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  1. ARC H

    Where's Harry?

    Over easter we got one boatside about 1.5, and got snipped twice with plenty of runs, n landed one about 70 all while targeting jews-no trace 😠🤣 was throughout the night near the rail bridge just off cogra so their there!!
  2. yeah my brother does it of the beach taking half bonito etc. out on a over head for sharks
  3. Good stuff mate. good place the cenny coast 😉
  4. ARC H

    big big bait

    Sharks arent so fussy when it comes to freshness of bait. Buy Bonito or mullet from the bait shop. 👍
  5. Yeah theres been plenty of rat kings and bonnies around. People have been getting bigger kingies on livies on the central coast ledges. as for long tail tuna, Spanish mackerel, cobia i am not sure, but dont think it's the right season for long tail. I have heard south-west is great also. Whatever you do good luck👍
  6. Nice! got a few flatties bout 2 weeks go on samaki vibes in brissy waters. definately heating up
  7. cheers I have always thought below the weir more for when it heats up but will have to give it ago above it
  8. @rickmarlin62 Is this the second weir? looks like the creek stops then along comes this n it widens out agin
  9. Thanks heaps interesting bout mangrove it looks so fishy
  10. i have been looking on google heaps with the crap weather. is it worth having a crack at mooney or mangrove creek or any others up there that trail off the hawkes
  11. ARC H

    NRL Grand Final

    yep im a panther but roos for this one