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  1. Hi all...I’m glad I watched that video.thanks.
  2. Hi all...haha,someone’s gunna get whiskers.they going to get a heap of hooks and jig heads too lol.
  3. Hi all...I’m going to change my 15lb leader back to 20lb leader.but then again,whisker had been chewing thru 20lb leader to.
  4. Hi all...great day out today scratchie,thanks mate. we named that snapper that keeps doing us in all the time.we named him whiskers.because he has so much fishing line hanging out of his mouth,it looks like he’s got whiskers.
  5. Hi all...awesome snapper you caught yesterday,tasted good too.scratchie just never fails to find and hook good snapper. thanks for the great day out both of you...
  6. Hi all...compression test the engine and check crank and rod bearings.get a proper outboard mechanic for this.
  7. Hi all...I just googles butterfly screw and the spring loaded toggles.they are a good option if I can find stainless ones.
  8. Hi all...the part of my boat that makes up that pocket is a plastic material that is also screwed on..your rite,it’s actually a rod rack.somewhere to put the rods when on the road,once boat in water,rod moved into rocket launchers. rick...I don’t know what a butterfly screw and spring toggle is.. Is a wood type self tapper the appropriate screw for fibreglass ?
  9. Hi going to make a copy like this the screws on the ends.i could screw it in the midle as well.
  10. Hi all...I’m going to make a stainless steel rocket launcher for my fibreglass boat wondering what type of self tapping screws to use to screw into the fibreglass.i can’t nut and bolt it due to thinking wood type self tappers.the fibreglass is approx 5mm thick.
  11. Hi all...well done fellas.what colour plastics were working ?.
  12. Hi all...some boats have the air tight sealed chambers filled with foam,which displaces water.
  13. Hi all...look at your bilge pump like your life jacket.chances are you will never need to use your life day you just mite need it. if you ever get a deck wash,a bilge pump comes in handy.
  14. Hi high amps or wrong welding technique can cause under cut in a weld.udercut is when the very edge of weld meets parent metal,and has cut into parent metal,reducing thickness of the plate.1mm of under cut makes your plate metal 1mm thinner,and so on.look closely on the edge of weld and see if it’s got under cut,use your fingernail to feel,or a torch to look for shadow.