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  1. Hiya Raiders, looking at getting out on the water this Saturday morning for a few hours, if anyone is in the area and is a yak fisher let me know happy to have some company.
  2. Hiya Raiders, I have recently purchased and received my kayak2fish nextgen 10 MKII kayak and am looking for anyone who lives around the Lake Munmorah area who may be interested in showing me the ropes and taking me under their wing. I’m keen to get out on the water and plan to take it slow for safety reason but would love the company on the water if anyone is keen.
  3. Yeah it was really crazy to watch it just smash it. Was a really good first lure catch.
  4. Was good to watch it swim up and take the lure.
  5. Hey guys, was out having a flick with a popper for the first time and caught my first ever fish on a lure... looks like a gar but not sure.
  6. Cheers guys, will give it a go
  7. Hi Raiders, iv bought myself a small bait trap to use for when I take my boy fishing as I find the frozen baits around my area are terrible. Was looking for any tips or recommendations when it comes to what to put in the trap. cheers in advance. brownie
  8. Hey Raiders, Looking at heading out tonightfor a session. Will be looking at land based if someone doesnt have a seat free. Have own gear and willing to supply $$ towards to the night. Willing to travel.
  9. Cheers rick, i live about 5 minutes walk from Toukley bridge and will most likely be there for a bit on friday to have a little flick.
  10. Afternoon Raiders, Been awhile since iv had a chance to jump on here but have finally settled after moving to the Central Coast. Im looking for a fishing pal for land base mainly but if you have a baot willing to chip in for petty and costs. Live in Gorokan and am willing to travel. Am looking at heading out this friday arvo / night if anyone is interested. Cheers, Matt
  11. Hey Raiders, Iv moved back to the central coast in the last week and am now living in Gorokon minutes from the bridge to toukley. Was wondering if anyone had any pointers or spots they woukd be willing to share. Also looking for a fishing buddy if anyone is interested. Cheers, Brownie
  12. Hey pal, At night if you head to the entrance you will be able to spot the fishing hot spots as they get quiet packed. I have never really fished there but have seen alot of action along the foreshore
  13. Hey Raiders, I've recently been trying my hand at lure fishing for bream and other types of fish but can't seem to get a bite. I'm looking for someone around western Sydney who might be willing to give me some help. Wether it be by boat or shore I'll be happy to put some $$ for supplies and lures. Cheers Brownie
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