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  1. Rainstick

    Keepit dam and Splitrock dam

    Sorry for late reply, we camped at split rock dam on Monday till Wednesday, we fished each morning and late afternoon casting and trolling jackall gantrels, 7.6 metre diving oargee plows,chatterbaits and 240mm surface lures for a big fat zero. Seen one cod on the sounder and some yellas I think and heaps of schools of bony bream, most bony bream were in the 6-14 foot depth close to shore or at about 40 foot in 65 foot of water in the middle. I didn't hear one boof at all through the night, just carp swimming around. Fish wise was very disappointing but still a good couple of days, beats being at work anyday
  2. Rainstick

    Keepit dam and Splitrock dam

    Ok, I'm going to split rock tomorrow for a few days, will let everyone know how it goes
  3. Has any fished either dam lately for cod, was planning to go there for a few days next week in the kayak chucking swimbaits and surface lures
  4. I took the kayak out for a bait fish near Dubbo from 4pm till 8pm, the barometer was rising at the time so I was excited. I caught two fish not long after 5pm then the fishing went quiet will several bites later but they were only having a pick and were not really hitting baits, when I got home I noticed also that the barometer was dropping quickly after 5pm. The river looked to be up a foot or so from usually lately and flowing a little harder or maybe I'm just getting a little older to paddle against the current lol Murray cods went 59cm and about 45cm
  5. Rainstick

    Dubbo Monday 16th Jan

    Neil I think the flood last year has done wonders for the Macquarie river, we were in flood for about three months, I heard that we would of had the best breeding season for cod and yellas in years but we have a problem atm. They were releasing water out of burrendong for the spillway all spring which is great with ideal water temperature, but about the first week of December they have starting releasing water from the bottom of the dam till now and it has dropped the temp of the water by maybe 10degrees or more, some people are saying that it will kill most of the baby cod and yellas the cold water pollution, I pray they are wrong. the river is still up by about a couple of foot and has been for months now, our flow is pretty consistent,it may change just a little week by week
  6. Rainstick

    Dubbo Monday 16th Jan

    Dubbo hasn't fished this well in a long time, a lot of fish in the 45cm-55cm bracket with a few bigger ones tossed in, bait is the go atm i caught that one walking distance from the zoo also, lol
  7. Murray cod caught on bait on Monday 16th Jan in Dubbo at 850am, using baitcaster with 30 braid and leader.size is 962mm i set the hook and reeled it in but I gave the rod to my daughter for the last bit so I can glove the fish and lift it so I don't know if it counts as a sole capture, either way in not too fussed
  8. Took my kids out today to do a bit of bait fishing around Dubbo from 7am till 10.30am,we got three with the biggest going a pb of 96cm,45cm and about 38cm
  9. Rainstick


    Well done Neil
  10. Fish the Macquarie river near Dubbo this afternoon for 3 Murray cod on bait, sorry for bad photo as it was in the kayak by myself and I was in a hurry as it was really hot 42 degrees at the time.The biggest went 66cm,52cm and a 40+cm All catch and release
  11. Rainstick

    Dubbo cod

    Neil I have a 4.5 side console boat and 2 kayaks, i do use spinnerbaits sometimes and lures spinnerbaits usually about 1/2 ounces and lures are oargee plows,good old stump jumpers size 2 I think and a few other different types, a lot of guys have some success on surface lures but I'm still a surface virgin. it is hard to fish with lures from shore, you really need to be in some sort of boat and casting to snags along the shoreline, trolling can be a bit hard in places as well as too much varied depth
  12. Rainstick

    Dubbo cod

    yes Neil but the Macquarie river around Dubbo, all sorts of different baits ATM because of water been a bit dirty
  13. Rainstick

    Dubbo cod

    It's been a great start for the cod season out at Dubbo, I have landed 48 so far with several of them size, most just undersize and one oversize at 83cm The river is still a little dirty so most are been caught on baits, any part of the river is catching fish atm