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  1. noelm

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    I kind of doubt it's the play in the tilt tube, but anything's possible I guess, if you are going to replace it, get the aftermarket stainless one. I kind of think your issue is going to need some investigation, eliminating one thing at a time, even getting a helper to hold the motor while you turn the steering, then finding a way to hold the cable end to put pressure on it (without the motor connected) to see if it's the new helm, them holding the cable straight to see if it's the bends.
  2. noelm

    Fish id (Painted Grinner)

    They are getting pretty common down here now, it wasn't that long ago you would only see one now and then, but these days you see one almost anytime you are lurking around a cleaning table.
  3. noelm

    Tailor Hookup Rate Help

    Tailor also have a very soft mouth compared to Kingfish and Bonito, add to that they jump, and a heavy metal lure can simply "fall out"
  4. noelm

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    Something completely unrelated, and I could be wrong, it might just be the angle when the photo was taken, but, is that a long shaft outboard on a short shaft transom?
  5. noelm

    Another sounder inquirery

    I agree with the speed more or less matching the chart speed, it seems to kind of make sense, there is one spot I have dived on and know exactly what it looks like, but, depending on how I run over it, the bottom "peak" varies considerably.
  6. noelm

    Another sounder inquirery

    The signal is pretty fast, boat speed won't "outrun" the echo, boat speed does however distort bottom features, you go fast, it might show a peak, go slow and it's a long flat hill.
  7. noelm

    Unfreeze to salt?

    Stripey will stay firm when defrosted, Slimies go mushy, my mate uses Slimies almost exclusively for bait (because they are easy to catch and free) he fillets them, puts them in old Chinese containers with some coarse salt and freezes straight away, they never really get salted as such, but are firm when defrosted, and stack nice and neat in his bait freezer in the rectangular containers.
  8. noelm

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    I prefer to make up my own first aid kit, most you buy don't have common things in them, or lots of stuff that's useless, most common items, Panadol, band aids and sea sick tablets are not in any off the shelf kits that I have seen.
  9. noelm

    Unfreeze to salt?

    Salted bait works, never said it didn't, but (in my opinion) fresh, or frozen beats salted any day, Stripey will not go soft once thawed, unlike (say) Slimies, fresh Stripey is my preferred Snapper bait, just cut bait sized bits off as you go and use the extra flesh left as bits of burley.
  10. noelm

    Unfreeze to salt?

    I prefer to just keep whole and cut baits off as I need them, a decent Stripey will be enough for a Snapper trip, but I guess you could fillet it when only half defrosted to salt it, mind you, I have never been a huge fan of salted bait.
  11. noelm

    Camera orPhone

    I think for just "general" photos a phone is fine, as long as you back up to something, the minute your phone takes a swim or dies, your photos are gone, for extra good photos, nothing beats a quality camera, not a $25 throwaway, but a quality camera gives professional results, mind you, how the photo is taken will influence the end result, I have a couple of mates that are professionals, and a lot of small things they taught me have taken even my home handyman photos look better, just small things like taking a picture of a fish at home, look around, move the garden hose, get the cat/dog out of the way, toss the cigarette away, get a decent back ground, how the fish is held, just simple easy stuff, makes a huge difference to the finished photo.
  12. noelm

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    Lots of good advice been offered, but, one thing I have learned over a very long time of boating and messing around with trailer lights, is to just remove the whole lot and start again, it sounds dramatic, but in the end, it works, first thing, make sure your car plug is "standard" wiring, so you can tow other people trailers, and they can tow yours, if your lights are good, you can reuse them, but, all other wiring needs to be removed and replaced, do it properly and do it once! I know things can be repaired/patched, but in the end, it will bite you hard.
  13. noelm

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    Oops, I just reread and noted the motor does move free.
  14. noelm

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    The really obvious first, does the motor turn free with the drag link disconnected? is the steering free while stopped?
  15. noelm

    Storm last night

    Can't say I would be too thrilled about being out on the break wall if it was as bad at Port Kembla as it was here, the storm came in from kind of south east, and stayed right on us, them broke up moving east back out to sea, my son lives about 10 minutes away and they got light rain, wind and saw the lightning over towards the ocean where I am, so it was very localised.