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  1. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Great morning there Scratchie. I thought you could of at least taken Tangles with you as well, lol Woodsy
  2. Woodsy1

    Long weekend at Forster

    Well done, well worth the effort Woodsy
  3. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Nice one Scratchie
  4. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Scratchie no need to thank me mate I had a great day [even the way I ended up]. I think I may be converted to the plastics now. We had the fish with a lemon pepper crum, first time I had pearl it was beautiful. Woodsy
  5. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- late arvo sesh!!

    Really enjoyed the arvo Scratchie, and like normal heaps of tips and ideas on different techniques. It was a shame the tailor moved in. It’s great having you on the boat Scratchie and don’t worry there will be heaps more to come. I just might need to borrow some hooks Woodsy
  6. Woodsy1

    Oops i did it again

    Great fish rick Woodsy
  7. Woodsy1

    Wooli Round 2

    Nice yellowfin
  8. Woodsy1

    Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Great fish Scratchie, shame about the weather.
  9. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Nice fish Scratchie
  10. Woodsy1

    Broughton snapper

    I’ve gotta admit I do have a new mark on my sounder called rickmarlin62 but don’t worry today was a lucky day on another spot
  11. Woodsy1

    Broughton snapper

    You will get plenty of bait up there
  12. Woodsy1

    Broughton snapper

    Yeah he works at different ways to get out fishing
  13. Woodsy1

    Broughton snapper

    Hey Raiders What a great day, I went out for my second day with a great bloke his generosity with his fishing knowledge is unbelievable, thanks again Scratchie. We headed out at 5am to some rough conditions couldn’t get any bait at cabbage tree so headed up to our first spot at the island, anchored and got a bit of bait and yes he got one pretty much straight away, the conditions didn’t really improve. So we moved to One of Scratchie’s favorite spots for a few drifts, again conditions weren’t favourable so Scratchie let me in a another spot. Used heaps of smelly Berley and came up with some great snapper we lost a few real good ones as well. Mate thanks very much I had a great day except when we had the motor problem (in my boat) and took 2.5 hours to get back sorry Woodsy
  14. Woodsy1

    Kingfish Round 2

    Well Done again Scratchie. I got out there today and finally picked up a legal one, lost one at the side of the boat trying to get it in to early and got smoked by a real big one but it was great fun till the wind got to bad to stay out there. But the pens were absolutely packed people right in the middle fishing right on top of the workers, then this just came up on the NSW Dpi fisheries sight. woodsy Notice to Fishers in Port Stephens area NSW DPI and Huon Aquaculture are undertaking a research project to assess the viability of Kingfish aquaculture in offshore sea pens off Providence Bay Port Stephens. Last week, severe storms damaged one sea pen leading to the escape of Yellowtail Kingfish. Fishers are advised that a fishing closure was implemented today. Recreational and commercial and fishers may now not take fish within the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease. This is a temporary closure (till 7/2/18) to allow farm repairs and recapture of farmed Kingfish. Mariners are requested to avoid the lease area during recovery operations with ongoing diver assisted repairs to mooring infrastructure and sea pens. www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/aquaculture
  15. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens on fire!!

    Top Effort Scratchie, looks like a great day. Excellant fishing with the family. Can’t wait to get out there again with you. Woodsy