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  1. Yep Rowland reserve. Good to hear they dropped the price, it was pretty outrageous. I heard talk of it but didn't know it had actually happened. I bought an annual parking pass for there, so haven't noticed the change. I see your point on water restrictions, but it's not a case of enforcing the rules, it's a case of the new taps making it actually impossible to flush your motor.
  2. Heads up folks, Boat ramp at Bayview has now switched the taps over to a push down dealio, where water trickles out for about 30 seconds then it cuts off and you have to push it down again. Was in line for the wash bay and watching fisho after fisho trying to flush their motors on the weekend, the taps did not provide enough pressure. Basically a case of them starting their motors, watching the temp gauge rise, and so turning it off real quick before any damage was done. That was the careful ones, I can only imagine how many less attentive boat owners will end up cooking their motors if they aren't paying attention or don't have a temp gauge 😕 It's a bit silly considering that flushing your motor at home will only use more water as you have the run the it longer so it warms up again and the thermostat opens up. Also a bit rude considering that council charges up to $40 per day for people to park there... (Edit: Someone pointed out the fee is lower now)
  3. Cheers Paddy, will keep it in mind. Good point about time of year! I think this weekend we'll do a bit of exploring, will try West Reef if conditions permit, and I probably also give Trawleys, Boultons, and Reggie's reefs a try. Again depending on conditions and time. Most online mentions I've read about these reefs tend to be from 10-20 years ago. Curious how they fish these days. One way to find out
  4. Thanks mate! Yep I can see a mark near there on Navionics, just towards the bottom of West Reef. It does also have a warning about potential heavy swells, so a case of picking days and being careful I guess. Will give it a try when I get a chance and let you know how I go
  5. Funny how different each of our experiences can be hey! Hehe we just got hammered by big fat yakkas, it was also around a month ago. We were using pillies and fresh squid, fishing the bottom up to around halfway up the water column. Were the snapper you caught of decent size?
  6. Snapper would be great, a species I haven't really targeted in the past. Lately have mostly been chasing kings, keen to mix it up though.
  7. Hey folks! With my planned trip south now postponed due to the fires down there, planning a weekend of fishing around home instead. Pittwater and the harbour etc. Keen to try out some new spots and have heard West Reef and East Reef mentioned a few times. Wondering if anyone has some advice on fishing these with a 15ft runabout. I've read that in certain conditions they can be dangerous, so will obviously avoid the area if there is swell etc. but anything else in particular to watch out for? Looking at charts it seems like some parts of the reefs are quite shallow. Also any other suggestions for reefs to try which are near Pittwater would be amazing. So far I've tried the Valiant wreck, seemed to only be home to loads of large yellowtail. Also tried a few of the reefs not far off Barrenjoey headland, but they seem very small, or we may have missed the mark with the GPS coordinates we were using. Any advice would be super appreciated Slowly gaining confidence going out past the heads but keen to stay within a few miles of shore for the time being.
  8. Some great advice thanks guys! I'll have a think about the island, maybe doing some fishing in the rivers and bays etc is a better idea and then going on a charter to the island before considering taking my own boat out there. Local knowledge & advice is always so valuable Stino, some marks would be amazing! I'll send you a message.
  9. Have been looking for Lunds squid but haven't spotted it at any of my usual tackle shops. Anyone know who stocks it? I'm on the Northern Beaches, maybe I need to venture out of the area?
  10. Heya Raiders So I'm planning on taking my little boat down to the south coast over the holidays. Will be based at a friend's place near Moruya. Would really love to try fishing Montague Island, but is it a safe/realistic idea to take my small runabout out there? It's a 15ft Stessl with a 60hp on it. Have read that the bar crossing at Narooma is quite dangerous, is there any safe place to get a small boat out there? Not keen on trying the crossing, nowhere near confident enough in my little rig if conditions aren't dead calm. Any advice on other places to try down there would be very appreciated. Ideally keen to head out and target kings, but open to other suggestions for areas worth trying and species to target
  11. Yeah we spent hours chasing squid this morning and no luck, and failed with yakkas too, haha only to learn there were plenty one cove over from the last spot we tried. Still a fun day out on the water though
  12. A valid comment, plenty of grubs out there. For this reason we lengthened the driveway for the boat to be kept there instead of it being parked on the street! Now kept 5m from the house, in a very quiet street, with several locks, and usually parked in by a car also. I'd be devastated to have it stolen after 2 month of spending every spare day working on it and the pricey addition of the new motor.
  13. Cheers Jimbo! Yeah interestingly even the wreck at Clareville was delivering nothing, We counted about 8 boats there, no action. 2 boats downrigging squid and trolling around us also with no luck. Valiant was our plan to try some microjigs at, and the little reef off Avalon headland, but once we got out there we didn't like the look of the wind and swell. It wasn't huge, but just wasn't as calm as predicted and didn't want to test my luck with new ride yet, so turned back.
  14. First proper weekend of boating & fishing with my new ride. Recently bought a 90s Stessl runabout which I've been fixing up, and new motor (60hp Suzuki) was installed last week so it was time to go! Day 1 - Saturday 30 Nov: Set off from Roseville around 6am, initial plan was to go for squid and yakkas around dobroyd head then cruise the harbour but after reaching there realised the wind was already picking up and would have made for an uncomfortable ride back. Probably could have soldiered on as it wasn't THAT bad, but wanted to be gentle with the new motor and get used to the boat in calmer conditions first. Decided to spend the day around middle harbour instead. Got onto some yakkas and then trolled a livey with a downrigger around moored boats etc. Sounder did show a few schools of bait and what was probably kings around them but no strikes. Spotted some surface action at one point with kings feeding on tiny little baitfish but they disappeared pretty fast. Wind was getting worse and worse so we headed back to the boatramp. Day 2 - Sunday 1 Dec: Headed for Pittwater this time. Launched around 6am, and with nicer weather predicted for the day, wanted to try some of the little reefs near the headland with microjigs. But the weatherman was wrong, plenty of wind again... once we got out there the conditions were quite unpleasant and we turned back to spend the day inside Pittwater instead. Spent a while trying for yakkas around west head, heaps of other boats doing the same but no one having any luck. Then the rest of the day was spent between trying for squid around the shallows, (plenty of follows but they seemed shy despite us having a range of jigs) and fishing with bait (pillies and store bought squid) around the drop offs and deep holes. Tried some of our usual spots from the past, plenty of boats there, plenty of different approaches/baits/techniques, but bugger all action. Packed it in around mid arvo. Day 3 - Monday 2 Dec: Back to Middle Harbour. Weather was predicted to be super windy, but thought we'd give it a go anyway. Tried a few spots around Seaforth and near Tunks hoping for yakkas. Ended up just dealing with loads of annoying pinkies. Wind was getting worse, headed to Bantry Bay, burleyed up and used up the rest of our bait, not much happened apart from the occasional bite. Wind became unbearable and we called it a day. So 3 days of zeros! Zeros apart from yakkas and pinkies anyway. But a fun weekend regardless. Managed to put about 13 hours on the new motor. Curious to hear how others went this weekend! Now patiently watching the weather reports for next weekend, hoping we'll get some better conditions...
  15. Agreed, it's amazing how they truly do ignore what the majority of voters actually want. Another insulting aspect to consider with water restrictions is the desalination plant! Our taxes paid for it to be built ($2.3bn), and ever since then it has cost the average Sydney household an extra $90 on their annual water bills to pay for it to sit there inactive. Now that it is being turned on, that will add another $30 per year onto everyone's water bills. Once again thanks to our glorious Liberal leaders, who handed it over to a private company 2 years after it was built... What a joke! Boggles the mind.