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  1. Hi fishos, I planning to try beach fishing along the northern beach’s like whale beach, looking for any pointers what bait or lures to use, also what is the fishing like out there, I am not a very good fisho so any help would be great thanks. Scott
  2. scoggs1


    Hi everyone, just wanting to know if anyone has fished at Yarramundi river and caught anything, also what is the best bait or lures to use, many thanks Scott
  3. Hi are any of those fish edible or are they catch and release only, cheers scott
  4. scoggs1

    Lake Wyangan

    Thanks mate I don’t have a boat just landed based only and I only have a number of lures.
  5. Hi just want to know if anyone has finished out at Lake Wyangan and caught any fish, I am planning to go there tomorrow, thanks in advance Scott
  6. Hi everyone what is the best bait or lures for Chipping Norton Lake, I want to target flathead bream or whiting, I would only be fishing land based thanks in advance Scott
  7. scoggs1


    Standing on shore bank casting as far as I can.
  8. scoggs1


    10lb mono line with 10lb fluorocarbon leader
  9. scoggs1


    Hi just want to know if anyone can help me out, I am down at Moruya trying to fish the river and I don’t know what I am doing wrong as I cannot catch any fish. I have tried using worms, prawns, all types of lures and nothing, not sure if I’m doing something wrong so I am asking for help on this, many thanks Scott
  10. Hi everyone just wanting to know what the fishing is like in berowra waters, I don’t own a boat so only land based fishing, is there fish out there or would i be wasting my time, I don’t fish much at all. Thanks in advance Scott.
  11. scoggs1


    Hi fisho's out there, i am heading to down to Moruya in February, just wanting to know what the fishing is like in Moruya river and surroundings as i will be land based only can anyone let me know what it is like, many thanks in advanced. Scott
  12. scoggs1


    Hi fisho's just wanting to know if there is a good land based fishing spot in Lugarno georges river thanks ?