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  1. Nothing like a Wobbegong, Port Jackson = big bone head, no teeth, docile, Wobby has "whiskers" teeth, cranky as hell and can bite its own tail, handle with care!
  2. Just wandering on topic a bit...Nautilus shells are common down there? I am not that far away and see/find one about every couple of years, I kind of like them, usually have a couple around the place, but haven't seen one for ages now.
  3. I have found the same, carbontex doesn't seem to suit all reels.
  4. Correct, it does need to be tightly made or dense or however you would describe it.
  5. The old felt washers were just plain old felt, available at craft shops and most were oiled during assembly, the old Blue Shakespeare reels were great with felt drags. It seems to me so much emphasis revolves around kilos and kilos of drag, fish haven't changed much in the last few decades, and millions were caught on simple reels.
  6. noelm


    That's a second hand comparison, but it compares price of a petrol 2 wheel drive manual to a diesel 4 wheel drive auto, not exactly like for like.
  7. Mercury always labeled their motor is "funny" ways, their old 115 was called a 1150, that is a 7.5, why they did that is anyone's guess, marketing? try to sound bigger? confuse opposition?
  8. noelm


    What's the difference in price between two wheel drive and four? if it's not too dramatic, it might be better to go the 4X4 for those few occasions when you need it.
  9. noelm


    I have used my single cab 2005 4X4 Hilux to tow my Sharkcat and it's OK (selling it soon to get a twin cab) but usually tow it with a Landcruiser.
  10. Land based, basic "bread and butter" fishing does not require a huge rod, big reel and some kind of glow in the dark line (most department store combos are like that) a reasonably soft, maybe 7' rod, a smallish reel, about 3-5kg line, and some small long shank hooks are all you will need to get started, this is where the tackle store guy comes into it, he knows what you will need.
  11. Don't just buy something because it says "Shimano" they make everything from junk to world class, as advised, go to your local tackle shop (not a department store type) ask the person what they recommend for the style of fishing you have in mind. Don't be tempted to buy a fishing "kit" some very basic hooks, sinkers and swivels is all you need to start with, a small tackle box, one of those plastic compartment style ones used to store screws and so on will be fine, rather than a full on open up style. As you advance you will probably buy a Nipper pump and the like and start getting your own bait, but, start simple, do you have a boat or land based?
  12. Those plastic spools should float
  13. noelm

    color bond

    I put up about 6 panels of colour bond fence at my sons place last summer, it was about 40 degrees, no shade, and the ground was like concrete, every hole had to be dug with a bar and a pick, lucky I was the "brains" and he was the brawn.......his words "this is shit work" I just said "welcome to home ownership"
  14. noelm

    color bond

    Done lots of fencing over the years, colour bond is easy, but tricky at the same time, after you have worked out a "system" the jobs finished!
  15. Find a deepish hole with a bit of wash over it, use no sinker, or very little, small bait, light line and a bit of burley, don't cast out as far as you possibly can, early morning or late afternoon, should get a few Bream this time of year.
  16. Fun stuff......we got caught in a real thick fog one morning out of Shellharbour, we were only going to "the Church Ground" which was very close to the Harbour, we decided "sh'll be right" and headed out, as we cleared the harbour, you couldn't see even a couple of feet in front on the boat, so we decided to just drift until it lifted. We could hear boats running fast through the fog, but had no idea how close or what direction they were going, fogs like that, it kind of confuses your senses, anyway, after a couple of hours, it cleared a bit and we could just make out some land, Bass Point my mate said, so we motored a bit closer and anchored just to be safe, as it cleared more and more. It wasn't Bass Point, it was Minnamurra, somehow we had drifted straight out, maybe got caught in the south bound current that kind if swirls around Bass Point and heads west in a big eddy, and ended up miles away from our starting point, how we didn't drift onto the rocks is just a miracle, because we had drifted around a long headland, (Bass Point) from one side and down the other side, spooky indeed.
  17. It was pretty scary at the time, only his good health and age saved him. I haven't eaten those baby Octopus since and never will.
  18. Literally thousands of possibilities, just take your pick.
  19. Millions of them in Jervis Bay, a couple of years ago we had a family day out at Long Beach, the kids picked up some shells and two Blue Rings were in them, plus I have seen dozens of them at Honeymoon Bay and Green Patch, they must love it there for some reason.
  20. They are common, but quite timid and mostly stay away from you, spent many nights getting red crabs around the rocks, when I started diving I found it easier to get them just under the water and use gloves to grab them, as you said, the red crabs are OK, but those purple/blue looking ones bite big time, and they are fast. I have posted here before how a blue ring near killed my son, that was an experience..... When we were about 10 years old a friend caught one and had it crawling up his arm, I told him they are dangerous and he said his father told him they were "night octopus" and harmless, he just flicked it back into the water, looking back, he was pretty lucky.
  21. noelm

    outboard spares

    Do not use cheap after market water pump parts, most either don't last, or just inferior in operation, if the pump hasn't been done for a while, buy a complete kit, not just an impeller. Carby parts are similar, I prefer genuine, but most are just gaskets and so on. As mentioned, check the model, most Mercury dealers will be able to help.
  22. Very common place to crack, it's due to bad workmanship, poor trailer setup or hard use in chop, which one is open to debate.
  23. They fall into the "ugly fish" category for me, like Pike, Sergeant Bakers, Sweep and small Nannigai, all go back, can't be bothered eating them, regardless of their possible eating qualities, that said, I have eaten all of them at some time.
  24. noelm


    Depends on the Hernia, some are no trouble to leave for a while, some require quick attention, it should be no problem getting it repaired pretty quick, it's not elective surgery.
  25. Been spiked a few times, really no worse than a Flathead, nothing to do with pufferfish toxin, they are similar to Blue Ring Octopus venom, probably the worst "sting" (no venom injection) is the Fortescue and the Black Trevally/Spinefoot/happy moment.
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