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  1. Hi all...zoran,fuel consumption and klm recording never enter my mind,you got to pay what ever it costs to go fishing,lol.but after reading your posts on your new merc,I will document when I do another trip to seals and get some accuracy to fuel consumtion. i enjoy reading your posts,keep it up.
  2. Hi all...Zoran,you seem super pleased with your merc. i recently got myself a 675 hains hunter with a 250 v8 merc and very happy customer.reading about your 150 merc got me thinking about the fuel consumption of my 250 v8 merc. one trip comes to my mind,it is still today my biggest trip.i had scratchie with me and another mate,so 3 of us.we went from little beach ramp Nelson bay,about 4.ooam.went to cabbage tree island for bait and headed to seals rocks in pitch black dark driving carefully,at a guess about 40 plus Klm in distance.we mucked around drifting and trying many different s
  3. Hi all...mowie1,cape York is the place to go.take a 12ft tinnie and work your way to the tip.the fishing is unbelievable.and the trip is one of the best in Australia. if you decide to go,contact me.ive been up there so many times i can’t count.and lived up there on 3 seperate occasions.
  4. Hi all...scratchie,this time last year we were catching quality snapper.somethings different that for sure. isnt the weather into a La Niña phase ?.could that also be a factor ?. another month and I should be back in action...fish bitting or not,I’m going fishing once a week minimum.
  5. Hi all...gengar,the idea of berley is to bring the fish to you,the only way to do that is to constantly berley.if you berley every 10-15 minutes,you make a big cloud of berley,it drifts away in the current and takes the fish away with it.
  6. Hi all...you can buy rated stainless shackles ect.very very expensive. btw,ive worked on desalination plants,guess what there made of ?
  7. Hi all...stainless steel comes in many many grades,used for different applications.
  8. Hi all...carribean 2400 mite be what you looking for.
  9. Hi all...I originally bought navionics platinum for my old hummingbird,upgraded to a lowrance and it worked fine.bought a new boat with a Simrad and it works fine as well.
  10. Hi all...well done Jeff.that was a great interview,and so easy to listen to and understand.i learnt some more off you once again.well done mate.
  11. Hi all...hey Jeff,what time of year did you catch that other 94cm snapper.?
  12. Hi all...well done mate,that’s an aaaawwwwwwsssssoooommmme snapper.
  13. Hi all...Jeff lost a cracker of a snapper today...had the motor started ready to chase it. mite have been whiskers.lol.
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