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  1. Nice on Zoran, I think that's exactly the info we all needed to know Seems flushing motors is still ok, and rinsing the boat & trailer down for up to 10 minutes also. Level 2 water restriction rules:
  2. Yeah I see your point, I'm undecided if those marine park changes were good or bad, but in this case it's not one of the direct things to impact low water levels. Selling off our water to foreign companies before that water reaches river systems plus opening up new mass scale unsustainable logging which impacts weather patterns have probably been the biggest local contributors.
  3. Good point, I didn't even think about washing the boat itself and the trailer. Would be a pain in the butt to have to go home via a carwash every time you go for a fish if you want to wash and maintain your setup...
  4. I think they have to filter and re-use their water. Otherwise yeah makes no sense at all!
  5. Just wondering, anyone else concerned about possible implications of new water restrictions and flushing our motors after saltwater use? Thanks to the glorious liberal/national parties we're set for very dry conditions ahead, meaning water restrictions will be here for a while. (not interested in a debate on the matter btw, here's a handy list of how they can be held responsible: Have water conditions in the past ever affected flushing boat motors? Or is it generally left alone and considered a necessity, like water use for cars? Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this. Do we need to start thinking of backup plans, such as a big bucket of fresh water kept in the driveway or something along those lines? Hopefully worrying unnecessarily but thought the topic could be worth some discussion...
  6. Cheers for the tip, perhaps we were only around seagrass. Any advice on where it is more kelp than seagrass? The only area I'm familiar with is near West Head, but assuming there are more kelp beds around?
  7. Hey folks! Anyone had any luck with squid in Pittwater recently? Was very quiet when I was out last 2 weeks ago. Tried a few of the usual bays and around The Basin etc but to no avail. Wondering if they have become a bit more active yet. Or maybe we need to try some other spots...
  8. Hmm reading into it more it sounds like relocating the battery can have other drawbacks. Voltage drop over cable length seems to be the reason batteries being kept close to motors, which can be overcome with bigger gauge cable, but potential impact on top speed and fuel consumption if relocated to the front. Plus potentially shortened battery lifespan from banging around in chop. Maybe I'll leave that until last, and see how it sits on the water and how easily it gets onto plane once new motor is fitted and bait tank running.
  9. Thanks for the input folks! Smobaby, not a bad idea to test weight. A valid point about weight at the rear also. I really would prefer the bait tank somewhere near the rear though... I did consider relocating the battery to the front but was told by someone it's best to have battery not far from the motor for cranking purposes, not sure if this is correct? If not, perhaps I'll relocate the battery. New motor is being installed in a few weeks, so now would be a good time to move it. The more I think about this, the more I'm considering it may be best to have 2 rear boarding steps welded on, then I can have the bait tank resting on top of one of these. Could be the best option for both saving space as well as for plumbing the tank.
  10. Here are pics of the inside & outside:
  11. Hi all, I'm guessing this question may have been asked, but keen for some experienced input on the topic. Recently built a livebait tank out of an esky and bilge pump. Haven't had a chance to test it out on the water yet, but testing it at home it circulates water well. The plan was to sit it towards the rear of the boat in front of the transom, sitting on top of a frame. Inlet hose from bilge pump coming in higher than outlet hose, which then drains out over the back. However after some handy input from another Fishraider member (cheers Frank), I've come to realise that having the bait tank up high like that won't be ideal as the water will slosh around, (plus I did have possible concerns around the impact of higher centre of gravity). So my question, for installing a bait tank lower down on a runabout, probably removing and replacing one of the rear seats, or perhaps just under it and the seat on top for when its not in use, what advice do people have for the outlet of the tank? My plan was to just have the outlet gravity fed, draining out the back as the outlet was higher than the transom wall. But if the tank sits lower than the wall, how does the water get out? Is it essential to drill a hole? Haha not so keen on drilling extra holes in my boat... Or maybe having a 2nd bilge pump could be an option to pump water out but seems a bit unnecessary? Or would I be best off mounting something externally to the rear of the boat, where it can then drain out on it's own accord? Keen to hear everyone's thoughts on this Any advice welcome! Boat is a 15ft Stessl, aluminium runabout.
  12. Hey Frank, Whereabouts are you located? Sydney? I'd be keen to chat about getting a baitboard fabricated, and a rear step also if that's something you can do. Bought a 90s Stessl runabout recently that I'm fixing up Aaaaalmost there. Sorry to hijack the thread Berleyguts, hope you found a solution.
  13. PM me for details of a harbour charter. I think his prices are good value, and nowhere near the prices mentioned above You won't be on your own, as the boat takes 6 people from memory, but regardless you'll have a great day out on the water!
  14. Cheers noelm, Yeah I took a mechanic buddy with me and all seems ok. Carbies recently rebuilt, new water pump, and serviced not long ago with new plugs/filter/gearbox oil. Seems fine, taking it out for a test run tomorrow. The hull is immaculate, not a single ding or scratch A few things to fix up (as always haha) like some sloppy wiring where someone added a stereo. See how I go