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  1. back cruncher

    Battery help

    Hi all...Garfield,charge both your batteries and take them to a battery place,they will test them free of test your alternator get a multimeter on your battery and it should read somewhere around 12.5 volts or more.start your engine and it should read around 14.5 volts.
  2. back cruncher

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Hi all...scratchie,as you know I live in port Stephens,and fish Broughton all the time.i would hate to take a seat from some one who has never or rarely fish up here.
  3. back cruncher

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Hi all...ive sold my boat,I doubt I’ll have another before the date,so I’m out.i will come up on the Friday nite for a beer.
  4. back cruncher

    Navionics Reload

    Hi all...I just got a new secondhand phone,my old one died mate sorted my phone for me,but I got navionics back...
  5. back cruncher


    Hi all...marlin trailers at heatherbrae will have everything you want...
  6. back cruncher

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Hi all...Or I could give some one a ride with me.
  7. back cruncher

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Hi all...I’m in...the only thing that could stop me is my boat will be for sale very soon,and may not have a replacement.
  8. back cruncher

    Renegade EPIRB mounting location

    Hi all...glue it on with sikaflex.
  9. back cruncher

    Customize Boat Catch Release

    Hi chilltime...have you seen how the barcrushers bar catch works ??you have an oky strap that has 2 positions,one for putting boat on and the other for boat get the boat off all you do is drive the boat forward,the catch releases itself.i have a vague idea how other catches work,maybee you could spring load it with an oky or spring similar to the bar catch and just drive the boat forward so it releases itself so you haven’t got some sort of complicated contraption.some body has to bring the car back and forth to the ramp,so all the have to do is set the catch. what do you think of your hains 675 enclosed ??? I’m hoping to have one myself this year.
  10. back cruncher

    mercury 6hp tilt ?

    Hi all....ive got a 15 hp,you have to lift the engine all the way up to lower it back down,lift it one click at a time to set the trim.
  11. back cruncher

    Whats your dream boat

    Hi all...hains hunter 675 offshore enclosed.
  12. back cruncher

    Nelson bay

    Hi all...check out duffs bait and tackle fishing report.
  13. back cruncher

    Navigation Lights Failed - What To Check?

    Hi all...baz,you can buy electrical cleaner (pressure pack)from super cheap and the likes,it’s good for your switch for my nav lights seems to need a spray on a regular basis.
  14. back cruncher

    Wednesday Woes At Port Stephens

    Hi all...the ramp had no sand on it at all.
  15. back cruncher

    Wednesday Woes At Port Stephens

    Hi all...little beach wasn’t to bad in the morning or when we come back around lunch.