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  1. ARC H

    Any Salmon action recently in Sydney ?

    like has been said cenny coast beaches are fishing well. Wamberal or north entrance are great as for sydney i dont know but pick a beach with some surf and a gutter and your in for a crack cheers
  2. ARC H

    Neutral Bay Action (LRG AUS Salmon)

    well done they go hard those sambos
  3. ARC H

    Central coast beach fishing

    Nice Plenty of salmon on the coast at the moment
  4. ARC H

    whiting rigs?

    6lb fluorocarbon leader or lighter should be tied from mainline Personally I would go sinker, swivel, leader, red tube then hook
  5. ARC H

    Flathead fishing advice

    Yeah the wrigglers are awesome Good luck
  6. ARC H

    Flatties on the Flats

    Nice stuff all look very similar, dark color and even with the tail
  7. ARC H

    Flathead fishing advice

    Just get a shrimp, grub or fish style soft plastic. In some sort of natural color i don't think specific color matters to much. walk along foreshores casting as you go and concentrate your efforts on jetties, rockwalls moorings, dropoffs and weedbeds as has been said, any bit off structure really another thing is check out if there are bait fish, prawns in the water and try to imitate them with a lure if you are using grub or shrimp styles you'll encounter some good bycatch like bream if you fishing around 1 -2metres of water 1/8 or 1/2th as has been said is the go also they are expensive but soft vibes are great also make sure you slow your retrieve down in winter enjoy and good luck
  8. ARC H

    Meet up to talk fishing

    dont let it stopya fishing 😉
  9. ARC H

    Estuary perch

    Cheers, the boofs are awesome And yeah I've heard that punt bridge and the one in narrara near West Gosford are good
  10. ARC H

    Estuary perch

    Yeah sure is Cheers
  11. ARC H

    Estuary perch

    Gday raiders Got a small chance to fish yesterday around sunset was chucking 4" plastics around the rail bridge at gosford for zilch. Just before we headed decided to lighten up with a 6lb leader and put a popper on flicking it over the weedbeds on the rock wall there here is the result good to save a doughnut went 40cm Atomic popper and a bit of added scent, chucked it back after pic. cheers
  12. ARC H

    Hawkesbury Soap

    Beaut Fish well done seem to be cracking them👍 what lb line do you use?
  13. ARC H

    Port Stephens- Mixed bag

    Looks like a good day and nice fish. Good stuff
  14. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    yeah ok i might do that to because i think i hooked it lucky. and even smaller ones rub leader cheers