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  1. Kaneo

    Goodradigbee River

    Hey mate, I only flicked lures for a little bit I was drinking my beers trying to keep warm more then fishing, it was a good weekend! I send plenty of Redfin trout I believe I’m not to sure about fresh water species. The fish that were in the school weren’t very active or we were throwing the wrong lures 🥴
  2. Kaneo

    Goodradigbee River

    Thanks boys !
  3. Hey Raiders! I’ll be heading off on a camping trip this weekend to swinging bridge reserve & I’ll be trying my luck in the Goodradigbee river. I’ve never targeted fresh water species beside bass which I’ve only got the crankbait deep diver lures. Could I get some tips on catching the trout and cod & some pictures of lures please cheers kaneo
  4. Kaneo

    Molli point Yak rat session round 2

    Do you guys anchor up and how deep do you fish with the bait ?
  5. Kaneo

    Bass fishing at it finest

    Was good mate , I was using one lure wasn’t landing many but had a few chases changed to a different colour similar lure (chubby) jackall brand & it went off ?
  6. Hey raiders , My mate and I headed to the napean river in Penrith this morning around 6am to chase some bass. We had a successful day Catching around 20 bass between us, mainly small but still heaps of fun with the biggest catch around 25cm. Cheers Kaneo
  7. Kaneo

    Napean River Penrith

    Hi Raiders, A mate and I are heading down Penrith napean river tomorrow 5am & we’ll be launching from trenches reserve about 6am roughly in a small tinnie. I’ve never fished this area or been there to have any idea on where to fish for Bass. If any of you have been there and could give me a few pointers would be appreciated. Cheers Kaneo!
  8. Kaneo

    New fishing setup for lure fishing!!

    Setup is going good mate , haven’t really caught anything big at all on it only a few small bass but still enjoying it. I’m still chasing my flathead on a soft plastic but no luck there. Cheers kaneo
  9. Kaneo

    Bass session

    Hey Raiders, I’ve been a little in active with my posts so I thought I’d post a quick report on my bass fishing I have been doing lately. I’m New to lures & i still haven’t caught anything on a soft plastic or any salt water fish in fact. I have been using bass lures down at Camden napean river and almost every session I’ve been I’ve caught at least 1/2 only small but still great fun! This is a pic of my last bass I caught.
  10. Kaneo

    Sydney landbased

    Hey mate I’m new to lure fishing myself I haven’t had any luck yet, I’m sure a few of the raiders can give us some tips. cheers kaneo
  11. Kaneo

    Big bass

    Ah nice , heaps far from me aha
  12. Kaneo

    Big bass

    What a monster awesome, which lake was your daughter fishing at?
  13. Kaneo

    Broughton Mill Creek Bass

    This is awesome , love it !
  14. Kaneo

    Jig heads !

    I have had no luck :(((( what’s everyone’s go to lures for flathead and what size jigheads/hook
  15. Kaneo

    Jig heads !

    Do you store the lures back I go the packages they come in after you’ve cleaned them or leave seperate from the new ones ? Are z man your go to lures as well?