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  1. Agree the forecast is not much more than entertainment value in respect to if we are going fishing or not. I was over there this weekend and if the forecast was looking good, might have considered putting my boat in storage rather than towing 4 hours back to Mudgee.
  2. As somebody on here has told me (and I agree), a forecast this far in advance is not worth the paper it is written on, but it is not looking good.
  3. Cough, cough! I’m not feeling very well and don’t think I will be able to make it to work tomorrow. I’m sure I do feel well enough though to go out the back, connect the boat, drive all night and fish all day for a couple of days.. see you in the morning! Very envious. A very beautiful part of the world. Enjoy.
  4. I can't agree more that about the only thing certain about a forecast is that it is a forecast what actually happens will be different probably more often than not. I live inland and at least 4 hours from where I normally fish, which means a fishing trip is not just going out for the morning, it is a whole weekend thing for me usually. Having a longer term forecast us useful for me so I can start to give SWMBO a bit of warning, "I'm going away next weekend" about a week in advance. Normally a day or two before, a "go" or "no-go" decision is made based on a number of sources like BW, WW and BOM. If I do go, it is all good as it was expected. If I stay home, hopefully she wants me around, so all good as well. Better than a last minute, I'm going away for the weekend!
  5. I normally use Buoyweather as well as Willyweather. You can also get a 16 day forecast on the paid version of Buoyweather.
  6. Slept in the car park at the boat ramp at Crowdy last night. Got there about 8pm. Only saw Rick's post this morning and after seeing his post about the reds he got at Broughton, absolutely kicking myself. Nothing much doing at the shoals, but did get my first snapper on a micro-jig. If I stretched it, it might have just been legal but let it go for another day. Temp in hte 21's at the shoals. Ran out to the wave rider, water was still only 22 and green. Nothing doing. Continued on to the FAD, water blue and 24.9. Lots of dollies around the FAD. Weather was almost perfect. Just over 20 minute run back from the FAD to the boat harbour.
  7. Hi all Anybody know what is doing up at Crowdy Head this weekend? Come to work this morning with the boat on the back and the weather is looking good, so I'm going somewhere, just need to decide where??? Thanks Mark
  8. Ok, I'm convinced. I will be wearing a life jacket.
  9. No issue with wearing one when crossing a bar or otherwise legally required to wear one. I had a situation recently when we anchored up in a bay for the night and a flogging storm came in. Anchor dragged twice and we decided we had to head for a safer location. It is one of the few times I have gone, lets put life jackets on, just in case.
  10. Hi kingie_chaser The vessel is over 4.8m length, therefore the above does not apply. But I followed your link and read the sections above and below what you posted. The bit about children under 12 need to wear a life jacket made me think, when I go out with my 7 year old, I make him wear a life jacket. To avoid the argument, whenever I ask him to wear a life jacket, I put one on too, therefore maybe I should just put in on. What do they say, nobody ever died from wearing a life jacket? Mark
  11. Hi Punters what does everybody do when flying solo out on the boat. Do you where a life jacket all the time just in case? If it makes a difference, boat is a cuddly cab with decent size but not sure it matters. Thanks Mark
  12. Agreed, Realistically, the chance I don't take the boat is about a million to one. Imagine how I would feel if I got up there and the forecast changed to perfect and I did not have the boat with me. About the only thing certain about weather forecasts is they are not 100% correct. On that note, next weekend is not looking too bad....
  13. Talking to my wife’s uncle who has put his boat in a few times at Minnie, his advice was go backwards a tiny bit before you start to go forward to pull the boat out. I assume it is to get the wheels out of the whole to the extent they have sunk. I know I should not be bothering to look this far out but I can’t help myself. The forecast for Minnie for Easter weekend is fluctuating a fair bit. Current is what Buoyweather has now, but this morning Saturday was 3.9m waves and was starting to think about leaving the boat at home!
  14. Hi all Going to Minnie Water for Easter and was going to chuck in the crab pots. I always thought the limit was one trap per person but have just looked on the website and says two per person? Does anybody know if I have my 7 year old with me, is he allowed 2 traps as well? Cheers Mark