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  1. Woodsy1

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Don't worry about the snapper I wanna add some of the stuff your getting up there to my list especially the yellowfin, just like Rick I'm jealous Woodsy
  2. Woodsy1

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Some great fish fellas, well done. Woodsy
  3. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Some great looking Jewfish there, well done Jeremy. Woodsy
  4. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Sounds Good Woodsy
  5. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Well done on the long tail Ojay and great video, I hope the crutch recovered. Woodsy
  6. Woodsy1

    Reds again

    At least you got a feed Baz. How many knts were you drifting at . It’s unusable not seeing any boats specially being that it’s the school holidays but I suppose that’s why I like fishing on Mondays. I’m heading out Wednesday (weather permitting) so hopefully it will be worth writing a report about (like Ricks monsters, sorry for butting into your post Rick). Good luck next time Baz Woodsy
  7. Woodsy1

    Reds again

    Hey Baz how did you go today? What was your decision? Which way did you go. Woodsy
  8. Woodsy1

    Reds again

    Well done Rick, some great fish, how’s the arms. Woodsy
  9. Woodsy1

    Something different Snapper!!!

    Great work Tyrone, it was a beautiful day but it’s always a great day fishing at port Stephens. Seeya next time Woodsy
  10. Woodsy1

    Ice fishing

    Great report, it’s great seeing something different. Looks like the kids are having fun. Woodsy
  11. Woodsy1

    Sunday arvo squid session

    Nice feed there, well done Woodsy
  12. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Toona time!

    Wow, first long tail for me and it tastes beautiful, I just cooked some little steaks on the hot weber for about 4 minutes Woodsy
  13. Woodsy1

    Swansea FAD

    Thanks Peter
  14. Woodsy1

    Snapper in St Georges Basin

    Sounds like you were kept busy. Woodsy
  15. Woodsy1

    Swansea FAD

    Good work peter, what was the depth when you started drifting for flatties Woodsy