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  1. I think I did a post here some time ago about reel repairs and tools? but anyway, you will only need a few quality hand tools (not cheap rubbish) I keep mine is a special "toolbox" (a Tupperware container I stole from the kitchen) you will need good Flathead and philips head screwdrivers, a quality set of jewellers screwdrivers, a good pair of small long nose pliers and a small shifting spanner, I also have some Dental equipment (pickers and hooked end things) that are perfect for locating small springs over pegs, and digging into corners to get grit out and that will see you able to dismantle almost any reel.
  2. noelm

    Thinking of buying a Formosa 550

    Yep, me too, once just on dark, cold south wester blowing, just got the anchor up and slowly turning towards the ramp and a wave was scooped up and landed right on me, it was a chilly drive back, but not as chilly as the time I dropped the car keys in the water getting out of the boat to get the trailer, once again, cold winters night, stripped down to my undies to feel around the bottom for the keys, as luck would have it, I found them after about 5 minutes, lucky it was for my old Landcruiser Ute and had no electronic gizmos in the key.
  3. Very common to have big schools of Mullet in the lake at this time of the year, they are ready to make their "run"up the coast, those jetties are good spots for Blue Swimmer crabs too.
  4. The huge fish you couldn't hook would be Mullet, not too sure about Tuggerah Bay?
  5. noelm

    Thinking of buying a Formosa 550

    I think 5.5m is probably going to be "cosy" with a centre cab, it would be close to the minimum size I think, a bow rider is no different to a centre console when it comes to waves over the front, the VC suffers because the driving position is right up the front, making most weight well forward, the VC and the bigger Viking could be rather "refreshing" when a good wave comes over the top, especially in winter!
  6. noelm

    Outboard servicing

    Seems like a lot of people think a service is just changing oil and spark plugs.
  7. noelm

    Best Baits for beach jew

    Beach worms, live Tailor then whatever else you can find.
  8. noelm

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    Trouble with Hydrogen is safety, might be great for experiments and rockets, and you need to make the Hydrogen, and the only way so far to do that requires electricity, and plenty of it.
  9. noelm

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    You will need a long extension cord though! until battery charging becomes much faster, and batteries become lighter and last longer, then electric outboards are a long way off. Don't be confused about electric cars, they are not free to run, you have to plug them into a charger, that's connected to the standard power grid, that's connected to an old fashioned "dirty" power station, so, unless you can wait for a day or so to recharge from a solar setup, then you are not really in front, yet! there is progress made in efficiency, but, it's slow going so far.
  10. Kind of interesting how their small HP engines are 4 strokes when once this was considered why people wanted 2 strokes because of weight issues, sort of proves that the weight difference is not what it was? plus I guess no one would buy a (say) 3.5HP e-tec, if they could build one, it would be too heavy, and too expensive, and the only way BRP can comply with pollution requirements was to use a 4 stroke like the competitors have.
  11. noelm

    Crabs for mother’s day

    Still plenty of good crabs around, but this cold weather might see them thin out a bit.
  12. Yes, but not engines like the e-tec, only carbs style non compliant motors will be no longer available, most manufacturers deleted their Direct injection 2 stroke models some time ago, only BRP is continuing manufacture of them
  13. noelm

    No electrics with engine running

    One fuse two devices is not a good idea, your diagram looks a bit confusing, what devices have you got connected, and how are they wired?
  14. noelm

    Fish ID Please

    Me too, second is a Silver Biddy, first one is a bad photo but identity appears as a Javelin Fish.
  15. noelm

    Big eye Redfish in Sydney Harbour

    Happy moments are a different fish, nothing to do with the Big Eye.