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  1. If it helps, myself and a mate landed a 70cm flatty on live yakka a couple of years ago at balmoral pinned to the bottom with a paternosta Good luck M
  2. Thanks We ended trolling resulting in heaps of bonnies and we ran into a school of rat kings that provided some good fun on light gear also saw a shark at longy
  3. My friend and i have planned a day out on his boat for tomorrow and wondering if there has been any action recently outside the heads or any local reefs. I was thinking of trolling lures and or livebaits along some of the local reefs and headlands. Are there any locations that have been firing lately and would be reliable on a catch of kings? i am not wanting to steal your secret location but some local knowledge or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks #Maverick
  4. Have a look at the Penn Prevail rod Good quality rod and has a large range of different sizes available It is also a 2 piece for easy transport
  5. Nice fish there! Were all these fish caught on micro jigs? Thanks