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  1. Hi far will a battery get you would be my concern with electric motors.
  2. Hi all....what about the lure that looks like a seal that they use to get photos and vids of great white sharks.
  3. Hi was a great day out in good company,and everyone caught a decent doesn’t get any better than that.
  4. Hi all...I knew I should have went today.showing fish like that is worse than rubbing salt into wounds. well done fellas.
  5. Hi all...have you checked out seafarers new victory 6.0...awesome looking boat,and seafarers have awesome riding hulls.
  6. Hi I caught my PB snapper at 77 cm.caught on a gulp 7”coco ice.I have to thank scratchie,he’s been teaching me the techniques how to fish with plastics properly.although I’ve still got a lot more to lean,I seem to be catching and dropping more snapper than ever,so I feel ive learnt something. scratchie couldn’t make it today,so me and a couple of mates headed to Broughton.we got to the ramp about 4.30 and headed to the bait grounds for some slimy mackerels,got a heap quickly and off to the island and done the usual spots.currents running north and wind blowing opposite direction.wasnt ideal drifting conditions,but we made the most of it.not a lot of bait showing on the sounder either.what did show was spread out.most spots were quiet,but one spot in particular was firing with snapper and rat kings.we got smoked quite a few times by good snapper,but no luck with them.wind blew up about 11am,so we headed home.
  7. Hi all...iv e had good success with Lund’s squid on kings.a shop stocks them.
  8. Hi all...the sound of Scratchie’s braid breaking was like some one cracking a whip,it was extremely loud.the look on Jeff’s face was priceless haha. thanks for the day out mate...
  9. Hi all...well done won’t need to buy any hooks or jig heads for a while.he has a nice bump on his head.
  10. Hi all...I’m glad I watched that video.thanks.
  11. Hi all...haha,someone’s gunna get whiskers.they going to get a heap of hooks and jig heads too lol.
  12. Hi all...I’m going to change my 15lb leader back to 20lb leader.but then again,whisker had been chewing thru 20lb leader to.
  13. Hi all...great day out today scratchie,thanks mate. we named that snapper that keeps doing us in all the time.we named him whiskers.because he has so much fishing line hanging out of his mouth,it looks like he’s got whiskers.
  14. Hi all...awesome snapper you caught yesterday,tasted good too.scratchie just never fails to find and hook good snapper. thanks for the great day out both of you...