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  1. Regan

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Good catch fellas
  2. Regan

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Cracker flattie guys Top stuff!!
  3. Regan

    Weekend Shenanigans

    very solid flatties mate and very consistant!!
  4. Regan

    Weekend Shenanigans

    Cracker fish tyrone How big?
  5. Regan


    great report mate looks like you are having a great adventure up there
  6. Regan

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    nice croc there mate good to see there are some big girls getting around
  7. Regan

    What are your favourite Bream lures?

    ecogear sx40
  8. Regan

    Lake mac

    Good work rick Did were the mullet strips weighted?
  9. Regan

    Hawkesbury River Bait

    Yeah ok, i might give that a go
  10. Regan

    Whats wrong with this flathead?

    Thanks mate, was just making sure nothing was wrong with it
  11. Regan

    Hawkesbury River Bait

    Good stuff mate I havent got a touch from a mullet for the last two times i have been to the creek
  12. Gday raiders Went down to brissie waters today to have a flick for a few flatties which resulted in me getting a few but only taking home three. When i got home, i looked at them again and i noticed some red marks underneath them. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this is.