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  1. Mongrel baker

    artificial reefs

    Im also wondering whats being caught on the reef. Been meaning to get out their but the handheld gps has carked it. Wonder if the christmas holiday will bring people to the reef
  2. Mongrel baker

    hot Asian style slimy mackeral

    Carps alright. Ya need to catch one in fast flowing water. If ya dont they taste like mud
  3. Mongrel baker

    hot Asian style slimy mackeral

    Well for you who asked why i didnt use it for bait. The answer is simple. I like trying new things
  4. Mongrel baker

    what should i choose

    Thankyou all for your advice. So the 15kg rod is what i should get. And mono is choice. Thanks people
  5. Mongrel baker

    what should i choose

    i dont have sensitive fingers i just jerk the rod alot
  6. Mongrel baker

    what should i choose

    thankyou @rickmarlin62 for your wisdom i just thought that the 24kg is shorter id get better leverage
  7. Mongrel baker

    hot Asian style slimy mackeral

    ok guys heres a good recipe i mocked up which is "bloody delicious" as my dad says. he was a bit hesitant about eating slimey. but heres my recipe for a nice tasting dinner. what you'll need: a big slimy mackeral (bled instantly and put on ice) (if you have a small one like what mine was you can eat the bones) olive oil salt/chilli grinder soy sauce a barbeque steps: 1) when back at the boatramp with the bled slimey go along and clean it. (the blood line you can leave in as it tastes a little bit stronger but just as good as the fish) 2) with your fish at home, take of ice or out of the fridge, dry off with paper towel. pour a bit of soy sauce in the bottom of a curve sided plate. make sure the bottom is covered. add the chilli and salt to the soy and mix together 3) heat up barbeque and pour a bit of oil on the plate. 4) cook the mackerel on one side for a minute or so. flip over and cook for a couple of seconds on the other side. 5) serve up and eat. please note: i havent cooked slimey in a while so if something needs changing please forgive me. but overall experiment with the recipe
  8. Mongrel baker

    what should i choose

    G'day guys im just wondering what i should get. BCF have a tld 25, gimbal, and rod combo. the rods of your pick are either a triton 15kg rod or triton 24kg rod. so i want to but it for sharks, marlin, and any other game fish who take the offering of a big weightless yakka. i cant decide between the 15kg rod or the 24kg rod. should i get the 24kg rod and pair it up with some 15kg braid or 15kg mono. i might also use the rod for a bit of slow trolling a dead bait. as i live near the banks ive had a few encounters with some billfish and my dad wouldnt let me use his barra stick for the billies. thanks in advance