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  1. Regan

    plan c produces

    Awesome report mate Those GTs would have put up an insane fight, keep them coming
  2. Regan

    Central Coast Kayak Fishing

    great report mate, good fun fishing around the haven on the yak The song is darkside by alan it
  3. Regan

    more fish

    yeah ok thought so
  4. Regan

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    awesome snapper jeff well done!!
  5. Regan

    more fish

    awesome report dave where those last couple of fish on strike pro pygmys?
  6. yeah ok i have never tried the bubblegum colour so might give it a go
  7. great report and pics dave the bubble gum grubs look like your go to lure now?
  8. Regan

    Big Broughton Snapper

    good stuff garfield Those snapper would make some good memories and on plastics too!!
  9. Regan

    Neutral Bay Action (LRG AUS Salmon)

    nice work on getting your first australian salmon and a new PB
  10. Regan

    Salmon on light gear

    awesome stuff Jon, cant get much more fun than sambos on light gear what lure were you using?
  11. Regan

    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    hello mate, welcome to fishraider next time you post an artile like this with a question they should be posted in the fishing chat section ? sorry i cant help you with your question but i am sure someone can
  12. Regan


    very helpful article on how to catch the squid thanks mrs swordfisherman
  13. Regan

    Flatties on the Flats

    cheers volitan yes it is along blackwall road i said woy woy flats as when i went onto google maps and clicked on the location i was fishing it said woy woy