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  1. Woodsy1

    Fiji fishing

    That would of been great fun. Woodsy
  2. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Yeah loved being in the bay the other day chasing the lizards really I just love any day on the water. I am closer to lake Macquarie, it actually takes me about 1hour 20mins to the ramp at port Stephens and it's worth the drive when you have so many choices of what to chase. Woodsy
  3. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Rick I’m getting greedy this summer I’d love a yellow fin tuna, a legal king, Mahi Mahi and dream of a Marlin. Hey but I’ll settle for just being on the water Woodsy
  4. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Thanks fellas Woodsy
  5. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    I had to try something, don't worry I won't hide the banana in your bag next trip. Thanks for the comments everyone. I gotta admit it's pretty easy when I just have to get the boat ready and Scratchie comes up with all the plans and spots then I just keep casting. Thanks for putting me on the right spot, another top day on the water. Woodsy
  6. Woodsy1

    Loved this vid

    Mate I love fishing but that is crazy. They have definatley got the Kiwi laid back Sweet as cuz attitude, They have more balls then I have. Woodsy PS I think I'm getting old
  7. Woodsy1

    Sydney Pearlies

    A few great fish there, I got my first Pearl Perch earlier this year, they taste beautiful Enjoy! Woodsy
  8. Woodsy1

    Yuuge Snapper

    Great fish, How good do they run? Woodsy
  9. Woodsy1

    Crowdy visit

    Nice fish Rick, hope to get up to Crowdyfor a fish this Summer
  10. Woodsy1

    Cracked the metre in Botany Bay

    Great fish Jenno Woodsy
  11. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- cracking day!

    Thanks nutsaboutfishing it was a great fight
  12. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- cracking day!

    What a great day.Thanks Scratchie and thanks to the other raiders for the comments. Yeah right Big Neil he does like seeing people he has helped with hints and tips get good fish but, he is a good bloke. I don’t know if he got over loosing that big one today. Woodsy
  13. Woodsy1

    Broughton Snapper

    Yes Yowie he knows it as good as his backyard.
  14. Woodsy1

    Broughton Snapper

    Thanks Kingie Chaser and Cape666 Yeah I couldn’t let him get 1 before me. Lol
  15. Woodsy1

    Broughton Snapper

    Thanks mate. There was a bit of current at the second spot so I used a 1/4oz jig head with slimmie fillets and heads