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  1. Thanks guys! Are they reasonably priced?
  2. Hi guys, Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with ordering reel parts directly from Shimano Australia. I cant seem to find any details on their website. Is it just me or does it feels a bit silly that they'd offer a reel schematic with all the part numbers when you cant find any details about them on their website. Cheers guys, Kev
  3. Thanks Taz and Baz, wonderful to constantly learn from great guys like yourselves willing to share knowledge. will definitely look at those things next time im buying a rod. used to check the alignment of the guides
  4. Hey Taz, can you explain what you mean by this? I have noticed sometimes when i pick up a rod in the shop and look through the guides, they arn't aligned straight! how frustrating, would hate to receive one of those in the mail if i bought it online.
  5. I'm looking for a servo that will sell them after 5pm, when most of the other tackles are closed. I've been to a few and they sell ice and gas and stuff but no bait, unfortunately Thanks Savit. do you know any servos in particular? Also i've had a look at the Bait N Go vending machine online and it doesnt have the best reviews! Some people are saying it took their money without dispensing the bait.
  6. Hey Raiders, Just wondering if people know where they sell those frozen bait packets in the Lower North Shore of Sydney after normal opening hours. The local tackle shop closes at 5pm. I can't seem to find a list of servos that sell them. Thanks.
  7. While you're at it, might be worth while to reverse the braid. By that i mean you spool the end that you've been fishing with (i.e. tying leaders, swivels) on to the spool first so that you have 'fresh' braid at the business end of the braid
  8. Hey Derek, did you also considered the 722 2-4kg by any chance? I'm tossing up between the 722 and the 762. I mainly throw plastics and may use it to do some squidding here and there.
  9. Hey, I would like to put my hand up. Not very good at the fishing thing either but would love to wet a line, share what i know (at least what i think i know..) and learn a few things. Been quite busy and haven't had a chance for a few months!
  10. Wow nice work mate! Let me know if you ever want some company. Always down to wet a line
  11. Hey Luke, next time you need company to go out, hit me up. always keen for a fish!
  12. Hey Raiders, When you guys refer to Edwards side, are you guys referring to the north or the south side of the middle rock thing? Cheers, Kev