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  1. Yeah, engine hoist, make a stand to store it on, inside or covered outside, doesn't really matter, it's made to go in water.
  2. The wind is not bad, there's plenty at the beach.
  3. Did a "drive by" the ramp this morning, 4 boats at Oak Flats and about 10 out at Shellharbour, but to be fair it is a bit windy, though plenty fishable, going crabbing Monday morning in Lake Illawarra.
  4. Yeah, he loves fishing and crabbing, but fishing there is good, walk across the road, just a rod, a bucket and bread, tackle is two spare hooks in my pocket. I fly fish there a bit, though I am not that good at it, just use bread flies, and a bit of bread for burley, great fun.
  5. I have been to the old OMC place hundreds of times, did my factory training there, toured the facility a few times, it was a big place up until they closed shop.
  6. I do get the odd Trevally, but not many (don't know why) here is a picture of my grandson with a Bream caught on bread, right in front of my house (we got 3 that day) easy place to fish, you could sit in your car if you really wanted to, all you need is high tide just on daylight or dark, a few slices of bread, small hook, no sinker or swivels, you only cast out about 3-5m
  7. That's a start, transom needs to be checked too, are you a "boat" person or completely new to boats?
  8. Rot in the floor and transom need to be checked, older boats were built pretty rough, with cheap timber glassed over, holes get drilled over the years to fit "stuff" and water gets in, and the rot starts, and can be expensive to repair.
  9. OH, and weed flies work a treat for Blackfish.
  10. Bread is great bait off the rocks, I fish pretty regularly straight across the road from my place, and bread is my "go to" bait caught lots of Bream, Blackfish, Mullet and one silly Jewfish about 5KG, no idea what it was doing in there!
  11. That one was probably built in Bankstown, by OMC, Canterbury Road.
  12. It will be "adequate" certainly a long way from good, don't expect blinding speed or easy planing with a couple of people.
  13. Certainly possible, I find most of those magazines are just ramblings and adds, I would use Squirt Worms before I used peas.
  14. It has a water pump tell tale, that came out in '79 in Australia, just guessing by the decals it looks mid 80's, unless the colours have changed with age.
  15. How did you catch them? probably best to freeze them, just in case you don't go fishing?
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