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  1. You also need to remember that the permit/license/certificate is a one off, it's not a yearly fee, so, just do it once and be all legal.
  2. I have seen plenty of home made adapters, most consist of a decent bit of alloy plate, some have strengtheners on the sides, depending on HP, normal engines go in 5" increments, 15" short shaft, 20" long shaft, and 25"X long, so you will need to lift 5". What HP?
  3. Technically you need a license, even though it's not called a license, but, ch16 should be left clear, a simple "radio check" message should get a response, try it on the water, or at least at the ramp, most get very little when not near the water.
  4. I guess in a very broad sense, it's hard to nominate a favourite, simply because sometimes a fish is "special" either where it was caught, how it was caught, or the company, just as an example, during the winter Westerlies I fish for Bream, out of the boat, only a few metres from shore, in very shallow water, using 2-4kg line, little #1 hooks and no sinker, a couple of years ago, I got a huge "run" the little reel was near out of line, when the unknown fish turned back, after near on 15 mins, a 6.5kg Snapper surfaced, all in less than 2m of water! So, that was "a" favorite, but on traditional gear, it would be just great (if you get the difference)
  5. Because they are readily available in almost every location, take some skill to "master" fun to catch and great to eat.
  6. What do you want to achieve? set the motor back? install a longer shaft outboard? just lift the existing motor up a bit?
  7. Cunje is probably my go to bait too, there's some right in front of my house, so I can gather some at low tide when I need it, but, Royal Red Prawns are my favourite bait, mainly because I have them in my freezer and can go fishing anytime without delay, plus you seem to get more variety with them.
  8. Salmon are quite a strong heavy fish, trying to get them up the beach without "using" the waves will often see the hooks pull out, be patient and just surf them in.
  9. Everyone is a beginner at some time, are you land based? I usually advise new comers to try to fish for a single available species, like (say) Flathead, look for places Flathead live and use what they eat for bait, or suitable lures, just buying a frozen packet of Prawns and wandering down to the water with a kilo sinker, 30lb line and hurling it out over the horizon might fluke a fish now and then, but, fishing right is half the battle. Common species (depending on season) will be Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Tailor and so on, fishing for Tailor is a lot different that (say) Whiting, so that's why I suggest to "specialise" (in my opinion)
  10. noelm


    I guess the answer is yes, Jewfish can be caught off just about any beach at one time or another.
  11. Around that length, most would probably be long shaft, though there will be plenty of short shafts too, it just depends on the boat when it was built, best bet would be to get the boat first, if you intend to use it in any sort of chop, go for a long shaft, the transom will be higher.
  12. Best way to get motor height right is trial and error.
  13. You might be able to get your current prop cupped, it might take a bit of RPM off, props are very complicated to get right.
  14. It's not quite as simple as it sounds, you put a bigger prop on, you drop RPM, so, top speed remains the same, but, getting on the plane and towing suffers, the prop you have seems pretty well right unless you have some friends with the same prop fitting you can borrow to test.
  15. Yeah, Abb gut was/is great bait for Drummer, don't see it for sale now.