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  1. Does anyone know if maianbar has been fishing well lately? Have some free time later this week and was thinking about wading the flats for some flathead and whitting. Or would I be better off at somewhere like greys point or even lake Mac? Any feedback would be fantastic thanks.
  2. RIP Gabe Only got to meet him a few weeks ago Great guy and very knowledgeable, the fishing community will be a sadder place without him.
  3. Thinking of heading out tomorrow morning to spin some metals off a ledge somewhere. I'm new to sydney so I really don't know any spots. I've seen photos of bass point and the hundreds of people there hence why I'm heading out on a Friday to avoid. The question is, do I wake early and try hill 60 (2 hours away) or somewhere a bit more local (sydney)? Also if anyone has any spots they'd like to share with a keen fisho I'd be hugely appreciative. Also if anyone wants to join me they are more than welcome. Thanks in advance Jacks
  4. I'd also be interested in this how you go as I'm just starting to spin off the rocks and wouldn't mind starting somewhere calmer but still have a chance of a decent fish.