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  1. back cruncher

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Hi all...btw,i keep my fuel tank topped up full boat rides better with weight.
  2. back cruncher

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Hi all...I’m with zmk1962.ive seen first hand the damage e10 fuel does.i use quad bikes for hunting pigs,and they go into storage when not in use,much like boats.ive had the carbies all corroded up from e10 fuel. i will never put e10 in anything i own.EVER ! I use the highest octane fuel avaliabe on my etec.apparently octane decreases with boat has a 200 liter tank,i usually use no more than 30 liters per trip,and get out atleast twice a month,so i highly doubt my fuel in my tank has the same octane as what i buy.although what has been said here that etecs should be run on low octane fuel,i havnt read the manual.but my engine runs fine and never missed a beat.
  3. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Hi all...awesome fellas
  4. back cruncher

    Leak in plastic fuel tank

    Hi all...use a solderinng iron to weld it.if youu need some plastic to add,cut some off the tank that your welding. youur best taking franks advice.
  5. back cruncher

    Lowrance elite ti9

    Hi waiting for mine to arrive.
  6. back cruncher

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    Hi all....there were alot of boats hugginng that first bommie.never seen so many boats in the one spot so close together.
  7. back cruncher

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    Hi all...awsome scratchie.i was up there yesterday arvo till about 8pm and caught 2 snapper,one undersized and the other just legal.alot of boats around the sisters last nite. well done mate.
  8. back cruncher

    Lowrance elite ti9

    Hi.all...jond,ive got a gps antenae from my existing sounnder,wouuld it be as good as the lowrance point 1 ???.or are they different animals.
  9. back cruncher

    Lowrance elite ti9

    Hi all...thanks for that jond.i recently got myself in a dangerous situation heading straight for a bommy in pitch black with a confused gps.thank goodness for the traditional compass to get my bearings.
  10. back cruncher

    Lowrance elite ti9

    Hi thinking of buying one myself. for those that have one,how fast does the gps orientate itself when boat is hardly moving/turning ?
  11. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- worked hard!!!

    Hi all...well done fellas.i was up there on tuesday.we had a productive day.
  12. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Hi all...well done scratchie.i wannted to go up today as well,but to busy.maybee next week. what was the water temp ?
  13. back cruncher

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Hi all...the one thinng im pickinng up inn this thread is,the people who ownn etecs have had no problems with them annd love them,and the onnes who have never owned one and see heaps of problems. ive got an etec and its never missed a beat,with arounnd 400 hrs.
  14. back cruncher

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

  15. back cruncher

    Yamaha 40HP 2 stroke loses powers down under full throttle

    Hi all...sounds like be sure,next time it happens take a spark pluug out and see if its wet with fuel,or dry.if the plug is dry,its fuel.if its wet its spark. Or,you could earth the plug out on the motor with the spark plug cap on,crank the engine over and see if you have spark.