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  1. Kevin1

    Looking for fishing buddie Hornsby/Berowra area

    Hey, I would like to put my hand up. Not very good at the fishing thing either but would love to wet a line, share what i know (at least what i think i know..) and learn a few things. Been quite busy and haven't had a chance for a few months!
  2. Kevin1

    Morning flatties before work

    Wow nice work mate! Let me know if you ever want some company. Always down to wet a line
  3. Kevin1

    1 spot available Terrigal 27th Jan morning

    Hey Luke, next time you need company to go out, hit me up. always keen for a fish!
  4. Kevin1

    fishing Balmoral Beach

    Thanks Ryder!
  5. Kevin1

    fishing Balmoral Beach

    Hey Raiders, When you guys refer to Edwards side, are you guys referring to the north or the south side of the middle rock thing? Cheers, Kev