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  1. ARC H

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    Nice! got a few flatties bout 2 weeks go on samaki vibes in brissy waters. definately heating up
  2. ARC H

    Where to catch bass near gosford

    cheers I have always thought below the weir more for when it heats up but will have to give it ago above it
  3. ARC H

    Where to catch bass near gosford

    @rickmarlin62 Is this the second weir? looks like the creek stops then along comes this n it widens out agin
  4. ARC H

    Where to catch bass near gosford

    Thanks heaps interesting bout mangrove it looks so fishy
  5. ARC H

    Where to catch bass near gosford

    i have been looking on google heaps with the crap weather. is it worth having a crack at mooney or mangrove creek or any others up there that trail off the hawkes
  6. ARC H

    NRL Grand Final

    yep im a panther but roos for this one
  7. ARC H

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

  8. ARC H

    first session for bass season

    nice. cant wait till it fires up more?
  9. ARC H

    Lock out

    yeah i read that was good
  10. Nice! EPs are awesome fun
  11. ARC H

    Any Salmon action recently in Sydney ?

    like has been said cenny coast beaches are fishing well. Wamberal or north entrance are great as for sydney i dont know but pick a beach with some surf and a gutter and your in for a crack cheers
  12. ARC H

    Neutral Bay Action (LRG AUS Salmon)

    well done they go hard those sambos
  13. ARC H

    Central coast beach fishing

    Nice Plenty of salmon on the coast at the moment
  14. ARC H

    whiting rigs?

    6lb fluorocarbon leader or lighter should be tied from mainline Personally I would go sinker, swivel, leader, red tube then hook
  15. ARC H

    Flathead fishing advice

    Yeah the wrigglers are awesome Good luck