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  1. ARC H

    Port Stephens- Mixed bag

    Looks like a good day and nice fish. Good stuff
  2. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    yeah ok i might do that to because i think i hooked it lucky. and even smaller ones rub leader cheers
  3. ARC H

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    Nice squid. looks like bad winds tomorrow as well😫
  4. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Yeah ok each to their own I reckon even with flatties you'll get more strikes with lighter leader and the gear still has enough grunt to get it in as long as the teeth don't get in the way. I had the drag backed off and let it take its time
  5. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    A while mate it took a few attempts with the net. Thought was gonna lose it for a bit
  6. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Yeah I used to use 10lb but I reckon 6 is fine just hope they don't swallow it
  7. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Cheers it would of been good to see you The net I've got is pretty long its extendable so it never gets in the way either
  8. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    @dirvin21 Cheers and it was lucky it was hooked in the top of the mouth @big Neil I am already figuring out how to😜
  9. ARC H

    Central Coast Fishing

    Good luck👍
  10. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Yeah it was awesome Cheers
  11. ARC H

    Central Coast Fishing

    The beach fishes well for Flathead, Bream, Salmon, Tailor, Jew and Sharks the two more so at night. If there is weed like mentioned it will be hard tho. I usually fish Brisbane waters for Flathead and Bream and whiting if you are interested in going there ill give you more detail. There is Jewies getting round but im yet to get one cheers
  12. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Gday Raiders Got my PB Flathead in the Hawkesbury on kayak yesterday it went 75cm Caught on a Z man minnow 4 inch in pearl white. 1\4 Jighead and lots of procure scent. About an hour before low near a old mooring in parsley bay Got a few smaller ones and also a Bream on a grub I was using a 2000 reel 10lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader was pretty interesting trying to land it cheers
  13. ARC H

    Drummer fishing - winter is coming

    Nice maybe i should get into drummer fishing
  14. ARC H

    brisbane water snapper

    Nice I have heard and seen caught nice snapper around the rip bridge cheers