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  1. Woodsy1

    Slow day at Port Stephens

    Lol far from it, I just listen and experiment that’s all
  2. Woodsy1

    Slow day at Port Stephens

    Yeah aren't there, Rick I got my fish on your spot today. thanks Yeah no real big ones, hey I did think of you hard at work. Woodsy
  3. Woodsy1

    Slow day at Port Stephens

    Hi Raiders Took my mates young bloke out today went to cabbage tree for some bait and they were very timid this morning but we got a few even with the boat that wanted to speed right up close to drop his line for a min then speed off again. But anyway we headed for the sisters but there were boats there already so steered clear of there and headed for the back of the island. Did a couple of drifts with the plastics and did no good so we tried drifting with bait and again no good, it didn't help with the same boat from the bait grounds and his mate either speeding across our drift our just sitting in it on spot lock so we moved to another spot for a couple of drifts for zero again so we anchored got the burley going and before we new it the young bloke picked 3 little plate sized snapper and with trying a few different versions of presenting the bait I ended up with 4 nice snapper as well. I hope I don't sound like a whinger but when I put a lot of effort into thinking about what other boats around may be doing I sort of would like the same but it was a top day and my mates young bloke loved being out there for the first time and getting a few. Woodsy
  4. Woodsy1

    So we got one.....now what do we do !?!

    That was great reading your report going fishing, well done on your first marlin. Woodsy
  5. Woodsy1

    Lake Mac snaps

    Great catch Maveric, there is a lot of good fish to be had in the lake. Woodsy
  6. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Lol no problem it was a good day Woodsy
  7. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Do we change this threads name to the Snapper Whisperer is back I did think after Jeremy and I got a few we were both gunna get one over him😀 thanks for the day Scratchie and Jeremy Woodsy
  8. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens two days

    Well done Rocky, good onya Scratchie for giving people a good day when you share your knowledge, will you be back to your old self getting the big ones on Monday, ummm Woodsy
  9. Woodsy1

    Broughton Island

    Great stuff Ka-Ching, the reds at Broughton are a lot of fun Woodsy
  10. Woodsy1

    Inkers in the mist

    Well done Jenno, nice squid Woodsy
  11. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    Thanks Rah
  12. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    Lol I’ve finally learnt how to tie my own knots now, I just wait till he cuts the bait up to get the best pieces Yeah It’s hard seeing Jeff only getting small ones, not
  13. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    Great day Scratchie maybe not for Brandon being crook but what a good kid he didn’t complain all day and caught us all those slimmies for us. It was great when we fineally found the snaps , thanks again for the tips. Thanks Baz persistence is paying off I’m liking beating the Snapper whisperer but I haven’t got much of the fish repellent left that I’m squirting Scratchie’s line Thanks Saltrix, your right woodsy
  14. Woodsy1

    Raiders on the prowl - Ettalong

    Sounds like a great morning on the water, well done Woodsy
  15. Woodsy1

    Port Stephens boxing day

    Good work Peter, don’t the pearlies taste great. There is a few people who could learn some Ramp etiquette around at the moment Woodsy