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  1. JulesandSand

    Vietnam Fishing

    yep, i also saw the floating fish market in Halong Bay near the "surprising cave" (i dont remember exactly, but i think it was near the cave), it was crowded
  2. JulesandSand

    Vietnam Fishing

    i did a cruise tour (2 days) in Halong Bay , at night, they offered night fishing, called it squid fishing, it sounds fun, but actually we didn't catch any thing, haha, however, it was an exciting experience! this is the itinerary, but i thing squid fishing is so popular in Halong as it is included in any cruise program
  3. JulesandSand

    Best Ever Tips For Blackie Fishing

    All that has been said is very true but my mum out fished many of men in black fishing loved watch everyone getting in to find out there way of doing it good to see someone pass on there great knowledge
  4. JulesandSand

    Fishy Glossary

    try to remember all of these
  5. JulesandSand