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  1. noelm

    Outboard Size

    Depending on the HP might influence your motor choice, they are all good motors, but some better than others for a certain HP.
  2. noelm

    Outboard Size

    What sort of 7m hull is rated to a max of 150hp?
  3. Yeah, close to the shore seems better for Flathead than in the bay itself, most times out in the deep water you will get lots of small ones, and the very odd keeper, but that's about it. I have done pretty well drifting near the cliffs out at the "heads" , got some decent "mixed bags" at times, middle ground used to be good, haven't fished it for years now, the last few times I was there divers showed up and thought they owned the place.
  4. You can pump Nippers practically anywhere in the creek with a bit of scouting around, it might still be a bit cold for Whiting, but during summer I have caught them on most beaches in JB, Flathead drifting in the bay itself is not all that productive I have found, they are there, but hard work, I have caught more from the shore, just walking along with lures. Most Bream I have caught in the bay have been close in at the ends of beaches where the rocks start, plenty of Squid on the Ribbon Weed beds off the beach too.
  5. Just connect up the car, tie the stern off to the fence, drive off a bit, place tyres under each side, drive a bit more until the stern is on the tyres, add a couple more and drive off, leaving the boat on the grass, putting it back on is easier, unhook trailer from car, connect winch and start winding, allowing the trailer to creep under the boat, not drag the boat along.
  6. A head gasket is exposed to high pressure and heat, making one would be tricky, but as I said, I am pretty sure you could buy one.
  7. A head gasket would still be available.
  8. As a general (very general) rule, 10' is plenty, longer rods are OK if super long distance is required, for Tailor and Salmon, 6-8kg line is plenty, maybe a bit heavier if using big sinkers when there's some swell or side current, a medium size reel will suit, no need for a giant size reel, there's a lot to choose from so take your time, have a look at what your mate uses.
  9. An old two stroke is pretty simple, unless the block itself is shot, replacing a head gasket, or even a second hand head is not a difficult job, broken bolts can be an issue, but you never know unless you give it a go, not 100% sure water in one cylinder is going to cause a no start condition. Are you reasonably handy with basic tools?
  10. Being an older motor, make sure your choke works, you didn't say whether it's a push the key in, or if it has a seperate switch (or if it has an automatic choke setup) procedure for a manual choke setup, prime bulb until hard, lift warm up lever well up, activate choke, turn key to start while still using choke, motor should start, release choke and move warm up lever to lower idle.
  11. OK, not too sure about your "choke lever" I assume you mean the fast idle/warm up lever? How is the proper choke activated? pushing the key in or a seperate switch?
  12. Best guess is your starting technique is not right, and you simply flooded it, can you describe what you do to start it, in detail, in order.
  13. It's probably best to target one certain species at a time rather than attempt to catch everything at once, target what's around at that time of the year.
  14. The swell right now is about 10mm I am looking at the beach right now, and there is not a wave breaking. Mind you, there is a fair old southerly wind, so we should get something from it.
  15. Why not just buy a similar boat here? probably work out a lot easier.
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