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  1. Haha its good fun! Bream on light gear hit hardbodys HARD they are definitely fun to catch, 34cm was the biggest. Going to try agaib this arvo and see how i go! Yeah i will look for them too
  2. So far no luck! Ive definitely seen them (small ones) paddled prob 150m past the road bridge and then float down all the way to the caravan footbridge. Lost count of how many bream ive caught lol just been throwing lures in snag ive seen
  3. Thanks guys!!! Getting some tackle for them now. Cant wait
  4. Sorry mate what do u mean by that? Haha. I cant wait! Going to bust my ass of to find them
  5. Yeah? Wow i know the bridge entering hat head, nevet thought there would be jacks there, defiantly going to chase them hard! Thanks man i appreciate it! Always wanted to catch a jack and now i might
  6. Hey guys!!! Im heading up to hat head and south west rocks over xmas. Mostly going to do creek fishing at hat and probably head to the ledge as well, Ive got a yak and i have heard some rumors of jacks being caughtin the creek at hat head? Can anyone confirm that they can be caught around there. Mainly be targetting bream, bass in the upper creek and bonito and kings from the ledge on poppers and metals
  7. Just got back online boys sorry for the delay!!! Great fish mate! Unfortunately i havent been to chase cod yet haha itching for it and over xmas im heading up to south west rocks but dont think there is any around there haha
  8. Hey guys! Keen on giving the cod a crack! Never targeted them before but im definitely keen. Just as in a newb in this department, not asking for your spot x just curious of a land based spot i could go and try? I live in west sydney and dont mind a drive to make a weekend trip out of it
  9. Hey lads. Something which ive struggled to understand is say u buy a 2500reel with 5kg drag and advises 8lb etc How do u know what rod rating to get? Ive tried to search online and cant find anything about matching a rod to a reel in terms of weight. If anyone knows the answer for this? So if u get a reel at 2500 and it says 8lb does that mean u have to match it with a rod that is 8lb+ ?
  10. Thanks for the details mate! I will let u know how i go
  11. Hey fellas! Pretty new to sydney, mainly fish around concord hen & chicken bay flats for flathead. I wanna target bream on hardbodys as ive used soft plastics exclusively. I live out west but willing to travel around sydney if there is a decent land based spot. Ive heard hen n chicken bay is alright but not a lot of structure for bream and ive only ever caught flattys there. Ive also tried near bayview park wharf and pontoon and no luck either. Im going saturday morning if anyone is keen to tag along
  12. For bream usually around the 2-3inch plastics, had success with zman grubs in motor oil, very light jighead though or even hidden weight. Pretty slow retrieve, little hops Storm twitching nipper are also pretty solid. Cast near structure or under boats/pontoons. Flathead usual 3-4inch but some people use bigger Zman paddletails in opening night, motor oil, gold rush etc there not very fussy to be honest. Just hop it along the bottom. If ur heading to a tackle store im sure they can give u some tips, this is just what i use
  13. Thanks mate! I have good teachers ???
  14. 2500 daiwa saltist with a daiwa gen black rod ??
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