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  1. Top fish Pete, well done. Thanks for the mention, how good is it when your up there by yourself and all the different emotions you get when you catch fish like that. Woodsy
  2. Yeah it’s pretty good, I’ve been busy so only 1 time out so far with no luck. Yeah that sounds like a plan. Woodsy
  3. Great fish Jeremy, sounds like a great day. How long are you at port for? Woodsy
  4. Good work fellas, I’m missing the snapper already. Woodsy
  5. Well done Mick, how good is it getting them after the snapper whisperer gives ya the tips and tricks for getting them. Well done Scratchie your a good bloke. Keep at it Mick, hope the boat is going well. Woodsy
  6. Nice catch Rick and lunch looks great as well. Woodsy
  7. Ok thanks John I just got a new lens yesterday I’m gunna have a fiddle with it. Woodsy
  8. Hi John what size in mm is the lens that you are using Woodsy
  9. A few nice fish. It sounded like a great day out. I enjoyed reading your report Zoran. Woodsy
  10. Thanks Oz98 but I’m definitely still just an apprentice and lucky to have a fishing mate that’s a snapper whisperer Woodsy
  11. Thanks Rick, big Neil and others. It was another great day at P.S. Hopefully we can have another FishRaider weekend and get some better weather so we can all share in the snapper. Woodsy
  12. Great report Yowie, Sounds like a good holiday. Woodsy