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  1. @Pickles is spot on with the middle harbour suggestion. Our first boat was a tinny around 12ft, and we took it out around middle harbour loads. I would definitely recommend avoiding the harbour, it's not so pleasant being on a small boat in a washing machine. We considered the (invisible) line between grotto point and middle head as our limit, and just stayed upstream from there. (As one day we learned the hard way that even the wake from the ferry could be a bit of a challenge in a small boat, and both the ferry wake and any incoming swell tends to flatten out further in from
  2. And if the weather is too shonky overall then we'll just try some of the rivers or bays. Does anyone have any thoughts on which would be fishing well this time of year?
  3. So a casual 10 months later, post fires and lockdowns, this trip is finally happening Heading down towards the end of this month for a few weeks, staying in Moruya. Really looking forward to exploring, boating, & fishing around the area. On the plus side I've spent much more time off shore now and way more confident in heading out to Montague Island. Will observe weather and pick our days, and which bar crossing to take on. @JonD and @Stino the advice about the conditions around the island was really valuable, thanks for that. After looking at charts... no wonder there
  4. Not familiar with Port Kembla area but Pittwater/Broken Bay is my main go-to and where I gradually built up confidence going out past the heads. My rig is smaller than yours (4.5m with 60hp), and after taking it out past Barrenjoey Headland a half a dozen times it feels like second nature now, no dramas. Your boat is more than capable, as long as conditions are decent of course. Haha you'll be surprised how many very small very questionable boats you see out there sometimes. But yeah weather is absolute key. What Zoran said above is about right. Under 1m swell and
  5. Cheers guys! Now to remove everything so I can take the floor out and then have fabricators/boatbuilders patch up the crack and re-enforce it. Might fill the sides under the floor with expanding foam while I'm at it for some backup buoyancy!
  6. Weekend in Port Stephens with a bunch of friends and a few boats. Some of us fishing, others just cruising or skiiing, towing donuts etc. Day 1: headed out just after sunrise and made the trip out to Boondelbah Island. Conditions weren't the best, but not too bad. Circled the island a few times, came across loads of slimies and bonito. Then moved across to the headland to try along Shark/Fingal Island. There we drifted across a few underwater peaks we picked up on the sounder, where we found bigger bonito mixed in with schools of kings. Landed 5 kings
  7. Thanks mate! Boat is a 16ft Stessl with a 60hp so days need to be rather calm to head outside. Some marks would be amazing if there are any you think I can get to. And yeah Friday seems to be the go for going out, maaaaybe Saturday, but most likely sat/sun will be spent inside Port Stephens itself or maybe Myall River.
  8. Epic catch Scratchie! I'm actually heading up there next weekend. Don't think we can go out as far as you do though, smaller boat etc. Would love some tips on fishing the area if you have any you'd like to share? I can message you if you'd prefer to keep it off here
  9. Hey fishos! So my next attempt at a trip away with boat is on the cards, this time to Hawks Nest at Port Stephens this weekend. (assuming no surprise fires or floods pop up in the next few days) Just wondering, anyone who fishes the area, is it worth trying to target kingies up there? From what I've read it sounds like squid are plentiful, so was thinking to get some livies and troll out around the headlands and around Boondelbah Island (avoiding the sanctuaries etc). Pending wind of course, and if my little 16ft runabout can get out there safely. Is
  10. Yep Rowland reserve. Good to hear they dropped the price, it was pretty outrageous. I heard talk of it but didn't know it had actually happened. I bought an annual parking pass for there, so haven't noticed the change. I see your point on water restrictions, but it's not a case of enforcing the rules, it's a case of the new taps making it actually impossible to flush your motor.
  11. Heads up folks, Boat ramp at Bayview has now switched the taps over to a push down dealio, where water trickles out for about 30 seconds then it cuts off and you have to push it down again. Was in line for the wash bay and watching fisho after fisho trying to flush their motors on the weekend, the taps did not provide enough pressure. Basically a case of them starting their motors, watching the temp gauge rise, and so turning it off real quick before any damage was done. That was the careful ones, I can only imagine how many less attentive boat owners will end up cooking their m
  12. Cheers Paddy, will keep it in mind. Good point about time of year! I think this weekend we'll do a bit of exploring, will try West Reef if conditions permit, and I probably also give Trawleys, Boultons, and Reggie's reefs a try. Again depending on conditions and time. Most online mentions I've read about these reefs tend to be from 10-20 years ago. Curious how they fish these days. One way to find out
  13. Thanks mate! Yep I can see a mark near there on Navionics, just towards the bottom of West Reef. It does also have a warning about potential heavy swells, so a case of picking days and being careful I guess. Will give it a try when I get a chance and let you know how I go
  14. Funny how different each of our experiences can be hey! Hehe we just got hammered by big fat yakkas, it was also around a month ago. We were using pillies and fresh squid, fishing the bottom up to around halfway up the water column. Were the snapper you caught of decent size?
  15. Snapper would be great, a species I haven't really targeted in the past. Lately have mostly been chasing kings, keen to mix it up though.
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