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  1. How suspicious are you about bananas on a boat? I don’t normally catch many fish, but more fortunes have started to change and have had a great fishing trip since my daughter suggested we take the banana boat sunscreen out of the boat. I have heard of people going as far as throwing the bananas out of a bag of mixed lollies over board. How far do you take it???
  2. The weather is crap down here at the moment. Gust of 36 knots earlier and forecast to get to over 3m swell. Dragging some nippers around sounds like it might be an option tomorrow. Was up at Wooli last year and was great fun basically sight casting nippers at small whiting in about a foot of water. Watching how they went at the bait was really interesting. Narooma at times has that really clear water as well were you could see the fish taking your bait.
  3. Thanks, I have one but have never used it. Is the is common problem around Bermagui?
  4. Went out of Bermagui on Saturday. Started east of Camel Rock drifting for flathead and got 5 keepers. Tried moving to 4 mile for a bottom bounce, however was drifting too fast to hold bottom even with a decent sinker. Any suggestions how could slow the drift to be able to hold the bottom? Do I need a sea anchor or just more lead? What do others do? Ended up heading back to Camel Rock for some more flathead including my PB before heading back in for the afternoon as the kids had enough.
  5. Not sure as do not have a temp sensor on the sounder. If you are asking to see if Marlin are about, the guys at the next camp over had one close to the boat.
  6. Morwong photo
  7. Fish_More


    Headed out about 5:30 this morning. Fairly overcast and some light rain at times. Tried Mowarry Point for donuts, then came back to a headland halfway between Mowarry and Boyd Tower for a nice morwong and a snapper. Got one of these that did not know what it was. Found out later it was a nannygia. Started getting sick of snags so moved to inside the northern headland to try for some flathead. Got a few and came home with a meal before the rain started to set in.
  8. Went out to East Boyd Bay to try for a few squid. Have only tried a couple of times before and my son was the only one that actually caught one. Got my first squid and my daughter also got her first squid which was the highlight. Getting to the point, what is the easiest way to clean them?
  9. Headed out early. The importance of the swell period forecast was re-enforced. Only 6 seconds and certainly bigger than the 1.1m for the forecast. Tried Mowarry Point again but was not comfortable. Went in behind the northern headland for some shelter and try for some flathead. Only one keeper so far and very quiet.
  10. Down at Eden for Easter. Headed out this morning for a couple of nice snapper which will go well on the BBQ tonight. Weather tomorrow is looking ok. Is it worth the run down to Greencape of should I just stick with Mowarry Point?
  11. Ignore my original response. Must have been taking drugs! It is buoyweather
  12. Weatherzone. Not sure how reliable it is 16 days out. You only get 3 days for the free version. Can also do 1 month free trial.
  13. Have a canopy on the back of one car with a reversing camera on it. All you can see with the boat connected is the front of the cabin of the boat. Have fitted some wider towing mirrors this weekend and might see how they go before doing too much more investigation.
  14. I do a fair bit of long distance towing due to where I work and live and where I want to fish. Has anybody fitted a rear-view camera to there boat. Something that gets submerged is not going to last long so was thinking wireless of the canopy? Keen to learn from your experience?
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