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  1. Woodsy1

    Sunsine coast of Qld

    Great report Yowie, Sounds like a good holiday. Woodsy
  2. Woodsy1

    Broughton Island

    Nice fish Gundi4, how good do they pull. It’s amazing how they just come on like a switch has been flicked and did you keep casting after you got your fish. Shame about the first one Woodsy
  3. Woodsy1


    Like usual you got a good feed, well done Rick. Woodsy
  4. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Nice one Peter, how were the conditions? I’m heading out tomorrow. Woodsy
  5. Woodsy1

    Bream and flathead

    Very nice looking Flatty, that would of been a nice fight on the light line. Woodsy
  6. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Magic Day

    Thanks @61 crusher, it was freakish the amount we were catching and such a top day
  7. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Good work Scratchie and Tyrone, sounded like another great day at Port Stephens Woodsy
  8. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Magic Day

    Bloody unbelievable and Great day out Scratchie, it was great seeing Brandon get his Snapper and keeping me laughing most of the day, I couldn’t believe I would end up feeling sore from catching to many fish. Did you feed jnr last night or starve him like he did to you by forgetting your food for the day. Woodsy
  9. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens arvo session

    Hope the tested her chef skills out on them. Woodsy
  10. Woodsy1


    Nice work Peter, hope you enjoyed the family trip Woodsy
  11. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- whiting!!!

    Great afternoon in Port Stephens well done Woodsy
  12. Woodsy1

    Arvo blackies

    Good work Rick.
  13. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens snapper

    Thanks Peter it was a great day, the fish looks nice the chef did a good job. Thanks to Everyone for my birthday messages and yes Scratchie the Greek was beautiful. Woodsy
  14. Woodsy1

    Winter kingfish in middle harbour

    Great fish Jeremy, quick morning on the water for some good fish. Woodsy
  15. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Yeah that will be good, and your pictures have been great, it looks beautiful over there. woodsy