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  1. noelm

    Engine descaler advice needed

    Most descale products are for preventative maintenance, once minerals and other stuff harden, nothing will just flush it away, it has to be mechanically removed, I think you might need to do a bit more trouble shooting, was the entire water pump replaced, or just the impeller? check the pressure relief valve (if your motor has one, most do) has the thermostat been replaced?
  2. noelm

    The de”fin”itive trip!!!

    Did we miss something?
  3. noelm

    First time Camping

    Depending on how far you want to drive, Narooma is pretty hard to beat, family friendly, you can walk almost anywhere you want to go (there is a decent hill in the town though) good caravan park right on the water with everything from tent sites to full on luxury cabins, easy family fishing, or more experienced fishers too.
  4. noelm

    Beach fishing

    It's the opposite here, plenty of Tailor, very mixed sizes, and very few Salmon that I have heard of, there was a big school of Tailor just off the beach most of yesterday, lots of people got a feed.
  5. noelm

    Mitchell 489 bail or bailess?

    The 499 Mitchel was a great reel in its day, very simple drag, but they used to chatter once they got a bit of wear, they brought out the 499pro to fix the problem, I used them almost exclusively for Snapper and did a lot of jigging with them too.
  6. noelm

    Yamaha gear oil

    You need to buy an extra bottle to do it buy squeezing the bottle, because you can't squeeze it all out , so you need the extra one, not too sure why you don't use the Yamaha oil if you're worried.
  7. noelm

    Advice on old tinny

    Rather than fill it with water, which will push the floor out from the weight, simply put the boat in the water and look for leaks, especially around the bung and along welds.
  8. noelm

    Black drummer spots near Botany Bay

    Might also pay to "google" check using imported green prawns for bait, I find bread or cungie is the best Drummer bait, Prawns get eaten by every small fish around, I also prefer no sinker or float, or at best, a very tiny sinker, if fishing a new area, look for wash over deeper water, or even better, some rocks just offshore that have some wash over them, Drummer are good fun, and great eating.
  9. noelm

    Windang Fishing

    Pretty cold for Flathead, you will still get some though, especially if you can get some Nippers (plenty on the south side of the bridge) or some poddies.
  10. Groper are OK to eat, big white flakes, big bones, but that's where it ends, they have almost no taste at all, perfect for people who don't like fish, the Crimson Banded Wrasse is similar, big heavy scales, tough skin, white flesh and no taste.
  11. Sorry, I just quoted the common name, not the "real" name.
  12. Groper and Crimson Banded Parrot fish, neither are great eating, not bad, but just bland.
  13. noelm

    Boat traler

    Can't see why it would need a boat on it, as long as it's a boat trailer, then that's what it is.
  14. noelm


    If you can find a sand flat, you should still get a few, not like summer, but you will get some.
  15. It might be prudent to protect the hoses and electrical wiring from the edges of the "ribs" on the floor while you have access to prevent possible damage later on.