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  1. Mugen

    Lowrance X125

    Hi mate I have the x125 .Have only used it in Botany Bay ,deepest water around 70ft but you see the bottom in a very clear high resolution display and I've had no worries seeing the big fish holding just off the bottom..Also good for tracking your bomb when downrigging .
  2. Mugen

    Bait Tanks?

    Hey mate I put together a bait tank last year with the 60L barrel (screw on lid ) You can pick them up at REFLEX in smithfield for around $60 Check out the WORKSHOP Topic in this forum and look for LIVE BAIT TANK to show you how mine went together... or try this link regards Chris
  3. Mugen

    Live Bait Tank

    Mate the tank cost me $80 bucks with fittings , hose $20 and the pump I scored for $60.. regards Chris
  4. Mugen

    My New Boat

    top boat you have there mate...It puts my little 445 Escape to shame
  5. Mugen


    Great catch guys in some terrible conditions
  6. Hey guys Decided to hit Botany Bay early today as the rain was threatening the rest of the week and I Just needed to go for a fish : ) After all im still on holidays just coming back from a week in Queenstown NZ ...So Anyway me and my old man hit the water around 6.30 and headed into the bay to get some liveys...After 45mins the tank was full of Yakkas and was time to start downrigging.. first run ,first yakka down I finally get my first Kingfish ever and I tell you what it was a great feeling .The rod half buckled over ,drag singing and that pulling power that I have only read about...Now this fish was only 67cm long and went alright for its size...But I cant wait to get onto some larger ones..After this fish was caught they went off the bite and we could'nt find them again...But I was happy I finally hooked onto my first Kingfish.. Just cooked up some Kingfish cutlets and they were delish....
  7. This is a great Topic mrsswordfisherman and I'm sure i'll add more DIY stuff in the future.. Regards Chris
  8. Sounds like a top day you had there just waiting for a day like that myself nothing like a nice day catching plenty of fish...well done guy's regards Chris
  9. Yeah PJ I just dont know what goes thru peoples heads.. I was throwing a few squid jigs under Captain Cook Bridge the other night and saw a dead Flattie on the rocks,would of been a good 40cm.. I just cant understand why someone would do this...People like this should NOT fish our waterways
  10. Mugen

    Sounder Reviews

    Thanks mrsswordfisherman I have used this emulator,but still I'm not up to speed on correct settings ..Everything is set on Auto and not sure if I need to adjust anything... Regards Chris
  11. Mugen

    Sounder Reviews

    Thanks Robbie I will play around next time out.....
  12. Mugen

    Sounder Reviews

    Gday mate Just wondering if you could help me out.. I have the Lawrance X 125 sounder and im not sure if the settings are right,because I cant get any arcs on the screen...If its set to fish ID it shows the fish but I want to see the arcs.. Maybe the setting need to be altered.???? Also when downrigging I cant see my bomb on the sounder..?? I'm new to using sounders so something might be set wrong...???? Everything seems to mounted correctly ,so I'm a little stumped... Sorry for all the questions Guy's but I need some advice ...please Regards Chris
  13. Great catch mate I wish the Flatty's were fireing like that in Botany ....Hopefully once the water warms up they will move in... Anyway TOP EFFORT
  14. Yeah probably not the best knot for casting ,Try using a fixed Snell regards Chris
  15. Mugen

    Live Squid

    Thanks Frankp I've tried all of those spots ...Guess I need to be more patient Persistance will pay off ....I hope Cheers mate