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  1. It's a bit hard to tell from the picture where that is exactly, but it certainly looks a tad worse than stress cracks!
  2. Plenty of marks on google Wollongong Reef 150.55.570 34.26.080
  3. It's not exactly a secret spot, I reckon an internet search will find the co-ordinates, I will see what I can find, if not, I will get the GPS out and connect it up.
  4. noelm

    Fish ID Please

    Just to add, I have never tired eating them, they come under the "ugly fish" species on my boat, and go back in the water.
  5. noelm

    Fish ID Please

    Common catch, we always called then "footballers" because of the stripes, there is a Yellow and Black striped one too, "Balmain Footballer"
  6. I have done two pretty silly things, both involve fly fishing, I don't profess to be an expert, but I enjoy it, one time early in my learning career I hooked myself in the back of the head during a cast. Then another time I was fishing with my mate, using the same gear and he was catching plenty of fish, Mullet and Trevally, I was getting none at all, I decided to change flies and then realised I had no fly on, during one of my many bad back casts, I must have "whipped" it off!
  7. I have fished for a long time, and almost every day of the week, after work, sometimes before work, depending on the time of year, the laws of averages kind of go your way that funny stuff happens.
  8. Just thought of a real "interesting" time in my old Viking, we were fishing the Banks, and the current was roaring, a drift was about a minute at best, slow trolling was useless because you would end up going backwards to Jervis Bay. I got the brainwave to have a go at anchoring, back then we used to have a big polystyrene ball on the end of the rope, so when a big fish was hooked, you just tossed it over and followed the fish. Anyway, we motored up current, lowered the anchor as fast as I could, it hooked up instantly, but I couldn't hold the rope, I couldn't even get a turn around the bollard, the end of the rope came up, the big poly ball hit me between the legs (right in the marble bag) and the ball got hooked on the hatch gizmo, the rope tightened, water started coming through the hatch as I tried to unhook it, and thank Christ the anchor pulled out, scary as hell that was, didn't try anchoring again that day....
  9. My mate and I were going fishing early one morning in his old VC, I was holding the boat while he parked the car, I could smell petrol which was pretty common with old 2 strokes, when he returned I mentioned the smell, he just said something like "that's OK" he turned the key and there was a blinding flash, a funny boooom kind of sound and an instant fire, he grabbed a plastic bucket, scooped up some water and hurled it at the flames, the handle broke and the bucket, complete with water just flew over the motor into the water, he tried to get the old fire extinguisher, but it was buried under piles of fishing gear, and the old steel mounting bracket had rusted away, and the extinguisher was tied to the remains with about 200lb line, he couldn't undo the line or break it, as we were still stunned, and no idea what to do, somehow the fire just went out, leaving a black melted mess of wires and parts. Back onto the trailer and home we went, to lick our wounds, I have another rather long story about a fire on my boat too, I think I might have posted it before.
  10. Yeah there is, I was reading that, but kind of thought another similar thread might just jog some memories and get some new "stuff"
  11. Just mulling over what incident to start with, probably an easy one to relate to first. My wife and I fished together for years, and our old Seafarer Viking had a plastic drum for a bait tank, with a water scoop for circulation while traveling, the pickup hose was attached to the tank with a standard "click" hose fitting, on a trip to the Banks one day, the boat seemed to be getting sluggish, I didn't think too much about it, and just kept going, in the end, our feet starting getting wet! The damn click fitting had come off and the whole time there was a full bore jet of water coming in, because of the natural trim, all the water stayed in the stern, and just got heavier, until it reached our feet, I can tell you, it took a long time to bail that out, our tiny bilge pump would have taken all day, I fitted a stop click fitting after that!
  12. As a follow on from the "rats" thread, and see lots of us are bored at home, I thought a thread on strange or crazy things we have done or had happen to us might relieve some boredom, it probably doesn't have to be entirely boat or fishing related.
  13. noelm


    Maybe we should start a thread about funny/stupid/dangerous things we have done ourselves or had happen to us.
  14. noelm


    Those of us who have fished for years have lots of stories about "things" that have happened to us, most are kind of forgotten until someone posts something that jogs the memory and you kind of chuckle to yourself.
  15. noelm


    Not quite as dramatic as that, but, the cleaning tables at my local ramp are built near lots of big rocks, put there decades ago to make a better road to the ramp, if cleaning fish after dark, it only takes a few minutes before you see dozens of "eyes" watching you, if any scraps get tossed within range of them, they scurry out and fight over it, and at times you will be cleaning fish, and somehow, like magic, they appear right beside your esky waiting to take a fish, they are very sneaky things, and really big, they must be well fed!