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  1. Chakka

    Not what we planned for

    Wow what a fish. Awesome
  2. Chakka

    Quick Calamari Bash

    Mate you did more then alright? salt & pepper squids on you right? great work.
  3. Chakka

    Port Hacking again

    Once again you produce the goods. Great work.
  4. Chakka

    The struggles and excitement of Clifton

    Definitely a good read and report. Nice fish aswell
  5. Chakka

    Callala beach

    Thank. Iv thought the same thing i usually fish the basin and the bay and callala always seemed a bit like that. I guess i got lucky?
  6. Chakka

    Callala beach

    Cheers bruce ill give it a try when im down there next
  7. Chakka

    Callala beach

    Cheers guys yeah it was awesome.yeah top spot on the beach I should correct that welster couple beers each i should say?
  8. Solid catches mate
  9. Chakka

    Broken bay wide

    Well done. Thats a solid fish great fillets for the bbq.
  10. Chakka

    Callala beach

    For a while now I've wanted to post my first report and now the times here. So After the help of a few raiders on here giving me a few pointers, The day finally came where i was off , heading down for a few days at callala beach. First day we got there we went down to the beach, our backyard pretty much opened up to the beach so cheering it was so close 5m away. We armed ourselves with our gear and a couple of beers between the 3 of us and hit the beach for a night sesh. Fished an hour before high tide and 2 hours after and managed to bag ouselves with a 50cm flatty, 48cm flatty, 35cm bream and 26cm tarwhine. All caught on pipis, squid strips and prawns using our light beach outfits. our next couple of sessions over the 3days there weren't as successful catching undersize whiting and bream but hey thats fishing was good to get out there and bag ourselves a feed. Cheers all Chakka
  11. Chakka

    Land based Sydney harbor

    Great report mike. Make great fillets though. Looks like double bay? Any squid hanging around there if so.
  12. Chakka

    Callala beach tips

    Thanks GH
  13. Chakka

    Unforgettable Day

    Mate awesome report especially when its landbased its even better
  14. Chakka

    Broughton reds

    Wow solid reds.nice
  15. Chakka

    Callala beach tips

    Mate thats very unfortunate Prawning in the bay really havent heard of that, i know ive prawned in the basin before maybe ill try it when im there next week of timeimg is right. You boys known if there is any place to pump nippers in the bay? Besides the basiin and inlet