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  1. Hi all...well done Jeff.that was a great interview,and so easy to listen to and understand.i learnt some more off you once again.well done mate.
  2. Hi all...hey Jeff,what time of year did you catch that other 94cm snapper.?
  3. Hi all...well done mate,that’s an aaaawwwwwwsssssoooommmme snapper.
  4. Hi all...Jeff lost a cracker of a snapper today...had the motor started ready to chase it. mite have been
  5. back cruncher


    Hi all...clever marketing has brain washed people in to thinking 4strokes are better.
  6. Hi all...another great day with even better company....I think we could have caught long tail all day long.i don’t think our arm could handle it though.
  7. Hi all...if your going to do heaps of dirt road work,then your trailer is your weak link.make sure you get an extra heavy duty trailer,make sure there is plenty of gussets in corners.dont overload your trailer it will fall to bits.
  8. Hi all...Garryn,if you can see squid you should be able to catch them.squid like to attack when jig is on the dive.rick makes a good point,maybe they not squid.
  9. Hi all...rebel,I used the e10 fuel by accident.
  10. Hi all...I’ve experienced ethanol fuel that caused carbs on my quad bike to corrode,more like an electrolysis .crusty white corrosion around the brass fittings that go into the alloy carb.
  11. Hi all....zmk1962,I’m curious why you didn’t weld the hole up ?
  12. Hi all...well done scratchie,wish I was out there to.
  13. Hi would be a fool to knock back a Broughton trip with scratchie.he will put you onto snapper guaranteed.ill go as far to say over 60cm guaranteed.