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  1. scoggs1

    Chipping Norton Lake

    Hi everyone what is the best bait or lures for Chipping Norton Lake, I want to target flathead bream or whiting, I would only be fishing land based thanks in advance Scott
  2. scoggs1


    Standing on shore bank casting as far as I can.
  3. scoggs1


    10lb mono line with 10lb fluorocarbon leader
  4. scoggs1


    Hi just want to know if anyone can help me out, I am down at Moruya trying to fish the river and I don’t know what I am doing wrong as I cannot catch any fish. I have tried using worms, prawns, all types of lures and nothing, not sure if I’m doing something wrong so I am asking for help on this, many thanks Scott
  5. scoggs1

    Berowra waters

    Hi everyone just wanting to know what the fishing is like in berowra waters, I don’t own a boat so only land based fishing, is there fish out there or would i be wasting my time, I don’t fish much at all. Thanks in advance Scott.
  6. scoggs1


    Hi fisho's out there, i am heading to down to Moruya in February, just wanting to know what the fishing is like in Moruya river and surroundings as i will be land based only can anyone let me know what it is like, many thanks in advanced. Scott
  7. scoggs1


    Hi fisho's just wanting to know if there is a good land based fishing spot in Lugarno georges river thanks ?