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  1. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- Big Day, Big Gear, Big Result

    Hi all...well done fellas,must have been a big day and a lot of Klm . ill see you up there tomorrow baz.
  2. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Hi all...well done fellas,i was going to go up yesterday myself.
  3. back cruncher

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Hi all...anthman,I selling my barcrusher 610 c soon with all the fruit for $45 k ono.
  4. back cruncher

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    Hi all...well done scratchie and woodsy.i going up tomorrow,hope I snag a good one myself.
  5. back cruncher

    Researching a new spot

    Hi can also use navionics and use your phone as a gps to get to the spot then mark your sounder/gps.
  6. back cruncher

    what is the name of this on the outboard motor?

    Hi all...petcock valve.
  7. back cruncher

    Rust spots

    Hi all...them rust spots look like grinding sparks to me.some ones been grinding steel close to your boat.
  8. back cruncher

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Hi all...why not pack up either side of roller with rhs and put some of that red plastic on the packers .
  9. back cruncher

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Hi all...what about a roller either side of the problem roller ?
  10. back cruncher

    Broughton Snapper

    Hi all...scratchie,we done much the same as you,with a nice 65cm one in the mix.
  11. back cruncher

    Broughton Snapper

    Hi all...well done fellas,i was up there today myself.
  12. back cruncher

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    Hi all...if you going to take them off,i would mig weld the holes,oxy welding will put to much heat into the alloy and distort the alloy,migs alot cooler.if you put them back on i would sikaflex them back on.
  13. back cruncher

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Hi all...a few months ago i seen agood snapper caught off little beach was about 55-60 cm.
  14. back cruncher

    cmap vs navionics

    Hi all...ive got both.navionics is heaps better.
  15. back cruncher

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    Hi all…good to catch up yesterday baz