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  1. Jordant

    Trolling for Marlin advice

    Thanks for all the info fellas
  2. Jordant

    Trolling for Marlin advice

    Cheers jon good info appreciate it il keep updated on how I go
  3. Jordant

    Who Goes Out To Open Sea On A Smaller Boat?

    Cheers mate ? Yeah you will see me around the forum glad I finally joined a lot of great info on here
  4. Jordant

    Trolling for Marlin advice

    Hey Jon cheers for the info mate it's greatly appreciated are you running sinkers up on a swivel to get them down or you flatlining them?
  5. Jordant

    Who Goes Out To Open Sea On A Smaller Boat?

    Yeah ? I realized after I posted it like I said new to the forum ?
  6. Hey all long time fisho new forum member just want to get some advice on trolling for Marlin I'm from Wollongong and do a lot of land based game fishing for Marlin off the stones at Jervis Bay but have never gone out in my boat and trolled I am still eagerly awaiting the currents to push them down this way I will be fishing of Wollongong and if this season is anything like last they will be in close but until then if anyone has any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated anything from rigs to trolling speeds lures live bait dead baits the whole shebang I only have a 4m boat so my spread will be limited to 2 -3 rods hope to hear from you soon happy fishing
  7. Jordant

    Who Goes Out To Open Sea On A Smaller Boat?

    Hey mate I've got a 12' quintrex dart lake boat with raised transom and 2016 20hp Honda 4 stroke even tho I don't take it out far maby 3-4km at max I am very weary I have been caught out only being a few km out im not the most experienced captain but there is only one way to learn just just make sure you have all the correct safety gear, that your motor and boat are in very good condition and good idea to log on with local maritime services before you head out so they know where you are ? Happy fishing