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  1. Slawman

    New Around These Parts

    Hey Troy, good fun project. Once you are done with your building/renovations take the boat somewhere calm and close to shore for a good few times to test everything out, old boats have a way of failing in the most unexpected ways. When you put the floor back make sure that anything you put under it is easy to access ie. bilge pump. eventually you will need to service it or repair it and you want to make that as easy as possible. Get new good quality batteries if you have not already and install a good isolator switch. If you have the option, mount the battery as high as possible in the boat to keep them dry in the event of a spillage...
  2. Slawman

    Boat upgrade

    Hi Fezza, I have a Formosa 550 with a 115 that suits me just about perfectly in my current situation. I wanted something light that could tow and could be handled solo. It has a cabin so the kids can sit it out on their iStuff if needed. It is a fishing boat primarily and it lets me fish anywhere around Sydney and offshore (weather permitting) pretty comfortably. The ride is rougher than an equivalent fiberglass boat but you can control that somewhat by the way you drive it and the aluminium is much lighter than a fiber boat which is a plus. The only thing i find myself wanting for is an ability to go offshore in rougher weather and the potential to overnight on the boat which I would go to a 7m for. The 115 gets me along at 30 knots and has not missed a beat. I guess the 115 in this size aly boat gets it along roughly the same as a 150 on the same size of fiberglass boat. I would encourage you to do a sea trial with a few models (Aly and fiberglass) if you have the opportunity so you can get a feel for the differences first hand.
  3. Slawman

    Battery help

    There are a whole lot of things it could be however I agree with a few of the other posts to check how the batteries are holding charge. This can be quite a tricky thing to do without the proper gear (shops and mechanics tend to have proper load testers). When batteries fail equipment starts acting up (seems almost random) as the voltage drop and then recovers and then drops again in a fairly short time. Age, how many times they have run down and how they have been kept all impact on the useful life. If it were me I would be sticking in a new set as a starting point....
  4. Slawman

    How to cut up a Squid

    Thanks Derek, I was actually trying to find your posts as I could recall reading it and thinking at the time what great info. I remember reading some information from an experienced Sydney operator about how he puts the guts on a hook so they stay on but cannot for the life of me find that info. I cannot work out how he did this as all the guts just seem to be soft and similar in consistency whenever I have used guts....I cannot even tell if they make it to the bottom still on the hook.
  5. Slawman

    How to cut up a Squid

    Thanks Paddy & Mrs Swordfisherman. I found the search on this occasion was not fruitful so I thought something with this title would make it easier for a search in the future perhaps. I have read a lot of information but mostly vague (to me) I get the squid has guts, a head and a hood but exactly how to present and cut is info that would be really helpful. Maybe there are no specific techniques to be aware of. I have personally found that tubes are good guts and all for snapper and kingies but know many prefer the specific cuts mentioned above.
  6. Slawman

    How to cut up a Squid

    Hi all, I am wondering if I can have some advice on how others cut Squid into baits for Kingfish? In particular how do others put gut or head on the hook? What is the best way to get the gut to stay on? Cut the hood into strips or tubes? How big? ie. how many baits would you get out of a 1kg (20cm hood) Squid?
  7. Slawman

    Species Target

    Hit the water around 8 this morning with my daughter. I like to ask exactly the kids what we are going for before we leave to see if I can get some buy-in (does not always work). Today we were going for Squid and Leather Jacket as my daughter loves both of them fried with a bit of flour. Had a flick along the west side of the harbour for not much then hit a few (3) around the Obelisk; Safe and sound in the tank. Always have trouble dropping these things in as far as I am concerned they are prime dinner table fare but dropped one at the barrel and lost most of it to pickers before heading to Sow and Pigs for a few Leather jacket. I swear these things are related to Piranha..... Could not raise any Yakkas for the life of me?? Home for a great feed of Salt and Pepper Squid and LJ. Truly underrated these LeatherJacket, what a sweet little morsel and no tiny bones either....
  8. Slawman

    Hydraulic steering

    Very happy with mine. Has not missed a beat in over 150 hours.
  9. Slawman

    Kings still in the harbour

    Some great action there Pickles and some fine eating. Great stuff.
  10. Slawman

    Spinning for kings

    Given your budget, I would go for a Daiwa BG 6500 combined with a Daiwa Saltist Coastal, probably the 70XH. Stick some 30lb braid on there with a 30lb Fluro leader and your ready to rock. You will pick the lot up for between 400 and 450. I am pretty brand agnostic with gear but the BG range is just outstanding value at the moment. It would be worthwhile going into a shop to get a feel for the rods and look over the lures to appreciate the weights you will likely be casting. Most people tend to get a much heavier rod than they really need. I just put a set together a very similar set for my son.
  11. Slawman

    Jyndabine lake trolling

    What a great trip, thanks for sharing. I am tempted to do the run myself now.....:)
  12. Slawman

    Spinning for kings

    There's too many options...... I go with a PE3 / 4 rated rod capable of casting up to 100gm jigs and a spinning reel with at least 13 kilos of drag. You want it as light as possible (easy to carry, handle, use) but still with the chance to land a decent kingy. When I am shopping for a spinning set I look at the target species, line weight, jig weight and then look at reels that will put the drag on to warrant the line weight. Beyond that it is how good the sales guy is or how persuasive your mates are to land you with something specific.
  13. Slawman

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    I would not serve it as Sashimi on Wednesday. Unfortunately freezing for Sashimi needs to be immediate and fast/specialized (not what you can do with a domestic freezer). Have some Sashimi tonight and take a few selfies.....Freeze the rest and cook some steaks for your guests perhaps.
  14. Slawman

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    That is awesome, its stories like this that keep me fishing......thank you!
  15. Slawman

    After market electric reel motor

    Interesting, I have a few boat wiper motors that might do the trick.....