, this works great, but, at the ramp you need another esky (kept in the car) to load the fish into to carry them to the cleaning table.
  5. noelm

    Swapping seats

    Depending on how well the boat is built, there will be reinforcing under the floor, and the seat base is screwed to that, probably carpet goes under the base, but, without investigation, that's only guessing.
  6. I think most fishing/boating sites tend to have members that try to help each other out, however, most are not that well moderated, some are "anything goes" some are way too tough if you don't agree with certain views or members, this is kind of somewhere in the middle. Coming from an IT background, I can see "issues" with social media, but, it's not all bad....in my opinion.
  7. That's the ones with two red spots on them, they get to an OK size, but those little cranky ones are small, but good at biting, stealing bait and scaring the crap out of you when you think it's a worm.....
  8. Gees, 37KG on a 12' rod, you will get yanked into the water! I used to fish pretty regularly for Snapper off the rocks, and 10KG was plenty, might go up a bit for Groper, but then, I didn't fish for them much from the rocks, usually from a boat.
  9. I think they mean those little ones that get cranky when you catch them, and bite real hard, only about an inch or two across the shell, not Blue Swimmers!
  10. OK, let's go way back to the beginning, the only oil in that motor is what you put in the fuel, if you don't use the motor for a while, fuel in the carbs can evaporate, leaving the oil, ready for you to pump fresh fuel into them again, except they have lots of oil sitting there, add to that, running on the flusher does not burn all the fuel and oil off, making matters worse still, using higher octane fuel will not help.
  11. I had a fish on Warilla beach for one tiny Tailor, so it is pretty slow at the moment.
  12. Didn't see or hear of any pros on Windang beach.
  13. Tide can make a difference to where fish are, but they don't just vanish, and they still have to eat, during a high tide, they can be right up over shallow rocks, looking for crabs and stuff, during early morning and late afternoon, they will come right in close at times, but they love structure, find that rather than worrying about the tide or time.
  14. Fix the VRO if it's faulty, don't remove it, take the boat for a decent run, idling in the driveway will not burn off excess oil and go from there.
  15. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I am not a huge fan of all sorts of sports in the Olympics, surfing, BMX, skateboard, hockey that sort of thing is not Olympic material (in my opinion) while I agree they require skill, Olympics to me are running, jump, gymnastics, diving, sort of the person alone, that said, I watch most events when I can
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