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  1. Fish_More

    FG Knot tool

    Thanks. I'm going to give the a crack. Only have one filling and thing it come from holdings the braid in my teeth when doing the FG knot up at the Swains.
  2. Fish_More

    Crowdy Head weekend

    No luck on the perlies or trag. With a bit of luck, might head up there again in a couple of weeks.
  3. Fish_More

    Laggers Point boat ramp

    Thanks Frank I was just going on the below link. Also found this in a previous post on the forum referring to it --> Maybe best to stay in the river or alternatively look for something else a bit safer to go outside. It will have to be cracking weather to take her out in any case. Cheers Mark
  4. Fish_More

    Laggers Point boat ramp

    Hi all Looking for some information on Laggers Point boat ramp at South West Rocks? Thinking of taking the kids up to South West Rocks for some family time. I have done a bar crossing course with Bill Corten up in Brisbane but still not particularly experienced at bar crossings and from everything I have read, the Macleay River bar is not the bar to be gaining your experience on, especially with a 8 year daughter on board. What is the ramp like? How effected by surge is it? Understand it has had some work done to the area recently? Thanks for any info or background you can provide. Mark
  5. Fish_More

    Crowdy Head weekend

    Thanks, I can't wait to give it another go now, just need a good weather weekend. This weekend is not looking the greatest.
  6. Fish_More

    Crowdy Head weekend

    Hi all Spent last weekend (19 -21st January) up at Crowdy Head. Finished work early on Friday for a 6 hour drive from Mudgee to Crowdy. It was dark by the time we got supplies and go the boat in the water, so just slept in the boat harbour for the night. Was not going out in the dark at new place. Through a line over at the wharf and got a bream and some brown spotted cod. Next morning we headed out early. Only 1 snapper each from Giles Shoal. Tried the waverider buoy but no luck. We ran out to the GPS co-ordinates from the DPI website for the FAD but could not find it. Anybody know where it is? Did not have any luck until dusk when we picked up a few more keepers. Same Sunday morning, picked up a few keepers on dawn and then everything went quiet. Had one king grab the bait and go for a run but did not hook up. Also saw plenty swimming around under the boat but could not tempt them. Anybody know where you can get live bait around the area? I think that is what we needed to get the kings. Just as we were packing up to head back to the ramp for the 6 hour drive home, Fisheries came over to check fishing licences. I dug mine out of the boat pocket and handed over for the response that has expired. When they came on board to get details, I was getting my drivers licence out for ID and came across my new (3 year) fishing licence in my wallet which much relief. Good weekend had by all and even though it is a long drive, will definitely be back for another crack at Crowdy. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Cheers Mark
  7. Fish_More

    Swains in july

    Hi Frosty Gear wise you have it about right with an overhead for bottom bashing and trolling from the motorboat and a spin rod for casting from the dorys. Have not been on the MV Night Crossing. My most recent trip was on Kanimbla which was a good boat. Let me know if you want anymore specific on gear (rod, reel, rigs etc). Cheers Mark
  8. Fish_More

    Where would you go fishing?

    Hi Raiders After some advice please. I'm based in Mudgee which is 3:45 drive north west of Sydney. Hoping to take the kids (8 & 5 year old) fishing next weekend. The closest place to get to the salt is Port Stephens which is 4:07 drive. I'm willing to drive no more than 5:30. Plan to take off Friday night and do couple hours and then finish it next morning for a fish most of Saturday and a bit of Sunday morning. 5:30 makes the southern limit Batemans Bay and northern limit Port Macquarie. Boat is 6.5m plate, so willing to go outside in good conditions. The kids and I have slept on the boat before and had a great time, so more than willing to do it again. Have been to Port Stephens a few times and potentially looking to try somewhere new (not that Port Stephens is not nice, just exploring). Where would go? Thanks Mark
  9. Fish_More

    1770 Lady Musgrave

    Have been out of 1770 a few times but not that far out. The bar at the creek is not too bad and the weather outside would be too bad before the bar become a problem. Suggest you have a look at $&@! which has a lot of information about 1770 etc. They do a meet & greet there most years. Good luck and very envious! Mark PS can I come?
  10. Fish_More

    Hinchinbrook island fishing

    Interested to see an replies or hear how you go as would like to do the same one day.
  11. Fish_More

    Leaking bung

    Okay, have decided not to go screws as don't want stainless against the ally causing issues. Going to order a bund online and try to sort that way with some blind rivets and sikaflex.
  12. Fish_More

    Leaking bung

    Maybe I should have searched before posting. When people say use screws instead of rivets, do you mean a self tapping screw as I do not have access to the area behind as it is a sealed buoyancy chamber?
  13. Fish_More

    Leaking bung

    Hi all Undid the bung in one of the buoyancy chambers in the boat and about 10 litres of water came out. Probably poor form on my behalf, but I don't think I have checked them for about 6 months as never had a problem before. If you look at the attached picture, it seems like the water is coming around the bung. My guess is it is coming through the rivet. Do you think I can get away with just drilling the rivet out and replacing it or should I replace the whole bung? It is about an hour and half to the nearest boating place which would make it 3 hours return. Do I need to use a special type of rivet when replacing? Cheers Mark
  14. Fish_More

    Port Stephens bait shop

    Thanks Luddysmper. Ended up going to Duff's. I got away from work late, therefore was late getting into Port Stephens. We gave him a call along the way and was willing to stay open a bit late for us which was much appreciated.
  15. Fish_More

    Port Stephens bait shop

    Thanks. Little Beach it is!