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  1. noelm

    Braked boat trailers

    I guess to put it all in perspective, just because something is legal, doesn't make it a good thing to do, a 749KG rig is perfectly fine, but a 751KG rig needs brakes and yearly inspection, how does that make sense? the "extra" 2 KG is a packet of prawns and a drink!
  2. noelm

    The 'freak wave' myth

    Like all statistics, you make them "fit" your agenda, of course there would be more people drowned swimming than fishing, simply by the numbers competing, millions of swimmers a year compared to dozens rock fisher people. You could also compare how many people drowned in home swimming pools compared to people drowned fishing in back yard pools.
  3. noelm

    Furuno sounder reading

    I don't quite get the question, if you are catching fish, just keep doing what you are doing, what the sounder shows doesn't matter if you're doing OK.
  4. noelm

    Arvo blackies

    Funny thing, we just had some fresh Yellowfin, cooked perfectly, some salsa and salad, plus a couple of Blackfish fillets, just rolled in flour and fried, the Blackfish was the best, didn't look as "chef like" but they taste great, going to have a go today for some more.
  5. noelm

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    I got "spooled" towing the boat home on the trailer, one rod was left in the rod holder with some line dangling off it, somehow snagged a low hanging tree and proceeded to remove all the line, I bet the drag got hot at around 60kph after a few hundred metres of line.
  6. noelm

    Old days

    The maxi catcher was just a big spool, kind of like a bike rim on its own, no spokes or hub, and you held the spool vertical in front of you, and you just wound in by turning the spool with your hands, the diameter was supposed to give you "power" and if the fish ran, you just let it slide between your hands, I did try one once, almost completely useless, I guess that's why they never took off?
  7. noelm

    Old days

    Some great stuff there, some bringing back memories, some just fascinating to see, I guess modern day newcomers would find it pretty hard to believe what was made, adapted and modified to try to catch fish. I remember a great big hand spool thing that was supposed to be the best thing ever, you used the spool in your hands as a kind of drag, I think the name was "maxi catcher"
  8. noelm

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    How about this, it's not spooky or anything like that, just a "how did I do that" kind of thing. My mate and I were livebaiting for Kingfish at a spot that holds lots of Yellowtail, the method was to anchor up, catch a bait, put it out on the big gear and continue fishing for bait, I caught a Yellowtail in a minute or two, hooked it on the big rod and fed it out, set the drag and ratchet, and threw the bait line back out, a minute later, I had another Yellowtail on, and pulled it in to find it was the one with my hook in it! somehow the hooked Yakka was still hungry, and took the bait (again) it got taken by a big King about 15 minutes later, so its days were definately up.
  9. noelm

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    Catching beachworms is an art, I get a few, but they are tricky, you can buy them live at decent bait shops, and small packets of frozen ones, I find the ones preserved in Metho to be next to useless, kids worming in the summer is as much fun as fishing and pumping Nippers. For worms, a low tide, a flat section of beach without too much shell grit and a bag of fish frames on a string, plus a small "hand bait" I like a bit of Squid for the hand bait, plastic worm pliers are probably best for a learner, but, bare fingers are best once you get the hang of it.
  10. noelm

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    Agree with this 100% my grandkids love "Nippering" as they call it, and call them "Snippers" then fish the same spot as the tide covers the place you just pumped, kind of natural burley, we do this all the time during summer.
  11. noelm

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    Worms for Whiting for sure, Prawns and stuff are OK as a "general purpose" bait, but targeting Whiting use worms, I find Nippers to be best at night during winter, don't know why, but big Whiting love Nippers up on sand flats at night.
  12. noelm

    Old days

    Can't say that I have seen those ones before, I have a set of Ravia ones here somewhere, and a pair of Ravia rod holders, very strongly built out of cast brass or stainless, I think Ravia was made in Rockdale?
  13. noelm

    Old days

    Sure is.
  14. noelm

    VHF radio

    Fixed unit has much better range, and doesn't get left at home, Mount the aerial as high as possible, buy the longest one you can, most of those brands are OK, GME has a kind of advantage in that you can buy matching FM radio too, you also need a "license" to operate a VHF, though it's not officially a license, and lots don't bother getting one.
  15. noelm

    Wollongong Area - Landbased Questions

    Yep, the Island is still surfed when the swell is up, when you consider the fishing pressure on the lake, it still fishes pretty good, the crabs get a hiding every year, but you can still get your bag limit easy enough.