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  1. Thanks, that’s not a bad idea. Only thing is I feel a little bit guilty going and looking at a boat that I will most likely not buy. Although the boat is at a dealer and to some extent he is helping keep prices up so doing his job. How would you feel asking to take one for a test run?
  2. Hi all Have been contemplating a new (to me) boat for a while now. I currently have a 2004 Bar Crusher 640C with a 150HPDI on the back. I find it a bit hard riding and also not that stable at rest, so have been thinking it might be time to trade up to a glass boat. A Grady White Seafarer 228 (2012 model) with a Yamaha 250hp has caught my eye and was keen to get the good people of this forum thoughts on them. The boat is located over 1000km away, so want a reasonable degree of confidence that it is going to be something I will want to go ahead with before I go up and have a look at it. I do have a report where the local marine technician has had a look at it. As above, the main reasons for wanting to change is: - better ride as have a bad back - more stable at rest - would prefer a 4 stroke with the GW has Appreciation any advice please? What would you do?
  3. This is the other fish wondering what it is? Neither fish kept.
  4. Spent Saturday fishing Crowdy. Started at Curphey’s and the drift was fast. Tried to anchor so could hold bottom. Got a bream of all things from the reef. Went to a Mark called Neverfail where have got flathead before. Ended up picking up 2 pannies and 3 flathead so got a feed. Tried trolling Diamond Head and the FAD for nothing but enjoyable weekend away with the boy. Does anybody know what either of these are?
  5. We do have 2 cats, so one Mac tuna might end up strip baits and cat food. They are still fun to catch and if my 9 year old got on to one, it would be a good fight for him.
  6. Was going to try for an early start at Curphy Shoal, then maybe head down towards Diamond Head for an explore. Have picked up the map from the Marine Rescue on a previous trip. More than happy to take suggestions. What general direction did you head?
  7. Thanks for the report Scratchie. I’m hoping to head there this weekend with my boy.
  8. I have a Bar Crusher which the seats need replacing both from the perspective of the the current upolstrey is splitting and want something that might give me more back support. Does anybody who has a newer Bar Crsuher, can you please let me know what brand/type of seat they fit as standard these days? Also, any recommendations of what type of seat to fit for some back support?
  9. How suspicious are you about bananas on a boat? I don’t normally catch many fish, but more fortunes have started to change and have had a great fishing trip since my daughter suggested we take the banana boat sunscreen out of the boat. I have heard of people going as far as throwing the bananas out of a bag of mixed lollies over board. How far do you take it???
  10. The weather is crap down here at the moment. Gust of 36 knots earlier and forecast to get to over 3m swell. Dragging some nippers around sounds like it might be an option tomorrow. Was up at Wooli last year and was great fun basically sight casting nippers at small whiting in about a foot of water. Watching how they went at the bait was really interesting. Narooma at times has that really clear water as well were you could see the fish taking your bait.
  11. Thanks, I have one but have never used it. Is the is common problem around Bermagui?
  12. Went out of Bermagui on Saturday. Started east of Camel Rock drifting for flathead and got 5 keepers. Tried moving to 4 mile for a bottom bounce, however was drifting too fast to hold bottom even with a decent sinker. Any suggestions how could slow the drift to be able to hold the bottom? Do I need a sea anchor or just more lead? What do others do? Ended up heading back to Camel Rock for some more flathead including my PB before heading back in for the afternoon as the kids had enough.
  13. Not sure as do not have a temp sensor on the sounder. If you are asking to see if Marlin are about, the guys at the next camp over had one close to the boat.
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