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  1. Hi all...good to be back on the fish.plenty of Mac action,not much in the way of snapper though .yeah,I got sore arms that’s for sure,still can’t reach the bottoms of my pockets. thanks everyone.
  2. Hi all....thanks for the snapper Jeff.you can guess what I’m having for dinner tonite.
  3. Hi all....well done Jeff,you always come up with the goods.
  4. Hi all...I’m a boilermaker by trade.What comes to my mind is a poor weld not penetrated properly and torn apart from the pounding of waves.
  5. Hi all....well done Jeff...you always seem to be in the rite place at the rite time.
  6. Hi all... well done mate,wished I was with ya....
  7. Hi all...nosliw,mines the same as the plastic one you posted up.
  8. Hi all.... my bait tanks fill with the straight pipe with a cut angle on the bottom while under way.
  9. Hi all....my last boat a barcrusher had a alloy welded pipe cut on an angle in the water end with a ball valve inside the boat.my haines hunter I have now has a brass fitting same settup as bar crusher. i agree with Noel on plastic thru hull....way to risky.
  10. Hi all...well done fellas.Jeff never fails to put fish on the boat...
  11. Hi all... well done Jeff,that sunrise pic is cover photo material. I be back soon mate,with a vengeance.
  12. Hi all...scratchie,fishings all about being in good company.
  13. Hi all...how’s the live bait situation Rick ? Catch a big one.
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