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  1. noelm

    Auxiliary motor

    For fishing in the bay, I would give an auxiliary a miss, get a paddle or some oars (both useless really) and just enjoy your boat.
  2. noelm

    Auxiliary motor

    You hardly see auxiliary motors these days, I guess there's so many boats around it's unlikely you will be stranded alone. Don't skimp on the HP, little 6+8 HP will barely make headway in good conditions, let alone with some wind and chop, also make sure it will actually reach deep enough in the water when in use, and start and run it regularly.
  3. I got a copy off someone years ago, but my son was asking me where it was, we looked for hours, but I am pretty sure I loaned it to someone ages ago and they never returned it
  4. Yeah, I hope so, I had a DVD copy and pretty sure someone borrowed it, my son was just asking me about it, I think it had Steve Starling, Doug Phayer, and the guy that made Seamaster cats, Ross someone (Elliott maybe) I had lots of old movies, had the Malcolm Florence set, plus a very old US one called "Clipperton Odessy"
  5. Does anyone out there have a video, or DVD called "going for gold" it's a very old movie with Steve Starling about catching Tuna, I would love a copy, my copy of a copy has been lost somewhere.
  6. Not too sure many councils will build a jetty simply for people to fish off (for a variety of reasons) around Lake Illawarra there is plenty, most are just covered in rubbish, anywhere you can just drive to a spot, get out of your car and fish from your fold up picnic chair will be heavily fished and rarely be worth the effort.
  7. noelm

    Another boat

    Looks like a boat for trips to 1770?
  8. Summer fishing in Jervis Bay can be very rewarding, lots of beaches have Whiting, Squid are pretty easy to get over any of the weed beds off most of the beaches, Flathead are in reasonable numbers, and of course there is plenty of places for more adventurous fishing too, but, like everywhere, places you can drive right to tend to get heavily fished.
  9. They go by a few different names, in QLD they are known as "happy moments" meaning if you get spiked, be prepared for some "moments" also commonly called Black Trevally, the sting seems to vary, I have been spiked, and the pain was OK, but I have seen people in serious pain from them.
  10. It's pretty hard to compare boats of different sizes, your range is from 4.6 to 5.25m there is a big difference in those, the Quintrex is a 460 compared to the Stacer (made by the same company) at 485, even life jacket laws differ in those two.
  11. noelm

    Air Fry Occy

    I have a rather long and involved story about those baby Octopus that went very close to killing a family member, they will never ever be seen in my house again, ever, full stop!
  12. noelm

    Air Fry Occy

    Yep, big Octopus boiled for ages, then charred over charcoal, hard to beat, never going to eat those "baby" ones, ever......
  13. They can be caught now and then on all sorts of bait and lures, but, the only consistent method is a bread fly and burley, I get them when they school up on the beach in front of my place, but, in lakes and rivers they can be tricky, even though you can see hundreds of them, even on fly.
  14. Gardening can be fun, and the results are spectacular, but, one word of warning, a neglected garden looks worse than no garden, so, unless it's going to be a hobby, and you're prepared to spend some time, don't start, just have grass and mow it! biggest tip, is do a little bit often, meaning, keep weeds away regularly, don't wait until it's a major task, before I gave up work, I made a point of pulling out 6 weeds (or more) every day before work, took about a minute, but, kept weeds out of my garden, and my yard was huge (1500 m2) with gardens like a resort. I just sadly removed my veggie garden because of a backyard remodel, veggies are fun and productive too, here is a photo of my remodel, just after I laid some turf, and cut half my pergola off, just a quick garden behind the pool, some turf, glass pool fence, a couple of days work for my wife and I after I dug out some huge Kentia palms, about half finished there.