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  1. No mate, i've bee up the flats around grays point.
  2. Over the weekend i've spent a bit of time in the yak where in my stretch was quite windy. The bite was consistent over my combined 5 hours fishing, mostly almost or just legal whiting taking a Jackson Pygmy popper in yellow. Fortunately though I got a new PB for surface whiting so my efforts in less than ideal conditions were rewarded. I kept my two legals and both were cooked in the pan with lemon and butter. Through the week I picked up a new Shimano Vangard 2500 paired up to a Zodias UL 1-3kg 7ft rod. The new combo is a dream compared to my other stuff. It was always my thoughts that topwater fishing shut down particularly in southerly winds, however the popper seemed to work better. Maybe something in that? I started off using an Ebi-panic but couldn't get a follow. Has anyone got any thoughts on this? All up 3 x Small Bream 20-25cm 6 x Whiting 25-27(ish)cm 1 x Whiting 28cm 1 x Whiting 34.5cm Photos to come.
  3. I've read with earnest all of your responses and it seems that the casual fisho (me) seems to have a couple of opinions. While I feel swayed that my friend was right in saying that I landed it, i've also noticed that some of you have paraphrased a ruling in regards to gamefishing rules. Now this may sound a little naive, however do organised fishing competitions exist for estuary species? Clearly Covid is a hindrance to sport but what about in 'normal' times? I've been to the Snowy Trout Festival a few times and noticed that they had teams and Jindabyne has its own fishing club. I'm not suggesting that i'm the next Rex Hunt but i'd certainly be interested in socialising/competing with like minded people if such a thing exists.
  4. To answer your first question. Yes it slapped the side of the kayak and the top of my to do list has BUY A LANDING NET in big bold capital letters. I've got an order for a new Combo and I plan on getting one at the same time I pick it up. To answer the second question I'd only ever caught a couple of choppers off the beach at Stanwell Park a few years ago and they weren't in the ballpark in comparison. I love going out for an evening beach session but I don't do it as often as I used to. Uni finished and the real world took over so my love of night fishing is now an indulgence than a habit.
  5. On Saturday evening on a favorable tide, I was in my yak having a go for some whiting on topwater. Whilst the session was a little quiet on the whiting front (3 at around legal) I did manage to somehow (read fluke) latch onto a monster tailor at my estimate to be 55-60cm, on 4lb braid with 6lb leader it was pulling plenty of string for a long time. After the longest fight of my fishing career maybe 20 mins I managed to get it to the yak up alongside. It was meant to be headed to the dinner table and home for a photo-shoot, however it had other ideas and decided to thrash about once more as I was prepping a glove and pliers to remove the treble from its mouth. It managed to flick itself free and after a brief teasing pause disappeared back into the darker water never to be seen again. I'm a novice when it comes to dehooking larger fish from the yak and the adrenaline was still pumping so I was disappointed to say the least now that the evidence of a massive box ticking fish went when it didn't want to play the game with me. Usually the phone stays at home on the chance that I end up tipping over I don't lose it. One of my mates who put me onto this particular spot asked later about my travels and I regaled my epic struggle against such a river monster. He suggested that the fish was landed as I got it to the yak. I would suggest that it wasn't landed as it never entered the yak. When I normally catch from the bank it is fairly cut and dry that a fish is only landed when you get it to dry land. Is there an alternative view when fishing from a watercraft?
  6. Hi everyone, I recently decided that I wanted to give Flyfishing a go and went out and bought a shakespeare cedar canyon 9 foot 5/6wt. Being a curious creature, I wanted to see how it worked before heading out onto an adventure across the mountains. One thing I did notice was that the drag adjuster did nothing, it also makes a click sound just the same as my Alvey when the bite indicator is on. It would appear as though the two are related to each other with a linkage when you take the spool apart. Is this normal or have I got a defective reel? I understand that it isn't the top quality Reel out there but I also expected it to work as intended.
  7. While I'm not a big poster of questions, I enjoy the topics being discussed. Plus i'm not much chop as a fisho :/ Anyway last night I was fishing off Lilli Pilli around 9-930pm. I only caught 1 legal bream and a couple of tiny ones and one of those prized seaweedfish. The rig was a hi-lo with prawns on size 1 longshank hooks. Late in the session I ran out a whole pilchard on a 20lb leader with a snelled rig of two 5/0 baitholders. With the pilchards on I noticed that I had been getting a solid take but the on the reel in half the pilchard was gone along with the bottom hook. Any ideas on what it might have been? Is there a need for me to take some stronger gear with me and try again or was it maybe a once off.
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