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  1. Thanks @SaltyGreek Thanks @hookerbruce, fish were caught in tuggerah lakes Thanks Dave, I have learnt a lot of useful tips from you about bream fishing Thanks @jnrfinatic Thanks @Yowie, they loved the crab lure Thanks @kingie chaser Thanks @Rebel Thanks @masterfisho7 Thanks @flatheadluke, yeah it will be hard to crack one bigger than that Thanks @LuckyFil Thanks @marks1984, it is a cranka crab that is 50mm, 3.9g and In the olive colour. I let it sit on the on the bottom for a bit and let its claws move in the current (as they float) and then just wind it in a bit more and let it sit again etc. Thanks @mrsswordfisherman Ok, how do I submit for 3rd place, it would be hard to beat the holy grail
  2. Gday raiders With the recent school holidays I have just had, i took the opportunity to target some bream on my hobie outback. The bream put up an insane fight close to structure and lost many big ones to it. Most of the bream were caught on 40mm samaki spider prawns in bloodworm and also got some on the 50mm cranka crab in olive. The gear i used was my samaki archer 1-3kg rod and Daiwa freams LT reel with 6lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader. Here are some pics of the bream I got. All the fish I caught were safely released video_2019-10-08T18.32.13_1.mp4
  3. Rapala xrap shallow diving
  4. Awesome report tyrone Keep up the good work
  5. I have got one of these and never had any problems with plastics melting and only $5 but i normally just keep them in thei normal packet
  6. Looks like you had a great time up there scratchie Dave is a great guy that has given me alot of info for fishing at nambucca and has put me onto some good fish
  7. No i am using a kaiser baas x90 bit like a gopro I am not a big fan of them, I'd rather a plastic over a double cluth but the only time i would use one is trolling back in or on the flats but a lot of people love them
  8. Central coast mate If you find a school of them pretty much a guaranteed hook up
  9. I use a two hook rig One through the top of the hood and one through the bottom of the hood
  10. Yeah they when inking everywhere Used for livies for kings
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