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  1. Regan

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    Looks like you had a great time up there scratchie Dave is a great guy that has given me alot of info for fishing at nambucca and has put me onto some good fish
  2. Regan

    Central coast

    No i am using a kaiser baas x90 bit like a gopro I am not a big fan of them, I'd rather a plastic over a double cluth but the only time i would use one is trolling back in or on the flats but a lot of people love them
  3. Regan

    Central coast

    Central coast mate If you find a school of them pretty much a guaranteed hook up
  4. Regan

    Central coast

    I use a two hook rig One through the top of the hood and one through the bottom of the hood
  5. Regan

    Central coast

    Yeah they when inking everywhere Used for livies for kings
  6. Regan

    Central coast

  7. Regan

    Central coast

  8. Regan

    Central coast

    Gday raiders, Here are some pics of fish caught over the recent holidays Mainly been chasing kings and bonnies on the hobie but went for flatties a few times too
  9. Regan

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Cracker of a croc mate Well done on the release
  10. Regan

    Broughton Snapper

    nice snapper there boyz unlucky that you couldnt get the hoodlums head
  11. Regan

    Brisbane Water flatties

    nice catch mate
  12. Regan

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Good catch fellas
  13. Regan

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Cracker flattie guys Top stuff!!
  14. Regan

    Weekend Shenanigans

    very solid flatties mate and very consistant!!
  15. Regan

    Weekend Shenanigans

    Cracker fish tyrone How big?