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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has bought any rods and/or reels from Japan, they seem to be a fair bit cheaper over there even with shipping fees to what you would pay in Australia but I’m not sure what websites to trust and what not to and was wondering if anyone could recommend some websites
  2. Sorry for taking so long to reply, yes we do get a fair few smallish squid landbased here during the autumn through to early winter then again in late spring and early summer but nothing huge unless you go at the merimbula wharf
  3. The sales are the exact reason why I'm looking at getting one and even more so now that you get a cheeky $200 package of gear from tackleworld if you buy a reel over $100 from the Father's Day sale
  4. Thanks mate you've just given me more of a reason to splash the cash and finally get one. And thanks for the advice on the magseal maintenance
  5. Has anyone had any experience using the daiwa Caldia B 2000. Been looking at getting one for a while now and just wondering if anyone has one and has anything to say about them and wether they're worth getting or not
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering what rods everyone could recommend for squid underneath $150. Preferably around a 3-6kg weight rating and a cast weight of around 25g as it will be used for other species as well (but mostly squid). all recommendations appreciated.
  7. I tend to use a jig head between 1/8 and 1/4 oz usually a TT headlockz jig head paired with a 4" Zman streakz curly tailz in nuclear chicken or greasy prawn depended on water clarity. I absolutely smother these plastics with shrimp pro cure and as previously mentioned just hop it off the bottom back to where I'm fishing.
  8. I haven't used the em sat but I have heard good reviews on its casting capabilities
  9. I have a pair of mako escapes and they're great. I couldn't have asked for a better pair of sunnies for the price
  10. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  11. one of my mates uses a green one for squid and snapper and he loves it
  12. i dont know about the wilson rod but if you can find somewhere that still has the Jungle StiX 572 Heavy Spin it should work just as fine it has a very heavy cast weight (up to 300 grams) as well as 15-24kg weight rating
  13. i personally have a shimano raider 722 1-4kg with a shimano aernos on it but you could definitely use a sienna or sedona on it. its honestly a really great rod and reel combo for the price and you wont have any trouble casting soft plastics especially with light braided lines such as daiwa j braid or sunline super in anywhere between 6-10lb
  14. I have had a Rovex Revenge 3-6kg rod for 2-3 years now and I am still yet to find a better rod at that price point. They also have them in a 2-4kg model which would probably be more well suited to what you want it for. I paid $75 for mine and most online retailers have them for around $75-$100 but most actual tackle shops in real life have them for between $35 and $60 you just have to search around a little bit. As for the reel I'd stick with the Sedona I've only heard good reviews on them and they're probably the best reel that you could get for around $80